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I don't tend to do reviews on books unless I think very highly of them, but I noticed yesterday when I went to update my page at "Goodreads" (a site that I don't have time for because I'm reading) that I had put some three star reviews up.

That surprised me. I was like, I did that? But as a writer, I tried to make it clear it's usually the content doesn't agree with me. It's a personal opinion. It's not Gospel. One book I gave a three star review to was a blatant rip-off of a secular, bestselling business book. That annoys me, so that's a personal thing -- no offense to the author, but I just found the whole thing a waste of time.

It annoys me that Christians think we're better than the secular world and we need things religionized for us to take away valuable information. We have the Bible for that. I read the book this Christian book was based on -- a good book with lots of great statistics and examples. The Christian version was a lot of Christianese without the statistics to back it up and very simplistic. The reviews on it were fantastic -- and mine is clearly the outcast view.

Maybe it's because I'm a discerner and Scripture comes fairly easily to me, so I can read say, a New Age book, and gain the insights without someone dumbing it down for me. I realize there is a place for this kind of Christian copycat book, and I'm glad it helps encourage people. It just doesn't encourage me.

Anyway, reading the review, I thought, I'm going back to my old ways of only posting on a book I really like/love. Like this one. (Not really, I don't review my own books.)