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My New Baby: Apple MacAir

Confession: This is my third Air. I'm kind of hard on them, so I decided rather than the small one, I'd get the 13-inch this time. I thought long and hard about the MacBook, but I knew the square edges would bug me as I'm pounding on the keys. We live basically beside the Apple campus, so there are a lot of Apple stores around me. Valley Fair, Los Gatos, Palo Alto, Stanford Mall...I decided on the Stanford Mall. It's tucked in between Neiman Marcus and the Coach & Louis Vuitton store. I feel very practical when I go spend that amount on a product that allows me to make money rather than a handbag. See? Totally practical.


I'd never been in this store, but it was beautiful. It has glass ceilings. I felt like I was in "Charlie & the Chocolate Factory" with all its wonder. It took me a long time to decide (much to my daughter's chagrin, but you know Brandy Melville AGAIN can wait!)


The whole experience almost makes me want to forget Apple's traffic mess down here in Cupertino that makes my Starbucks virtually inaccessible. Almost.

I bought a FireWire and had everything transferred in a matter of minutes. So now, I am without excuse. Tomorrow, I will fly through the Bachelorette blog (my keyboard was really bad, the space key didn't work, so it took me forever to type anything!)

Oh and a final note to Chase -- who turned down my credit card twice. Then, five minutes later sends me a "CHASE FRAUD ALERT!" Seriously? It wasn't even that much. They can't CALL me rather than turn my credit card down? I just transferred money and did it on the debit card. But that's annoying, isn't it? I buy a lot of stuff at Fry's, Apple and Best Buy -- sometimes, it's only like $40 and Chase turns down my credit card. There has to be a better way to fight fraud than annoy your customers, doesn't there?

Chris Soules should have picked Britt #TheBachelor

Thanks to Jamie Lynn, who let me know that Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff had broken their engagement.


I'm not surprised. I never liked her for him and I thought she was too career-minded to live in a small town and be a farmer's wife. I also thought that Chris made his decision practically and that is never a good choice for a man. He should be in love, to the point where it's a stupid choice. (Yes, that's the romantic in me!) And I think Britt looked like the "stupid" choice, but I think she really loved him.

I think they would have made each other happy in their little farm life. I think he and Whitney both wanted the same things, but not each other. I also thought Whitney was really competitive and wanted to win. I'm not sure she actually wanted Chris.


It really made me lose respect for Chris when he dropped Britt -- because I think he was influenced. I don't think it's what HE wanted to do, and I can't respect that. Of course, Britt acted like a petulant child in that episode, but she's young and I think she really wanted Chris, but was unsure about the future in Iowa. This is all an outsider's opinion. Who knows what really goes on with editing, etc. But I think Chris and Whitney enjoyed the simple things in life, and there's nothing better than being able to just be WITH the person you love and not actually have a flurry of activity.

I'm not sad about Whitney, other than breakups are hard, and I wish them both the best, but I do think it was inevitable.

This child is so me...

You know how you see your worst traits in your kids? This is my daughter. Stubborn as all get-out. She had to post a video for school on her Google docs, but it would not add because she had an Austin Mahone song on it. Well, she is not giving up the Austin Mahone song for nothing! Even if her homework isn't complete. Because it's not "right." Which I totally get. I have fought with many an editor over such details.

I also noticed she left Seth off of her family because Seth is her Ferris Bueller. Except for the country love, this girl is mine. Her reality is the only reality. LOL


Will work for tickets!

I don't even want to add up what I've spent on tickets for this summer. I just bought more Manchester U tickets (verses, the Earthquakes -- which for some reason is at UC Berkeley??)

You know how you're attracted towards things you're naturally good at? I'm really good at getting awesome seats at concerts/shows. I want other people to have these great experiences.


This morning in the presale, I didn't want to lose good seats by panicking over the prices like I did for Manchester U vs. FC Barcelona. And I was doing it on my phone, so I couldn't really tell if I was getting the best seats or not. But they were expensive. Okay, I told myself. If my son doesn't want to work for those tickets, I can sell them. Right? (A shopoholic must self-soothe with self-talk and justifications.)

I told him the cost. He balked. (He's in Greece right now.) But then, I told him he's in the front row on the field. Seriously? he asks. Who loves you, baby?

So for summer, I have great tickets for:
San Jose Earthquakes vs. Americas (Mexican team and a favorite of my son's.)
One Direction
Manchester United vs. San Jose Earthquakes
Manchester United vs. FC Barcelona
5 Seconds of Summer

You know how many I'm going to? You guessed it. None. I just pay for them. My boss is taking us all to the Giants' game this summer though. I can people watch and have a crab sandwich. : )


Oh, and speaking of sports, my daughter ran into Stephen Curry at Santana Row. Said he was really nice. If you don't know who he is, check this out:


The New Calendars are Here! The New Calendars are Here! #LillyPulitzer

For those of you not old enough to remember, that's a reference to "The new phone books are here!" from the classic, "The Jerk."


