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Writer Pep Talks...

I've been laboring over a plot point that was an issue in the fourth Ashley book. At the same time, I'm wondering, "Is there an actual plot? Maybe I should just forget this altogether."

So last night, while driving home, my friend/editor is on the phone with me saying, "Just finish the stupid book and send it, will you?"

"I think I should just give it up. It's not working. I need to drop it. I'm not a writer anymore. Do you think I could get a job at --"

"You need to send me the book."

"No, it sucks. Really. I've just got too much caretaking going on, and I can't take care of the book. Do you think I would make a good nurse?"

"Would you shut up? The book is great. Send the book."

"It's not ready. I think I figured out a major plot struggle, but do you think XYZ is enough to carry the --"

"It's enough. Just send the book. It's funny. It's working. You're looking for excuses."

"What about hospice? Can you do hospice if you're not a nurse? Because I'm good at that."

This conversation went on for a LONG time. And the worst part is, it is not the first time I've had this conversation. About this book! I want to be one of those writers who writes a book, thinks they're Hemmingway and gets on with life. Wouldn't that be great?

I've met a few of them. No struggles with these nagging thoughts. They write a book, put it out, everything is hunky-dory.

My friend told me after reading "In Her Shoes" -- which is a brilliant book, by the way. But she read the reviews and they are SOO awful. Just so cruel to the author -- and most of the readers who feel that way don't get that the book actually has a fantastic character arc -- and a lot of deep family drama that isn't typical of the genre. But these readers didn't see that.

These readers just attacked the author, and truth be told, after dealing with family drama, cancer in the family and general dysfunction, I'm not up to hearing it. Not that I read my reviews, but I totally get why I'm laboring over the book and not releasing it. Life is hard. Why write a book and have people tell you publicly that you suck or that you need Jesus?

Hey, you know what? Maybe you need Jesus if you gotta write a jerky review to feel better about yourself? Just sayin.

So I need these pep talks to get me to the next level. I'm so glad to have a friend who gets it and kicks me in the bum. And that is my writer rant for the day. A friend. Get one. FYI, it needs to be another author. No one else gets the angst.

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