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Sigh...Beyonce, Beyonce...

This woman left in tears after being stuck on the Coney Island Wonder Wheel for over a half an hour while beauty queen Beyonce did her makeup. Now, I'm sure Beyonce didn't KNOW that this poor woman was stuck (carny folk forgot her!) But does it surprise anyone?


Beyonce seems to think of no one outside of herself. I'd like to be wrong about her, but something just creeps me out about that woman. She's just not right. I want her to go away, but apparently, she has a lot of fans. I'm obviously not one of them. And neither is this poor woman.

Duchess Kate Out & About without Baby George

Doesn't she look lovely? But all I can think about is how hard it is to leave that baby for the first time, and to have to be "on" while you're doing it, would be so difficult. I think we went to dinner, and I freaked the entire time. (My mother claims I left her a list!)


She looks so beautiful, but I'll bet all she wants to do is get home and cuddle.

Miley Degraded a National Icon...

Did you know that someone invented the foam finger, and is credited for doing so? I didn't, but apparently, Steve Chmelar, 59 did create the foam finger back in the day. ANd he is none to happy that we will never look at his "We're Number 1!" icon in the same way.

Can you blame him?

But really, it's time to stop and question yourself when you have irritated the creator of the foam finger.


As for Miley, I almost hope that she's on drugs and this can be solved with an intervention, and she's not simply bat crazy--and in need of a foam room. I mean, we get it, you're not Hannah Montana anymore, but do you have to embarrass your family and denigrate your roots for sick attention? Her poor parents. At least when Madonna writhed around on the floor singing, "Like a Virgin" her mother was mercifully gone and didn't have to see it.

Emma Stone -- Pink Perfection

Oh how I love this outfit. Let me count the ways. First off, Emma Stone is so beautiful, but in this hot pink dress with its white collar (Valentino Resort) coupled with houndstooth heels. HOUNDSTOOTH HEELS! (I actually have some, but they aren't nearly this cute. These are Ferragamos!)


Are you a little green with envy? I am...

Love this girl...she gets it done!

This young girl has muscular dystrophy and was home alone when she spotted a brown recluse. This is one nasty spider. My mom got bit by one once, and she had a mark and pain forever. My point is, they're nothing to mess around with, so this girl thought very rationally and called 9-11 (Sorry, the non-emergency number, because she is NOT a drama queen!)

Officers came out and said it was the biggest spider they'd ever seen. (The size of a baseball -- that is a SERIOUS spider!) So they brought the essential emergency tools of the trade (rolled-up newspaper) and killed it. All is good once again, thanks to the men in blue of Portland. Nice going, men. Although, I do think a few single women out there might see this as an opportunity...don't get any ideas. (Oh, and she called the non-emergency number and was very polite!)

Oh, and I didn't put a pic of a brown recluse on this post because they are utterly disgusting, and you can go look it up if you like. But I'm sparing you.


Isn't the girl darling? I just think she's so cute to call and not watch the thing inch closer. Katniss has a bow and arrow, this girl has the cops at her fingertips. Bravo! No less a heroine.

Practical vs. the Princess...

My mother is nothing like me. She's incredibly practical, organized to the point of scary and couldn't care less about her handbag. (I think, to my horror, she's had hers for about ten years -- and when that one wears out, she'll buy the exact same one in black! Shudder!)

Anyway, for the most part, we understand one another and there is no conflict. However, one year, I got her something for her birthday that she absolutely loved. It was a French Oil Coated tablecloth by l'ensoleillade. They're made in France and I buy them in a little boutique in Saratoga. No problem, right? My mom loves her tablecloth, everyone's happy. Until...she's worn it out. Now she wants to buy a new one and needs the brand name.



I tell her, I'll just get one for Dad's birthday (it was a joke, that my father, who is much like me, didn't care for.) But I don't want her to know that she's actually converted over to the good life and that the table cloth is going to cost her. Because then, she won't enjoy it. Trust me on this. I told her I have a couple I can send her that are too big for my current table, but that doesn't work because I'm a bright yellow/red kind of person and she wants a muted green. Sigh. Could we be any more different?


I think she already had a clue because she has this rich friend (who tends to be slightly rude) and she lifted up the tablecloth to look at the tag (how seriously tacky is that?) to tell my mom that SHE had the same brand of tablecloths. So I think my mom knew then, but ultimately, she's crossed over to the good life. And now, she'll know it for certain.

I converted Colleen Coble to an amazing handbag and coffee, too. I have that way about me: I introduce people to the good life. work is done here. Converted, corrupted...same difference.

Aww, Fiona almost got a friend today...

I fell in love with this puppy. He is so sweet, and if my crazy dog wouldn't eat him, I'd bring him home in a second. But Fiona is a jealous girl and something tells me that she doesn't want to share me. But there's an entire litter of these little dolls. This one has attitude. That's why I like him.


Here's a close-up. What a face, huh?



And look at my friend's new puppy. Must be the season:

Photo (3)

Writers: Can you listen to music while writing?

A lot of my author friends listen to movie soundtracks while they're writing. It really puts them in the mood. Others can't have any noise. I have no choice. I had to learn to listen to music because my house is always busy, so I have to disappear in the middle of chaos.

I usually listen to spa music while I'm writing -- association? Or the Matt Nathanson channel that I made on Pandora. It's full of "FEELING" music that really inspires me and puts me in that sweet spot. Lots of smooth anthems. When I was writing "A Billion Reasons Why" I listened to 40's music on the Swing channel.

So can you listen to music while you work? What's your inspiration of choice?


John Pinette Checks into Rehab...

I am SO thrilled to see this. John Pinette is one of my favorite comedians, and he was absolutely ALL over the place when I saw him a few months ago. He couldn't remember any of his jokes, and I don't think he finished one well. He had another show later that night, and I'm hoping he pulled it together by then. But he seemed very "out of it" when I saw him. I'm so glad to hear that he's taking responsibility for his addiction and getting help.

They're saying it's prescription medication -- that sounds about right.


I actually prayed for him through the entire show. I could see that something wasn't right, so I feel like this is an answer to prayer. He's just good people. He needs to get sober.

Another Marriage Bites the Dust...

Is there something in the air? I mean, they've survived bipolar and cancer, but now, word comes that Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas have split -- at least for a time. I have to say, after seeing him in that Liberace movie, I wondered how ANY woman could watch her husband in that movie and think, yeah, oh baby. But I'm certain that's not the reason for their split.

I hope they work it out for their kids' sake. Life is hard...



One of the commenters on the article had this to say: Never marry someone you play golf with, there's no escape. Hmmm. That might be true.