If you are too young to remember that, then you still fit into Lilly Pulitzer, and more power to you! I know they are in trouble for "fat shaming" on their office walls, but it's a simple fact that you have to be skinny to wear Lilly. Incidentally, I can't wear Lilly anymore, but that's fine because I saw a lot of lollipop-headed ladies in Florida, who can wear Lilly Pulitzer at a ripe age -- but there are other issues that go along with being older and scrawny.

I have different issues. I earned this body. And I like dessert. Now, I have to buy Lilly Pulitzer agendas. I used to buy matching Mommy & Me clothes for my daughter, but she finds Lilly tacky. As many people do. I am not one of them. Obviously. The colors and designs make me happy.


So it's only May. I don't actually need a calendar yet. My current Lilly Pulitzer agenda runs until December, but my fingers are getting itchy.

#TheBachelorette Finally

I am making my way through the Bachelorette, but it is hard-going. I'm still having trouble telling one guy from the next, so forgive me, but my attention wanders.

The comedy night was enjoyable watching Amy Schumer take down J.J. -- there's nothing better than watching someone who needs a healthy dose of humility eat humble pie. Amy served it up.


I didn't get the underwater date. That was weird, but Kaitlyn used it as an opportunity to kiss another guy. As far as she's concerned this is the salad bar of dating, and she's going to taste everything.

Now, onto Tony, who is a "healer" -- since he's probably not an Anime character, I'm going to assume he does some kind of New Age job. He tells Kaitlyn he was afraid of her. "Why?" she asks. (Because I'm ugly and have never had a girlfriend -- just kidding, that was my daughter's answer for him.) For a guy who is so in touch with listening to signs from the universe, he is apparently deaf about their "connection." I think the universe should send lightning next time. He gets into a long conversation with himself about how interesting he is. It's a level he's been craving. Let me translate. "I do all the talking and she just looks at me like I'm nuts and I discern this as love and admiration. We're all good here!"


Now, there's a single dad who says, "I want to know everything about you." Does that creep anyone else out? I would hate a guy saying that to me. You know, chill dude. He has a 3 year old daughter and I don't know his name. Oh, it's J.J. The guy who got schooled by Amy, and he gets the rose. Wow, she has some bad taste!

Then, another guy takes her outside and makes out with her. Okay, do you remember that girl in seventh grade who went outside the party with every guy? I mean, I'm having flashbacks here. This last one is Joe, and he's says it's the perfect night with the perfect person.


J.J. being the consummate jerk he seems to be enjoys watching everyone else squirm without a rose. Classic. What a catch. I would love to watch this show with his ex. I bet she could add some real insight.

I really like Ian. He's a quality human being and when he's with Kaitlyn, I like her more. So he's a front-runner for me, but my favorite is definitely the guy with the bulldogs, because I love bulldogs and he made me laugh.

Kaitlyn gets into an awkward confrontation with Kupah. They're just missing each other and don't communicate well. Next. Oh wait, no. He gets ugly. He's not emotionally balanced in my opinion -- first action is to go on the attack. Not a good sign. He. Needs. To. Stop. Talking.

But he doesn't, so he's going home. Kupah is losing his *&*&


Maybe next week, I'll have a better idea of the guys, but far, there aren't a lot of keepers.

The Bachelorette: I just can't!

I don't know what it is about the new Bachelorette, but I just don't care for her at all. She seems nice enough, though when the one guy actually focused on boxing on the STUPID boxing date (Hello, ABC, these are mostly pretty boys, why would you think it was fun to have them hit each other on a group date?) she seemed to go a little ballistic that he actually focused on something other than her.

Um, because when someone is throwing a punch at you? You sort of have to focus on not being hit. But you know, getting a concussion on a first date is always a highlight for a guy.

I didn't make it to the Amy Schumer date. I find her crass, tacky and not funny, so I'm unsure how the date played, but I wasn't motivated to watch it. She's like a guy in a woman's body.


So maybe I will finish it tonight, but I am just not hopeful for this chick finding love. What did you think?

Movies this weekend: Did you get to any?

Okay, first I have to say, I predicted that "Tomorrowland" would be a bust. George Clooney is not an actor people go to see. When my book got bought for a movie (it has yet to be made) I was told it's harder to sell if you have an actress in the role. Lead actors sell tickets. How sexist and sad. There are, of course, women who defy that -- like Sandra Bullock, for example.

