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Back to the 80's...

So I just took this quiz on Zimbio where you had to guess the 80's video from the video screenshot. I got 100%. Really surprising (NOT!) as my kids tell me, on a daily basis, that the 80's are long gone while I shout, "NEVER!"

Here's my own version of the game -- guess the video:


Anyway, I've just finished Ashley Stockingdale #4 -- and figured out I have to design a spine because last time I got yelled at by librarians -- ALL CAPITAL LETTERS -- because the spine was wrong. So while I'm having my cover artist fix that, I'm thinking about my next book and I think it's going to involve the 80's -- don't know how yet -- but maybe I can bring back some good times for readers.

FYI, I do not long for the glory days. That is not my fascination with the 80's. It was simply a good time -- good time for jobs, for music...for living. People were not so tightly-wound as they are now. If you don't believe me, wait three seconds at a stop sign and see how friendly the guy behind you is.

Anyway, I'm pondering that as we speak. I'd do the 40's if I didn't have to put in the War. War makes me sad.

Ipad Mini -- Yay or Nay?

Okay, here's the deal. I get a lot of email and read the news on my phone. Plus, I do love me some Twitter, but I'm getting too blind to see my iPhone. I really never use my phone except when I'm in the car (my car has hands-free don't freak.) So the iPhone 6 is not worth it to me.

So what do you think? Do you use your mini? Your iPad? If so, for what? I do love a keyboard, so I don't think I'd want the bigger one over my Mac Air, but what do you use your iPads for?

The i-Pad mini is a fraction of laser eye surgery, so that's my thinking. Dang, getting old really stinks. It happens so fast!


I'm trying to care that George Clooney got married...

All the websites tell me I should care because they are covered with photos of the chaos created by the wedding. I'm not a Clooney fan, but I'm not a Clooney hater either. I just don't care. I would, however, like to question his new wife's choice of outfits...

Great dress, but WHY is it so short? And the lampshade skirt is not for me. It looks like something out of Willy Wonka's collection. Still, it's a fabulous dress, and she looks awesome.


Best of luck to them though...

Missing Florida...

I'm missing Florida. You see, I'm a little bit tacky, and I do love that in Florida, you can sparkle day or night, winter or spring. Sparkle is a matter of being I did get a great blingy cell phone holder -- but they also have boyfriend jeans -- and where the rips are? There are rows of rhinestones.

Seriously, I'm going to be one of those grannies with the pink circle of rouge too bright and my lips drawn just a little too large -- and I'm going to do it with pride. So I belong in Florida.

Imagine these with a little Swarovski crystals -- so much better right?


@AustinMahone is Dating Selena Gomez:

That's what Us Magazine is reporting, so we're in a state of mourning here at our house. The article states Austin is 17. I happen to know he's 18. And how sad is that for me?

Here's the article:

Here's my daughter's room. A PORTION of her room. LOL Now, you'll see why we're in mourning. She's been a Mahomie from the beginning.


Poltergeist Remake -- "They're Heere!"

Last night on "Watch What Happens Live" Sam Rockwell said he's in a new remake of the classic 1982 "Poltergeist." That move scared the daylights out of me. I just watched it again not too long ago, and the special effects are really cheesy, but that doesn't harm the eerie factor.


He said the storyline is the same, though the older boy in the family will be the main protagonist. "Poltergeist" is in my vernacular. When something goes wrong in the house, I always say, it's the Indian burial ground beneath us. And can you say, "They're here?" Without extending the last word? Maybe it's me.

I don't know that I'll see the remake. The cheesy one may be enough for me. Oh man, remember that scene with the skeletons in the pool? Ack! Now that I've seen all the ghost shows, I know the "cursed" land thing is common knowledge now, but back then, that was new and incredible concept. The movie was definitely ahead of its time.

My Jo-gee (what I call my son Jonah) and I are trying to psych each other up to go see "Annabelle" since we saw "The Conjuring" together. I doubt we will, we just like pretending we're tough. LOL

Gone Girl -- Will you see it?

I loved, loved, loved the book, "Gone Girl." I know many people didn't like the ending. I thought it was perfect for who the characters were. I'm a little nervous about seeing the movie -- as I do NOT like Ben Affleck -- but I will probably enjoy watching him squirm in this role.

So what do you think? Will you go this weekend? Wait? Don't care at all? People Magazine says it lives up to the hype and then some:

Rockin' the Orange "Vegan Leather" -- what item of clothing do you love?

So it's Wednesday. I abhor Wednesdays. It's late start. The cleaning lady comes. It's just a mish-mash of ways I can't get anything done.

I make all my appointments on Wednesday since my house is infested with kids, etc., and my daughter tails along with me to Starbucks. I wore my new orange jacket -- YAY Fall is finally here! My daughter was completely humiliated to be seen with me. Which makes it all the more fun, am I right?


No, I did not stand like this, but the more she protested and told me I belonged in a Prince video, the more I wanted to. She doesn't get that being in a Prince video seems like a compliment to me. I have to say, I have never been a victim of peer pressure. If I like it, whatever, I'll wear it.

What about you? Do you have an article of clothing that everyone protests? I once had a cashmere sweater that was pale pink and had holes in it. My friend took me out to coffee to tell me to get rid of it -- like she felt sorry for me. Truthfully, that made me love the sweater all the more. It finally fell apart, but I got another 5 years out of it.

What's your favorite piece of clothing you'll never part with?

FYI, Quitting your job is not a way to promote marijuana acceptance...

So if you haven't seen the video, this woman, quit her weather girl job by dropping a "F" bomb on live television and saying she was going to focus on freedom and legalizing marijuana in Alaska.

Okay, that's not a job. And if you want to promote something that people associate with slacking and laziness, the answer is not quitting your job. The answer is, saying, "I'm a proud, working woman who functions quite fine with pot in my life."


Instead, she looks like a nutbag. I wonder if there's more to the story, like she had drug testing and was being forced out -- or if she had a fight with her boyfriend who said, "Hey Baby, you don't have to take that crap. Use your job to fight for pot!"

Or, perhaps, she was being hazed and harassed at work by a really overbearing boss and wanted revenge. Either way, the quitting of the job and the marijuana legalization fight seem at odds.

Kind of like me saying, "I'm not writing anymore. A Prada Handbag for everyone!" ???

Bare Minerals Foundation

I bought this for my daughter who had acne, and it cleared her face right up. Because you use so little with the brush applicator, I think it's the same as a drug store foundation quite frankly.

So I bought one of my own. I usually wear Laura Mercier, and I'll be honest, I still prefer that for a night out. But I just love how light this foundation feels as if you're not wearing anything, and you use so little, it's great for everyday wear. That is all. I was just ordering my daughter more and thinking, yeah, this stuff is great for people looking for a good foundation.

FYI, if you're going to buy, invest in the brush. Worth every penny.