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More Paula Deen Rage...a Double Standard because she's a woman?

Although her new cookbook ranked at number one four months before its release date, her publisher (Ballantine) dropped her anyway. This is a list of other companies who dropped her:

She was also dropped from deals with Smithfield Foods, QVC, Walmart, Caesars Entertainment, Target, Novo Nordisk, Home Depot, J.C. Penny, Sears, and KMart.


In contrast, Alec Baldwin, who has many anger management incidents, including calling his own young daughter a pig. Most recently, he had a anti-gay rage rant/threat against a journalist in England. Then, there was the Words with Friends battle on the airline.

He also called a black journalist who said something to inflame him, a "coon" -- Seriously??? In this day and age and we've still got him endorsing companies, no problem. That is disgusting and such a double-standard. I find that word JUST as offensive.

Then, there's Tiger Woods and his endless list of sins. Still endorsing all things golf. What's up with the double standard? Do you think it's because Paula Deen is a woman? I assume Tiger Woods keeps his endorsements because he can still golf. So people can obviously separate who he is from the game he plays.

I assume Paula can still cook. So what's the difference?

Impulsive People aren't Selfish!

I love this story because every time you hear "impulsive behavior" it is meant as a negative. But you know what? Impulsive people are fun. And they care. I know because I am one, and if you're in trouble? I'll be there in a flash. Someone who has to plan their every waking moment? Not so much.

This article says that impulsive people are more likely to expend their time and energy on a friend or family member than those who aren't "naturally impetuous" -- can I just say I LOVE that verbiage? NATURALLY IMPETUOUS. I think I want that on my headstone.

So here's to my impulsive brothers and sisters. We finally have some redemption in the form of an official study. Not that we care about such things or have the time to read them.

One more totally random thought on this. Living in an engineer haven, I'm surrounded by OCD types and you know, they don't seem to enjoy life very much. Some of us are placed on this earth to have just a little more fun. It's painful to think about living life "perfectly" without any fun. Life is messy. Enjoy it with an impulsive friend.

Plus, we'll beat you to the best shoe sales.


How John Mayer's Paper Doll Video Came to Be...

Okay, I'm a little obsessed with this video. And the song. As much as I don't want to like John Mayer's music, I love his soulful voice, darn it.

Paper Doll, the video with Joanna Rohrback is mesmerizing. John Mayer had her original video on while singing the song and noticed that her movements were perfect in keeping time with that song. That's how it came to be.

I love that John Mayer is watching Joanna Rohrback on YouTube -- the great equalizer. It's like McDonald's. At some point, everyone ends up there.

Joanna's movements are addictive. I think I like them because that's sort of how I danced through the world as a child. It reminds me of that carefree place. And once you've seen the video, you sort of HAVE to prancercize.

In case you have no idea what I'm talking about...


I still think Taylor Swift gets a bum rap. I think she has arrested development from being too grown-up too soon. I hope she doesn't go the way of Leann Rimes.

Stupidest Publishing Decision Ever? Paula Deen's Book Canceled

Paula Deen has been villainized by the media. She's lost multiple spokesperson gigs worth millions, and the people have spoken. They said, she apologized, we forgive her and her upcoming book SHOT up to Number ONE on Amazon in preorders.

And do you know what Ballantine did?

They canceled the book. They followed the racism lynch mob and decided that they didn't want the free money. IN THIS publishing market, that has to be the stupidest decision ever. Because some publisher will come along, sell the book and make the money.

I don't care how you feel about Paula Deen, that was a stupid choice. You're a publisher. You're about free speech. Put the book out there and let the public decide. Why do it for us?

The thing is, EVEN IF PAULA DEEN were a racist. She has the RIGHT to be a racist in this country and while I understand that maybe your pork product and diabetes companies can't support that, I find it unconscionable that a publisher would make that choice. That's just destroying her and having fun doing it.


Publishers are in the business of selling books. They know this book will sell well -- already has in pre-orders. So how about your spare us the book burning frenzy and sell the book? The publisher is Ballantine FYI. Censorship. Plain and simple.

Gift Ideas?

Another full time week comes to an end and I owe my friend who shared her Nanny with me so my daughter wasn't alone or bored. Ideas?

Flowers aren't big here. No one has time to enjoy them. I personally dislike getting flowers because I hate that they just die.

Longer lasting ideas!?

My daughter just told me that she has a full spa building in her backyard. Seriously. I'm in the wrong business!

#Cher on Watch What Happens Live

I am a life-long Cher fan. One of my earliest memories is singing "Half-Breed" with a skirt on my neck mimicking her movements. I also remember one of my biggest childhood tantrums was when my dad wouldn't give me the TV for "Sonny & Cher" -- when I finally won -- trust me, it wasn't worth the battle to anyone, not even my father -- it wasn't on that night.

Photo (89)

I still remember it was something with Walter Cronkite instead, and I've hated him ever since.

But she was on Watch What Happens Live tonight with Andy Cohen and I know what I love about her. There's an authenticity to her, that even if you don't agree with a thing she says, her truth is her truth. She never looks to others for her beliefs.

Cher claims that the 80's were her favorite time. Yet another reason to love her. The 80's were just great for anyone lucky enough to live through them. If I could look back and see that "Turn Back Time" video and know I once had her body, I'd be longing for the 80's too. Oh...wait.

I was working at the shopping mall as a director of marketing and got to promote "Mermaids" when it came out. My mom still has the great beach bag we got as a remembrance. I bet that thing would be worth money now!

But Cher claims her favorite role was MY favorite of her roles: "Moonstruck" -- truly one of the best romantic comedy screenplays ever. She and Andy Cohen revamped the Snap out of It scene.


True movie greatness. So maybe you don't get my fascination with Cher, but I truly have been a fan for life. And I can't let that go. No matter how different we are.

I will say I remember wondering why Chastity never dressed in the sparkly Bob Mackie creations of her mother's -- and I have that answer now. But I resented that she wasted having Cher as a mother.

Warm Fuzzies

I'm working at the office in the hospital where all my kids were born. It's bringing back warm memories of my sweet, little babies. You know, before they were all off living their own lives.

My third son got stung by a wasp and had an allergic reaction while houseboating this week, so that's another less fun memory: The ER. Also here.

But all in all, it feels like home. Loving that while I miss my kids this week. As soon as son one gets back, he's off to Guatemala and then off to college. Life goes so fast. Be sure and smell the coffee. I know, it's supposed to be roses, but who'd want to smell that when you can smell coffee?

Speaking of which, while I'm here, I have to go to my old haunt coffee shop: Dana Street!


Is Creepy *** Cracker Racist?

I was listening to the news reports on Trayvon Martin's case, and his girlfriend reiterated that he said a creepy cracker was following him. Now maybe it's because I live in a very multi-cultural area, but that is not racist to me. It's descriptive. And I'm sorry, but it's a pretty spot-on description of that guy.

I'm not remotely offended by that. Nor do I think it's racist, but I do think the creepy white guy following Trayvon because he was black is racist. I don't know if the jury agrees with me. Conservative talk show hosts, don't.

But I've lived in the hood and I've seen how black men get pulled over and harassed first-hand, so I'm biased. And I don't want that creepy, paranoid, wannabe cop back on the streets.

With fraud, you get egg rolls...

Did you hear the news story about the immigration officer who took bribes of egg rolls in return for a green card? No, that isn't the start of a bad joke, it's the truth.

Just for fun, if you could be bribed (and I know you're too honest for that!). But if you could, what food could you be bribed with!?

I'm going to go with Iced Soy Mochas or Chile Rellenos.