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It's Friday, Friday, Friday!

Longest week ever. What is up with the week leading up to a vacation? (Spring Break next week!) Every tiny minute ticks by like an eternity while you wait for the much-needed break.


All these great shows here have been lined up for the summer with my friends, so I'm excited about that. (Not real excited about Austin Mahone (sorry Elle!) I'm also not thrilled this kid has enough money to ruin a perfectly-good Range Rover.


All my kids' friends are going to fabulous places for the Spring Break (Maui, Mexico, Israel, Tahiti) but we're sticking close to home. But I'm really excited about having a Staycation and working on getting the new Ashley Stockingdale novel up and running. Anyone got some fantastic plans for the Easter holidays? Or as we call it here, "The Easters?"

I know bunnies have nothing to do with Easter, but who can resist a lop? Seriously. So sweet.