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Silicon Valley Normal

We're driving today and I ask my daughter, 'Is that a guy or a girl?'

She answers, "Guy."

Me: "I wonder if he has a wife. She should tell him to get some new jeans."

Daughter: "He works at XXX, of course he has no wife."

I'm not mentioning the company, but it is the MOST androgynous company you will ever see. Both men and women wear the same bulky jeans with no shape to them, usually paired with a nasty flannel plaid, regardless of the season. And naturally, they're wearing the kind of shoes that makes it worthless to make what they make in a year.

You know how they have that people of Wal-Mart pictures? I could easily do that with the style around here. And I'm seriously not making fun. I'm only saying, I should be able to tell if you're male or female -- if not by your jeans, by your shoes.

In the meantime, I'm practicing in my heels so I can wear them all day at the office. : ) And not be featured in the "Men & Women of Silicon Valley" blog.