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American Grocery Stores!

If you have one near you, kiss the floor before you walk in because I am so tired of traveling to get to a Safeway. (We're supposed to get a new one May 2!) Where I'm staying actually has competition between stores. There are Raley's AND Safeway and I feel like I'd be a much better housewife if it wasn't so difficult to get to a grocery store. And if I had a setup like this:


I mean, what's your hurry, right? You've got all day.
Right now, I can walk to two Japanese grocery stores, one Chinese grocery store, a Russian market and an Indian market. All well and good if I'm going to cook ethnic that night. Or, if I want to watch my fish slaughtered right in front of me so that I know it's fresh.

I don't actually need that, but I am delighted by the American notion of putting a coffee shop at the entrance to take the sting out of grocery shopping.