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Movie You've Seen Ten Times or More?

People. Process. Product. #TheProfit

I am right-brined, so I love to watch business shows with business minds that work at a rate of speed I can barely fathom.

This week, we were watching, and my son has a brilliant physics' mind. Marcus Lemonis comes in looks at the business, asks like three questions, then does the math in head and knows how to fix the business. I'm like, what just happened?

I watched that scene three times to try and figure it out. My son was like, "Duh Mom." And proceeds to explain to me in layman's terms. I'm trying to tell my son that is NOT NORMAL. You realize you have a gift, right?

He says, "It's just math."

It's not just math. It's knowing how the math adds up, that you need to factor in your costs, your overhead, your margins. That business head is not in everyone. My son just blew me off, but I'm so glad there are people like Marcus Lemonis and my son to do these jobs. I wish more of them understood how to make a profit without taking advantage of others, that if you truly factor in your people, you'll make more money.

My favorite episode this year was the "Sweet Pete's" candy store because Sweet Pete was like me. He just wanted to create. He didn't want to think about numbers and profit, and I love that someone decent came in and made things right.

Anyway, my fandom paid off because CNBC and "The Profit" sent me a care package today and it had a key lime pie (my very favorite!) and a T-shirt. I'm going to be rocking it and looking very business-like, don't you think? Maybe it will give me more use of my left brain. Hmm.

Photo on 4-11-14 at 11.50 AM