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Our Beloved Diann Hunt...

Diann has gone to be with Jesus. What a battle she put up against the monster that is ovarian cancer. And she didn't do it for herself. She just wasn't that person. She fought hard to be with her children and grandchildren. Always thinking of others.


I'm so glad she's out of pain, but I heard yesterday how some of her family members are inconsolable and that just kills me. Because their loss is so genuine. There are people that you speak kindly of when they've gone -- and there are those who are truly that person. Even through a nearly five year battle with cancer. There are not many people that you can truly say that about and that's why the loss is so great.

A lot of people asked me about my visit. I didn't get to see Di before she left us, but I know that it brought joy to her that I was coming. That's who she was. She made me feel like a million dollars for coming. I'll bet she's having a good laugh that Kristin was a day late and a dollar short.


Her movie, "For Better or Worse" will air on the Hallmark Channel next year on July 12th. Mark your calendars. That's such a great legacy for her, that she will continue to bring joy to the world through her books and now her movie.


A Dating Story

My friends and I have this uncanny ability -- in that THINGS happen to us. Strange things, that make writing humor possible. Because our life is one big sitcom. I thought I'd share her latest, which is extremely fun and could only happen to one of us.

I'm going to call her Betty. Betty is deciding whether or not to join Christian Mingle. For the record, I'm against the idea because I'm not big on Internet dating -- no matter how successful people say it is. I suppose it probably is better for the introvert, but it doesn't appeal to me. The name Christian Mingle just sounds questionable to me, but that's beside the point. I always worry about someone who identifies themselves as a Christian -- I need to see the proof, I suppose. So I think that gives people a false sense of security.

Back to our story.

Betty says she's going to join Christian Mingle. Our mutual friend says, "Wait! Before you join, I'm going to send you a couple of books that I think you need to read first."

These include "Boundaries in Dating" and some other relevant Christian title on dating. So our mutual friend sends the books via mail -- but they never arrive. After a few phone calls, it's discovered the books went to the wrong address.

Betty schleps down to the address where the books were sent. And this handsome guy, about her age, opens the door. "Did you receive any books addressed to Betty?"

He did. He invites her inside and he tells her, "I opened the books. I didn't know any Betty and the address was mine, with no return address."

So Betty waits for the books -- thinking, "No one knows I'm here, this guy could murder me and no one would ever be the wiser."

Except our mutual friend who knew where she sent the books and had the address. "Look," I told her. "At least your body would be found."


So the man hands her the books and asks, "So, you're looking for a date?"

Face palm. And I should also mention when we get nervous, we talk a lot. Is that an introvert trait? So she begins to ramble about Christian Mingle and our mutual friend and tries to avoid the humiliation that is receiving dating books at an eligible bachelor's house.

Betty finally stops rambling and takes a tour of potential-murderer/date's home. They find all they have in common -- living in the same neighborhood and all -- which could be a good thing. Or a potentially bad thing when you live in a Bridget Jones's world. What do you think? Dating a neighbor, good or bad?

Keep it mind, it's the likes of Ashley Stockingdale here.


So Betty has a date coming up -- I take this to mean that Christian Mingle did its job. Without her having to actually join.

K-Paul's Seasoning Blends

When I was a youngin, I ate at K-Paul's in New Orleans. It's a meal that I never forgot, and I will be crashing at Christa Allan's place sometime in the future to repeat that visit. However, his seasonings were always available at Safeway. And now, they've stopped carrying them! What is up with that? I just love to grill with these seasonings, and sadly, "Cajun Seasoning" which they sell now is a poor substitute.

I went online and you can purchase them at K-Paul's site, which is good to know, but anyone out there a Cajun food fan? I'm in the mood for a crawfish boil just thinking about it. That's why I started watching "Top Chef" this season. They're in New Orleans and they know how to eat down there...


Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

I imagine if you're AT the parade, it is different, but as far as watching it. It may be a medium whose time has come to an end. First, there were the Rockettes -- which of course, my kids had to emulate in a pathetic attempt to make the parade worthwhile while we forwarded for Austin Mahone.

Then, we had to stop on Kristin Chenoweth, who literally did the worst job of lip syncing on record. It was so bad it was hilarious. We watched it a few times. And you didn't have to look too far in the parade for bad lip syncing. But you would think Broadway royalty would get it right. You know who did the best lip syncing? Jimmy Fallon.


When the Pillsbury Dough Boy went by, my daughter yelled, "Austin Mahone is coming up! Look, he tweeted this pic of the Dough Boy's butt!" Sure media adds to the experience...

Amazon Prime? Anyone have it?

It's $79 a year. I imagine that would be worth it for me -- because it has so much content for free on the Fire. But then, there is free two day shipping. Does anyone have it? Do you find it's worth it?

My mom wanted to know what I want for Xmas, and I think that's what I want. Well, that and a Prada when a certain someone goes to Milan. Or I will have to change the locks, but that's another story.


