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Pippa's Gown "Not Significant"

That's what she told Matt Lauer today, but of course, we all beg to differ. I really feel for Pippa being thrust into the spotlight because her sister married the prince. Personally, being "famous" is not remotely interesting to me -- having it forced on you would be a nightmare.

But here's why her comment, while beautifully humble, is hogwash.


Her sister, the bride is in front of her. The dress was meant to blend with Kate's dress and therefore, not take anything away from the future Duchess. But seriously -- look at the cut of that dress, and the perfection on how it hugs Pippa's curves. The problem is, the bride becomes secondary. There's something so beautiful in the dress's simplicity. And I loved Kate's gown, but come on, Pippa's dress is significant. Those buttons, tho! LOVE THOSE BUTTONS!

Personally, I think Pippa is just more interesting though. She has more of a life, so that might be part of it. Pippa just shines.

But what do you think? Did you love Kate's gown? Did you find Pippa's significant? The Brits do not seem to appreciate her at all, but I find her more interesting than Kate.

Be Still...

It's one of my favorite verses -- but it's one you can really appreciate when you can't sit still. I've had kids parceled out all over the state. I remember those days, when you were young, and your parents were gone so you were never home. Those were some of the best days! I'm trying to remember that as I miss having everything under my control, too.


The thing I miss the most about not being still though, and all this summer running, is not having creative space to finish my current book. I am SOO close. But no one can fix this part but me.

Creativity requires stillness. You have to be able to think and ponder. My mom and I were sitting by the pool last weekend, and a neighbor had moved out. I proceeded to tell her a story about why he'd moved out. Who was chasing him. Where he'd gone to hide out. Those are the moments necessary to let the creative juices flow and mine did flow. My mom was probably annoyed as heck because her quiet was pierced by my ideas.

What kind of quiet appeals to you? Have you taken any time for yourself lately? I suppose it is more important for a creative person who has to work being creative. However, I still think that "thinking" and "pondering" time does wonders for everyone. What's yours?


Camping with a bit more excitement...

I was driving home, and I saw this billboard for the Great Horror Campout. That's right. Camping sucks already, but lets add bloody axes and creepy clowns running about, and you've got a recipe


I suppose it's like living in a video game, so I can see how it would attract a certain market. It just wouldn't be me. They say being scared is the closest emotion to happiness, so I'm sure that's why horror movies are so popular. Why not live one?

(Answer: Because there's a Hilton up the street.) I will say, I saw the sign in Sacramento, and I'd love to spend the night in Old Sacramento...


I think Old Sac would be less haunted than say, the Capitol, where all this state's darkness happens. LOL I'd stay in the old Governor's mansion, but it's in the worst neighborhood so even the governor won't live there.

Would you go on a horror camping trip? I'm thinking not.


Remember when a fireplace was a romantic addition to a house?

In Santa Clara County, you can never really use your fireplace. It has to be overcast, or raining -- the stars have to align -- something like that. So basically, I have this big, stupid hole in my house that I can't put furniture in front of, and I can't use.

I was watching a House Hunters in Connecticut and they looked at this old house from the 1700's -- and the fireplace!! This is Daryl Hall's fireplace from the same era. Speaking of which, he's coming with Oates, and I would love to see him. Must get on that.


But I mean, THAT is a fireplace, is it not? I wonder if there's a grandfather law that if your fireplace is from the 1700's, you can use it any day you feel like it. Look at those wide-planked floors. Dang, that is beautiful.

The woman on the show didn't want an old house because of the "ghosts" -- I guess her grandparents' house was haunted. But she bought this 1988 house, and her husband told her the ghosts would just have bad hair.

I will say, if I were her, I wouldn't have bought the house she did. It had a Cross over the bed, and then, one in the yard that looked like a headstone. I don't know anyone who does that kind of thing unless their house is haunted, or they're Catholic, and it wasn't a Crucifix, so I don't think they were Catholic. In other words, she should have gone for the awesome fireplace.


Today's the USA game -- against Germany -- the other favorite in this house since England is out of it. (But we are NOT going to be happy without a USA win!) Yesterday, my son bought a new TV, but we bought an extra HDMI cable -- lo and behold, I put it on MY TV and you know what? The TV got infinitely better. It's an old TV, and I didn't even know it was HD. I bought it with some of the proceeds from "She's All That" which came out a long time ago. Go figure.


So now, I'm ready to watch the game on my "new" HDTV, which is old, and clunky and who knew? If you need a reason to skip work for the game, coach Jurgen Klinsman has written you a note. This makes sense in our house. Two of my sons are at my parent's house, and they told him, "Grandpa, it's like if the Giants played a 100 times today. That's how important it is that we're home on Thursday."



