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The End of the Proposal & Billergeek information

I'm getting punchy. I'm nearly done with Chapter Three of my new book, and I need a title. When I'm done and it's off, I will think of all the mistakes and why it's not perfect. Though three to five people have already read it. So if it's not perfect, it's their fault. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Personal responsibility is overrated.

I was just emailed the "Billergeeks Mission Statement" for my readers-- it's darling. I hope I can share it soon.

In the meantime, I am avoiding the final point where I say, "It's ready! Send it!" By watching Adam Ant videos. I'm disturbing my children. I think it's the dancing.


Is there anything better than a dandy highwayman/pirate? I think not. Oh I found this while fooling around. (Can't imagine why I'm not done.)


Setting: Georgia's Sapelo Island

This is a really sad story about how our greedy government is trying to hike taxes for these descendants of slaves on Georgia's Sapelo Island. They literally have NO services, so there is no government. But of course, that doesn't stop the government from wanting its fair (ahem) share. Tax hikes in this economy are a joke.

Anyway, apart from the story, look at this setting. I WOULD LOVE to read a book set here, wouldn't you? Gosh, I can just hear the haunting music in my head as I picture the story.


I have NO idea what it's like to live in the deep south as an African-American, so it's not my story to write, but it definitely needs to be told. That is too good of a setting to waste.

I'm researching homes in San Francisco for my heroine/family as we speak. And you should see the dumps for $6k a month. Seriously, DUMPS! Okay, I'm going back to taunting my daughter. I'm telling her that I have to know all of Austin Mahone's moves so I can dance to all the songs. I'm practicing for her and she is pretty horrified. Ah, being a parent is so satisfying.

HE is even embarrassed by his mother.


Miley Cyrus Gives Advice...Vanilla Ice has a good laugh...

So in this Rolling Stone interview, Miley Cyrus used Vanilla Ice as a warning to Justin Bieber as to what could happen to him. Upon hearing this, Vanilla Ice tweeted, "WORD TO YOUR MOTHER. LMAO." Along with this picture:


(Because Miley, for some inane reason tattooed Rolling Stone on her feet. I'm going to assume this is a marker because he's an adult.)

It seems Vanilla Ice has done quite nicely for himself. He actually realized fame was fleeting and got himself a great job renovating houses. And if you haven't seen his show, he has INCREDIBLE taste. I mean, who knew, right?

Miley and Justin are both in that phase where they think it can last forever. Ultimately, someone will come along to take your place. It's sad, but it's like watching those movies with Cary Grant old. No one wanted to see Cary Grant old. And that's sad, but it's a realistic part of their business.

I don't want to see Vanilla rapping at this point, but I do like that he took his creativity elsewhere.

Here's an example of his work if you haven't seen the show:

At this point, I think Miley should refrain from giving advice. I love that Rob knows this.

Oh no she didn't!!! Bridget Jones About the Boy SPOILER ALERT

Helen Fielding, Bridget Jones's Creator, has killed off Mark Darcy in her new book.

Okay, now I'm ticked I preordered the book. How could she do it? How could she take our lovely Bridget and kill off Mark Darcy? I don't even want her reasoning, and I CERTAINLY don't want her letters. We have waited what, like ten years for this book? And she does THIS? Oh, it's not going to be pretty. I'm pretty sure this is treason.


As an author, I understand why she did it, and I'm glad it's not going to be a surprise. I preordered in hardback. I'm just glad I know!

Suri has a new iPhone...

Suri isn't nearly so fun now that's she's with mom and living the average life. And here in Cupertino, she would be average with her new iPhone because all the kids' parents work for Apple, so they all have the latest and greatest.

Actually, with a girl, I think they're worth it. They commandeer iPhones so they can Instagram and make their videos. I'd like to buy my daughter one. Because then, I'd have my own...but I can't afford to replace it if she drops it six times. Suri's mommy can.

This girl has an old soul, doesn't she?


Guess where I'm going?

I'm earning my mom stripes. I'm headed to my first teeny-bopper concert. In FRESNO! I don't even know where Fresno is. I know it's the middle of our fair state, and I do remember my friend's car breaking down outside of Fresno, but I never thought of it as a destination. Until now. I've got myself a fan girl.



Why do we subject ourselves as parents? Look at that smile...priceless. (Though we did face the wrath of dad for skipping soccer.)


Notorious on Sunday Night on Turner Classic Movies

NOTORIOUS is my very favorite movie. It's on this weekend (Sunday night) on TCM. If you don't like it, I make no apologies for it. It's my favorite. I think it has the hottest screen kiss (by the wine cellar) and I just love this movie because you feel sorry for the villain.


That's master movie-making. Notice the symbolism with the way Hitchcock uses liquid in the movie. Notice that Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant have awesome chemistry. And most important, notice the Ingrid plays the bad girl redeemed by love better than anyone.

Cary grant ingrid bergman notorious 1

Ah, Martha Stewart...I heart you!

There are certain celebrities who give me endless entertainment. For this, I thank them. Martha Stewart is one of them. I listen to her radio show and I crack up because I cannot believe she knows everything from what kind of wax to use to rebuff your floors, alongside, why you pie didn't come out right.


And she has no mercy on her callers. That's why I love listening to her. She just treats everyone like they're stupid. How can you not enjoy that kind of faith in oneself? It's entertainment, pure and simple.

Well, Martha made a mistake yesterday and as many of you who know Martha understand...this cannot be. It cannot be Martha's fault. Well, Martha dropped her iPad (an iPad that STEVE JOBS GAVE HER she lets us know.) And she wants to know, via Twitter rant, why Apple didn't send someone out immediately to fix it. Bahahaha, have you talked to Apple tech support lately, Martha? My son can do a perfect imitation.

Anyway, Martha is about to get a lesson in the real world and reality to these types is always fun to watch. She was embarrassed and tried to pawn it off as a joke. But it's MARTHA. We know she is not capable of humor. She even Tweeted that she's pissed off. By the way, is that a bad word somewhere? Because they blocked it out. I didn't realize it was a bad word. If it it, my apologies, and consider me Martha in this word arena.

Anyway, I just want to say thank you to Martha. You and Mark Sanford color my world.

I'm off to writers' group. Maybe I'll learn something. Like how to sit my bum in the chair and write versus follow the escapades of Martha.