Happy Thanksgiving!

It's a quiet day here -- with my cousins gone and just the immediate family hanging about. The kids played football, then Elle came home and we had the highlight of her day: Austin Mahone at the Macy's Parade. He performed "Banga Banga" -- which I sadly know by heart and was on a "Build-a-Bear" float.


I wish I spent the morning at "The Book Thief" but tomorrow. They won't have the artsy movie, "Philomena" up here. I have to wait until I return to the city for art.

I'm debating the new "Anna Karenina" but I just hate to see that chick ruin another classic for me like she did Elizabeth Bennet. That being said, I may enjoy the train scene.

Oh, not exactly sounding grateful today, am I? (We haven't eaten yet, does that help?)

Hope your day was fantastic...your highlight?

Court Docs Claim "Nigella Lawson Used Cocaine & Pot Daily"

I'm not inclined to believe this, simply because the timing is too awesome for her dirtbag ex, who said he'd get back at her. Their former employees are under investigation for stealing from the couple. Their excuse was that Nigella was on drugs. Okay, let's say that's true. That doesn't give you the right to STEAL. But back to Charles Saatchi & Nigella.

People really need to move on when a relationship is over. What is up with this new trend that one must destroy the person after the relationship ends? She's just not that into you anymore. Move on with your life. Why spend your energy trying to prove you were right. Even if you were?


Let's say Nigella was off her head on drugs. Why would you want an addict for a wife, anyway? You could be living a happy life free of drugs if that were the case. If she wouldn't get clean, you'd have to move on - because her primary relationship would have been with the drugs. You, Charles Saatchi, have money and you can only really control yourself.

I have NO desire in my system to control someone else. I don't get that as a motivator, so I'm always fascinated by these stories. Controlling another does nothing to enrich a life, so I always struggle with people who have this desire. It took me a long time to understand people honestly want to control others. That power is a motivator.

Why? Why does Charles Saatchi need for everyone to believe he was such a victim? He was never a victim. He had the ability to leave that marriage any time he wanted to. Unlike some people who are stuck together for financial purposes. The thing that really bugs me is how he takes such glee in the downfall of Nigella. That shows right there that he never loved her.

If you love a person, let them go. Move on with your life. He seems to have already moved on, but clearly he hasn't left Nigella in his past. And warning to the stupid new chick, he will eventually try to destroy you too. And he's STILL more interested in Nigella than he is in you.

The life lesson for Charles -- that he will probably never get -- is that you can never really control the women you WANT to control. Only the weak ones willing to put up with your crap.


Until he's emotionally left Nigella, he's not really free for another relationship, despite appearances.


I really hate how court destroys everyone involved instead of focusing on the case at hand. Did these women STEAL from the couple? That's the court case. Not whether or not Nigella was on drugs.

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Neal Schon, Michaele Salahi's Pay-per-View Wedding

First, there were boxing matches live from Vegas, now there are pay-per-view weddings. Journey's Neal Schon and former Real Housewife of Washington, Michaele Salahi are going to be married on television. And you can be there! For cash.


Aww, the romance. I'm all farhklempt. Why didn't Jane Austen think of this? Oh wait...because it wasn't really done then. You know, getting married for the umpteenth time. Things were different then. They didn't have hair extensions to make a bride appear half her age. I'm certain that's part of it.


I love a good wedding, but I think you'd have to pay me to attend this one. I would attend Steve Perry's, but the poor guy just lost the love of his life to cancer. So sad. Whose wedding would you pay to "attend" in this manner?


Statistically Speaking...

This should be impossible. But for as little time as I spend at my mom's house, this is the THIRD time the power has gone out because someone ran into a pole on the main drag about three miles away as the crow flies.

Three poles. One time, there were live wires, and the people who hit the pole were stuck underneath it while they killed the power. There's a position to be in -- glad to be alive, but a pole in the middle of your truck, and you're stuck inside rather than being electrocuted after avoiding being smooshed.

So last night, I'm happily ensconced in "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" where REAL people have to worry about things like, 'She called me a bully!' and which trashy lingerie one will buy at a filthy-looking store called, "Trashy" when my own life was interrupted with reality. The power goes out. I said, "Someone could NOT have hit that pole again. It is statistically impossible!"

Apparently, it is not statistically impossible, as my trip to Starbucks was slowed by one-way traffic. (Last time, the Starbucks was without electricity, so this was a marked improvement.)

But at WHAT point, does PG&E, who supplies the power to an entire LAKE property in the surrounding area decide, "Hmmm...Maybe we should move the pole...people have a hard time staying on this road." Or maybe just surround the pole with cement blocks or something. Just an idea. To prevent this:


The paper said 2400 homes lost power. One pole and 2400 homes? That line definitely needs to be buried. Just sayin'


To quote Bridget Jones's Diary, "Does nothing work outside of London?"