But back to Clooney. He's not an actor who draws crowds. As much as I'm not a fan of Tom Cruise? The guy is a consummate movie star and he draws box office. Even if I can see how he lights up a screen. Clooney? Meh. But here's why I knew it was going to not live up to the hype. Disney was promoting this thing EVERYWHERE, but the trailer made no sense! When you can't tell me what the movie is about in a two minute trailer? You're in trouble. It usually means there is some agenda that is overshadowing story and the movie will suck. Apparently, this is what happened in Tomorrowland.


I also knew because "People" was giving it glowing reviews, and I had not heard any from other sources, so I knew they were getting paid by some Disney parent company to say it was the movie of the summer. Yawn. Apparently not.

We were going to see "Poltergeist" last night. You know, the theater here was playing the old one, and I totally wanted to go to that one. In the end, we couldn't agree on a time, and didn't see either. My daughter went with her friends. She said it wasn't scary and relied on jump scares and didn't live up to the first one's story. That doesn't surprise me. I still want to see it though.

Just because the first one was so traumatizing for me. LOL


What I did go to see is "Far from the Madding Crowd" again. I cannot wait to own this one. It's just my favorite story, and I made my eldest son go with me. In high school, I made him read "Jude the Obscure" and he's aware of my love affair with Hardy.


I thought he'd enjoy it for the history and the landscape. He did, but he didn't like Bathsheba (not a surprise) but she is my favorite heroine because she is pretty unworthy of love, and it's a great analogy for Christ's love for us. She just keeps messing up, and Gabriel is there to catch her. Love that.

So did you see any movies this weekend?

#TheBachelorette A Week Late!

I finally watched the second half of last week's Bachelorette (since y'all said you wasted three hours of your life you'd never get back, I decided to waste only one!)

The majority of bachelors picked Kaitlyn over Britt. Why? I'm missing the charm of her, but then I'm not a hunky Bachelor looking for love, so there you have it. Maybe she will grow on me.


Oh gosh, Nick Viall is back. I'm sorry, but he is Seth Greenwood from my Ashley Stockingdale books, and as such, I just can't bear to watch him intensely focus on yet another Bachelorette. There's something very menacing about him to me. I'm sure he's a nice guy and it's my issue with him, but I totally have an issue with him and I'm not glad he's back.


So the previews seem to focus all on the fact that our Bachelorette lost control and slept with one of the bachelors before the "fantasy suites." I still like to think they just talk in the fantasy suite. But whatever.

I think Kaitlyn seems too immature for a long-term relationship, so maybe Nick would be right for her. Anyway, here we go...

So far, it's not happening. She narrates things -- as if she needs gentle reminders.
"I'm the Bachelorette!"
"It's game on for me. Let's get to know these guys."
"A weight is just lifted off my shoulders."

Then, she makes out with someone. Then, she gives another guy the "first impression" rose and makes out with him. I don't know why she's going to bother having a rose ceremony. She should just line them all up, kiss them and pick. I mean, it seems that shallow. I'm hoping there's a deep well under all that.

In the midst of the rose ceremony all the guys who voted for Kaitlyn whine that the other guys who voted for Britt don't deserve a rose. Like this is fair. Of course it's fair. All is fair in love and war. : )

Ultimately, Kaitlyn just feels like a complete flake to me and I'm not really rooting for her. I hope she improves with the episodes.

Brady left because he chose Britt -- probably a wise move to go with his first instinct.

Obnoxious Luggage

I have a thing for obnoxious suitcases. Nearly every time my luggage comes rolling off the carousel, people turn to look and see who it belongs to. These are my past bags.


This is a Jansport. It was my all-time favorite, but it got destroyed by everyone else using it in the family. You'd think the MEN in my life would be too embarrassed to use this bag, but you'd be wrong. Because they are engineers and they are cheaper than they are self-conscious. So it's toast. This made me sad.


I'm not big into animal print, but I wanted to try the Heys brand, and I found it pretty cheap at T.J. Maxx. For me, it didn't hold up. I check my luggage all the time because I'm lazy and I want to get a seat in the front of the plane (those overheads are the first to go!) So yeah, this one didn't last long.

So today, I went looking for this bag. It's cute. Subtle, but still obvious. And yet, they don't make it in the big size. I've decided since I always check my luggage anyway and have plenty in check-on size (because I have one for each kid) that I didn't need another small case. Too bad, because this is cute and findable without being obnoxious.


This however, is clearly lacking in good taste. It's bold. Kind of tacky and not all that attractive. But it's cute, and I hope it lasts as long as my Jansport did.


And it came with a monkey. Sold!~


Here's the monkey, which is not in fact, a monkey because it has no tail. I guess it's an ape. Who sucks his thumb!