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Life is Complicated...

When I first became a Christian, I'll admit, life was very black and white for me. There was good and bad, which makes things so simple to categorize! Throw this person's actions in the bad pile, and you're done with it, swish your hands together, it's over.

Then came my first real rumble with complicated realities. I had a pair of friends who had decided to divorce. I remember giving them BOTH a lot of pious sermons about how they would be making this decision for their children -- they too would divorce. Blah, blah, blah. (It was bad. I was young and stupid, what can I say?) I said it in love, I really did, but I was absolutely clueless. What would come out about that marriage involved sexual abuse, affairs, alcoholism -- just about every toxic reality that you can have in a marriage. And the marriage itself was toxic. The two people, now both living solid healthy lives had to get away from each other to get better.

That was the truth. But it's not a truth that I understood in my black and white world. Divorce = bad. What I learned is that a marriage is not more important than a soul itself. God would rather have their souls than a crappy marriage.


Now comes this story about the woman Brittany Maynard who has brain cancer and plans to kill herself with a concoction of pills. (She has since put off the date since she is still finding joy in life -- yay! I'm praying for a miracle for her and a full life!) But the old Kristin would have said euthanasia = bad. (And I am very against the taking of a life because I have a mentally-retarded brother, so I'm very fearful of putting a value on life.) That is a slippery slope to say this life isn't worth living.

However, he we go with the gray again. I have now watched quite a few loved ones go from cancer, and the end is so prolonged. So painful. You just think their body can't possibly take another breath, and yet another haggard one arises and with it, you feel their pain. You are begging for God to take them and stop the suffering. My loved ones were not themselves in the end and watching them suffer was excruciating. So as much as I'm black and white about the value of life, I just can't bring myself to make that decision for Brittany Maynard. I get it.

I will say that my life was much easier when I was of the black and white variety. Circumstances just didn't allow me to stay there.

Characters: Motive is always interesting to figure out and creates built-in mystery

My favorite Bible verse is, "All a person's ways seem pure to them, but motives are weighed by the LORD." Proverbs 16:2 because people can do BAD things for the right reasons and good things for the wrong reasons. The discovery of why they take certain actions is what makes a great character. Look at the news this week:

Listening to that New Jersey nurse rant about being kept in isolation when she returned from treating Ebola patients, for example. She refuses quarantine because she knows best apparently. Just like the New York doctor who went all over the city before he came down with the deadly virus. In the meantime, Senator Rubio is calling her a hero. Uh, no. If she went to treat Ebola patients, yes, that's heroic. Not adhering to quarantine rules when she comes back here, not heroic. But why? What does she know that maybe we don't? Or is she just a selfish creep? That is the question.


Story Here
Haven't you known awful people who do good works so that you can tell them how fabulous they are? Yeah. That's the wrong reason. I'd love to hear her story, but she's so obnoxious, I can't stand to listen to her, so I'm left with the assumption (and if she were a character in my book, she'd be a villain) that she's a narcissist and rules don't apply to her because "she did a good work."


Today there's a news story about the man who disappeared from the Broncos' game and turned up 112 miles away at a KMart parking lot. There's a story there. Because what on earth was his motive? Did he think he could just leave all his troubles behind?

Did he have resentment that he'd been a stepfather and decide he'd had enough? Did he just freak out because he's a country boy in the city? Anyway, originally, the story was presented to us as a beloved father goes missing with no word. His family desperately seeking him. Doesn't your view of him change when you find out he was fine and didn't inform his family?

Then, there are motives we will never understand because a person is bat crazy. Such as Jodi Arias. She's in her sentencing trial right now, and she is just a nutbag. I might have felt for her because I do think Travis Alexander used her and then acted like the good Mormon boy around everyone else. However, if she were not a sociopath, she would have just moved on. She wouldn't have become obsessed with him and ultimately, killed him violently and then gone to a new guy's house.


Motive changes everything. Ever been surprised to learn someone's motive?

Upgrade Day! Yosemite...

I'm trying to change the cover on my Facebook author page, but I discovered none of my software will work with the programs because I haven't upgraded to Yosemite. So like it or not, I'm upgrading. I hope. I'm always a little leery of Apple's first products. I am definitely not an early adopter. I like them to work the bugs out.

Most of my writer friends have already upgraded, and the biggest issues seem to be with a printer. Which is fine because I don't currently have a printer. My son took it over for his homework. So we're good here.


In the meantime, I will pay my house taxes and read what's going on in the world of "I will stick my head-in-the-sand news." Stuff like Jennifer Lawrence has broken up with Chris Martin, apparently because he was canoodling with his almost ex-wife, Gwyneth Paltrow.

This may be just my own warped view of Gwynnie, but I don't think she's ever going to let another woman into Chris Martin's life. She won't have him, but neither will anyone else. I just think she's not a woman you easily extract from your life. Like I said, it could be me...but J. Law was too young for that kind of baggage anyway. When it comes to relationships, three's a crowd.

