Unfortunately, my boys got my sense of humor
Why aren't there more good judges who get justice?

Facebook Trolls...Again

So I'm about ready to delete my Facebook account. Or at the very least, take off everyone who doesn't know me personally. I'm fine with being public. I'm fine when people don't agree with my very strong opinions. I'm even fine that SOO many people out there do not get my sense of humor and want to give me a sermon after an innocent comment.

HOWEVER, now I'm having the problem that my kids want to defend me against these types, and I don't want them involved. I can take it. But my boys get my sense of humor. They know I wouldn't hurt a fly and we banter. It's how we communicate.

But when someone comes online and tells us how we SHOULD act, or SHOULD feel, it doesn't phase me, but my boys want to go to war. You know, we do have that Italian/Irish thing going on here. Don't mess with family. Capiche?

I've learned over the years from nasty reader letters that people's comments have far more to do with their own crap than me, but I need to pass this onto my children. Any ideas besides deleting the entire thing?

Plus, on that Handbag thing that got ugly, one of my mentees posted her new handbag that her husband (who was a kid who lived with us for summers.) So should SHE feel like crap because she got a gift from her husband too? People don't think.