So I guess we know why HDMI cables are expensive now, but can you please tell me why it's acceptable to sell the TVs without them? Just sayin'

Reese Witherspoon Puts Another House on the Market

I don't know if she has to move again, or if they're just dumping properties because they have too many. All I know is if I had that kind of money, I'd want to stay put. What's up with the constant change? Don't you wonder?


Maybe it's because I grew up in one house, and I abhor moving, but I'd pay someone that fee (if I had it) so I didn't have to go anywhere. Since she had a baby, she probably needs another 5,000 square feet. Do you think?

Glitz & Glam to Grounded

I'm having the weirdest summer of extremes. I'm spending a lot of time in the glitz of Hollywood/Beverly Hills area working on a book project. (More on that later!) Then, I'm taking the family to Wyoming and I'm going to learn to fly fish. Have you ever done it?

The Real Housewives of New York fly-fished (is that a word?) in Montana. (I noticed while waiting for The People's Couch -- because I don't watch RHONY.) Those are some really miserable, fighting women -- always looking for men, like they're on the prowl and the male species is their prey. It's kind of creepy actually.


When I fly-fish, I am going to be fully present and in the moment. The "real" housewives need to learn that lesson, or they just need to stay in New York City. Then, when I'm in SoCal, I'm going to fully embrace that aspect.


I'm currently working on three projects at once right now, and I don't multi-task. (That's new!) I've divided my time so that I'm doing all three, but only one thing at a time. It's been mar-vah-lous! I had two free hours today, so my son and I climbed a local hill. And yes, I had to embrace that moment with my Rocky pose.


I get so much more done when I'm busy and have to plan my days. I think sending a child off to college, I had to readjust the work load, and add stuff so I didn't get bored. Maybe I'm just old and multi-tasking isn't responsible anymore. I just want to do one thing at a time well.

Dumped in Venice: #Bachelorette

Cody hasn’t got a one-on-one date, and he arrives in Venice to be told there’s a solo date…for Nick. She wants to check out what’s wrong with him. But she’s blinded by some kind of lust that I cannot comprehend. They take a gondola, while the guys head to a fancy hotel. Is it wrong that I’d rather go to the hotel if I were them? Andi seems kind of paranoid to me. If you have unsettled affairs with one of these guys, and he’s Nick. My advice is just send him home. (I’m such a romantic.)

Nick & Andi stroll down the canals hand-in-hand and try on masks like they’re in Disneyland. Then gelato, then another serious conversation on the gondola. When do they have fun exactly? You keep saying that word, DATE, but I do not think you know what it means.


At night, they dress like Phantom of the Opera, and have dinner in this creepy — I mean, romantic “masquerade hall.” Rather than get caught up in the moment, Andi brings up the old drama again! Girl, let it go! That may work in the courtroom, but it makes a guy (and viewers) want to slit his wrists.

On the group date, maybe Andi can let her hair down and have some fun. Wait, nope. She’s bringing out the “lie detector” test. Because nothing says a barrel of laughs like a lie detector test. The guys are asked a myriad of horribly, personal questions — including one guy admitting he doesn’t wash his hands after he goes to the bathroom. Is it bad that I wished he’d lied? Forward to the next scene where Andi is holding the guy’s hand. Eww.

Josh is upset about the test, which Andi immediately takes as "he's guilty." Okay, I personally know a district attorney, and she is married to a district attorney and they have a LOVELY marriage. So the paranoia doesn't come with the job. That's baggage Andi needs to deal with -- because she likes Josh and Nick, so she's grilling them like they're going to the gallows. Settle down! FYI, to fall in love? You have to be willing to get hurt. Just sayin'


Once she gets the results, she rips them up rather than reads it. Sweet, but a day late and a dollar short. Josh gets a little ticked at the concept — as he should. Going in with that kind of mistrust is going to kill any relationship.

Anyone see the commercial for the new show #Selfie? So making my daughter watch that! This world needs to get its head out of the cloud. My kids were shocked at how together everyone was in my yearbook. Yeah, we actually touched and talked to each other back then. Weird, right? We didn't have to go on TV and compete for some paranoid chick -- who has probably boiled a bunny or two.

Chris gets the group rose. There is just a negative pall with this group. It's like there's bad juju following them around.

Now she's in Verona with Cody, and my daughter is repeating "Romeo & Juliet" for me. They go to the "Letters to Juliet" office, and work together to write back to the forlorn in romance. Cody reads his answer -- but it doesn't win Andi's heart, because she's only happy when she's miserable and in deep conversation.