What are you all doing this fine day? I need to plan a trip, I'm getting restless. This city is almost unbearable with traffic from the new Apple building -- oh and I met a woman last night who said the new apartments near the new Apple building are STARTING at $3900 for a two bedroom/two bath, and they go up to $7,000 for a three bedroom. IN RENT!! There is too much money here and not enough soul. I need to go to a place that appreciates art and meaningful connection. Costa Rica maybe. Of course I'd never see my son, he's afraid of sloths. Like they're going to catch him!!


@TaylorSwift13 hints she's holding out for a Real Man: Pay attention girls!

Taylor Swift hasn't had a date in 18 months. Why do I care? Because a lot of girls really look up to Taylor and she dated some real losers. I mean, John Mayer people! I wouldn't date John Mayer and I'm not a catch like Taylor. I like to see that she's taking time off to find herself and when she figures it out, hopefully, she'll be dateable and attracting the RIGHT sort of man. Man, not boy. I think anyone coming off a string of dating disasters needs to take that time to figure out why they're attracting this sort.


People need to give her a break. She's lived nearly her whole life in the public eye. Would you want every bad dating disaster you ever had played out on the world stage? There are a few guys I wish weren't on my dating "roster" and I'm glad no one cared that I dated said loser. And grateful there was no Internet to show the insufferable pictures of me dressed like one of them in a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt.

Didn't you have to kiss a few frogs until you met Mr. Right? Okay, maybe not if you're a Dugger. And as far as writing about it -- she's an artist. That's how she processes and moves on and while John Mayer's Paper Doll did the same thing as did Ed Sheeran, no one calls them unstable.

Taylor just takes so much flack, but you know what? She's rich. She's beautiful. And she's clearly smart enough to make it in a cutthroat business without defiling herself on a regular basis (I'm talking to you Nicki Minaj!)

I think at Taylor's age, to take time off from dating and figure out what she wants is very mature. I hope her Darcy is out there waiting...and in the meantime, she can console herself with awesome handbags and amazing clothes in her mansioin. Not a bad gig if you can get it.



Well, that was disappointing for me...

Death Comes to Pemberley reminded me why I don't read fan fiction. And that's nothing against the book's author or Masterpiece for trying. But when you have beloved characters, it's hard when you see things you don't think would really happen in their future. Though I get the reason you need some of these events to make it a murder mystery. It's just not for me. If I sound freakishly obsessive, you will now come to understand why I do not read works based on Austen. Unless it's an homage like Austenland or Bridget Jones's Diary, not taking the main characters in a different direction. This is why I'm a nerd.


For example:

Only Fitzwilliam, Jr. for Elizabeth and Darcy? You don't think Elizabeth and Darcy wouldn't have had a few by then? And come on, all that female Bennet genetic makeup and they have one boy? (I realize children get in the way of a good script.)


Wickham would never be invited to Pemberley. Ever. (EDIT: I've been told that he wasn't invited. I clearly wasn't paying enough attention!) Especially not with Georgiana there and even with war hero status. Darcy protects his women. Though I'm willing to forgive this one because he was played by Matthew Goode.

There were more reasons, but I kind of lost interest. Maybe if the ghost were real...

I'm just not a murder mystery person, I guess. I turned it off.

Don't forget, "Death Comes to Pemberley" tomorrow on #MasterpiecePBS:

I'm just a little excited to see this. I don't generally read books based on Austen (Bridget Jones's Diary being the exception) but I'm very anxious for the movie version of this. So far, I like the casting from what I see. Matthew Goode is Wickham. I just watched him in "Leap Year" and he's just fantastic. I also loved him in "Brideshead Revisited" -- I own that one like the nerd I am.

Anyway, anyone else having a full court press with Masterpiece (Paradise, then Darcy?) or am I the only one who is not watching the World Series -- even though my team is in it. Go Giants!


Life is an experience -- live it to the full!

So yesterday, I bought my daughter tickets to see 5SOS, Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato, etc. The tickets weren't on sale until today, but I figured out how to get the code to buy early because I never want to miss a life experience.


I know that there are lots of things to spend your money on, but my priority is always to make a memory. 5SOS will be a memory. Probably not for me, but for my daughter.

My girlfriend got engaged today, so Elle and I will be traveling to Florida soon to be in the wedding party. And I get to pick my own dress, so I'll have no one to blame but myself if it's ugly.


I was watching "Say Yes to the Dress" the other day and my son said, "How many dresses did you try on?"

"One. They made me try on two more, but I bought the first dress."
"Who went with you?"
"My mom."
"Who else?"
"No one else, just my mom and me."
"So why do you like this show?"

Because I like watching people have a life experience. It's interesting to me. Granted, I don't get why a wedding gown should cost what a car does, but that's their life experience choice, not mine. And let's just say, having a lot of money for your choices isn't always the best case scenario.


What do you enjoy spending your money on? Good food? Good events? A beautiful home? Crafts? Books? Cars? Handbags? (Ahem!)