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Turner Classic Movie Cruise

I'm not big on cruises -- I have a hard time staying still -- but I would LOVE to go on this cruise. Robert Osborne & Ben Mankiewicz will be there hosting classic films and discussions. I know that probably sounds highly boring to the rest of the world, but I would be in heaven!



I was watching "Camille" with Greta Garbo (after finishing the book again) and my daughter saw Robert Osborne and moaned, "That's the guy that introduced that terrible Casablanca movie." (I made my kids see it on the big screen and they were NOT happy when they learned that I owned it. LOL)


My writer friends are on a cruise right now in Alaska (I had to cancel because my son is graduating tomorrow.) And one of my besties is going on the same cruise at the end of the month.

Question: Why doesn't anyone want to do my nerd cruise with me?