Cody is totally growing on me. He's not just a juicehead. He's pretty emotional and capable of writing a heartfelt letter. He's been handed the friend card, but before this happens, they head to dinner. Cody pours out his heart, reads an overly romantic letter and pours it on thick. All while we are cringing at his not noticing her facial rejection. She cries, and tells him she took him on the date to see if there was "something there." And there isn't. He can do better, but Romeo & Juliet will now seem like the tragedy it is for Cody.

At the cocktail party, Nick swoops in and takes Andi off, and starts making out with her like some bad B movie. And get this, Andi likes it. What is wrong with her? The guys are ticked because Nick already has a rose. And well, he's Nick.

Nick's out to win. I don't believe he has feelings for Andi. I feel like he wants to win, and get back at all the football players who kicked his butt in high school.

JJ, the pantsapreneur is going home. There is snakeskin material in his future. Andi punishes Josh by making him wait until the very end to be picked. Next time, he will learn not to question her giving him a lie detector test.

Am I too harsh on Andi? What do you think?

Everything I needed to learn, I learned from Jane Austen...

There's a quote in Sense & Sensibility, where Elinor is lamenting her sister Marianne's romantic notions and utter lack of sense when it comes to love. She wants her sister to lose her naiveté in exchange for the harsh truths of life and reality.

Colonel Brandon replies this way:

"This," said he, "cannot hold; but a change, a total change of sentiments -- No, no, do not desire it, -- for when the romantic refinements of a young mind are obliged to give way, how frequently are they succeeded by such opinions as are but too common, and too dangerous! I speak from experience. I once knew a lady who in temper and mind greatly resembled your sister, who thought and judged like her, but who from an enforced change -- from a series of unfortunate circumstances" -- -- Here he stopt suddenly; appeared to think that he had said too much, and by his countenance gave rise to conjectures which might not otherwise have entered Elinor's head.


Colonel Brandon gets it. To live in that innocence with only hope as a guide is an absolute gift. Reality will impart its agonizing wisdom soon enough. Unpublished authors are unprepared for the hatred that will spew forth from Christians' mouths and keyboards, under the guise of righteousness. The shock of these words, when you dare to veer from the path that some Christians deem as the "only path" creates a smothering wave. And a questioning that maybe you didn't hear God correctly.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, let's think about Amy Grant, when she committed the "unpardonable sin" of divorcing her addict ex-husband. Amy Grant had been on the pure and narrow path and done everything right in the world of cultural Christianity. She had not known what would happen when she strayed from that path. How immediately, she would be tossed from the "club" of Christianity. For Amy, her faith would grow stronger and become solely about her relationship with God -- and not what others thought. Amy would come to understand Jesus died for her. Not some REALLY sinful person down the street. It wasn't her perfection that made her worthy of Jesus's love. It was her humility and knowing she needed His forgiveness. Harsh lesson, but I bet she wouldn't trade it.

Essentially, Amy ate her own proverbial apple from the tree of wisdom. She was never fully forgiven by self-righteous Christians, who see her sin as unpardonable and state indignantly that if she were a Christian, none of this would ever have happened.

I often thank my lucky stars that God's criteria is not nearly as harsh as some of His followers.

As I explain to a young, innocent Christian what she will face with her published words, I will ask her to hold fast to these words from Romans 8:38-39.

38 And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love. Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons,[b] neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow—not even the powers of hell can separate us from God’s love. 39 No power in the sky above or in the earth below—indeed, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Has anyone ever lied to you and made you believe you were unworthy of God's love? It was a lie. It was their own fear speaking. They cannot know your heart. Only God can know that, so unfortunately for them, they are going to be quite surprised when they see who God lets into heaven. Their sin of pride puts them right there with the rest of us: As sinners.

Still, like Colonel Brandon, I wish this person could live in that innocence forever. It's an ugly day when Christians look up and say, "You can't sit with us!"


Good Morning Beautiful People!

I'm living life without margin lately. Ever done that? I don't recommend it. I need a little sign at my desk that reads, "LIVE WITH MARGINS!" That leaves you space in life. Right? Not that I"m not totally enjoying myself -- or that I'd see the note because I haven't been at my desk lately.

On another note, do you have a BJ's Brewery in your area? We have one in Cupertino, but I don't know, I'm not a fan of that one, so I never go. But my friends and I went to the one near the San Jose airport and they played "Wonderful" by Adam Ant -- so it was like a siren's call.


Last night, I went to a BJ's in Sacramento -- and they played "Goody Two Shoes" by Adam Ant. I think I'm a loyal customer now.

Anyway, I think this summer is going to be hectic. The happy news? I think I can watch Bravo in Beverly Hills while I'm working. That isn't a bad life, huh? Granted, it would be better if I was walking it with my Prada, but whatever. I'm a working girl. Just not like Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman." That's a good thing.


On another note, Cristiano Ronaldo is the devil. Just sayin'