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Ann Rule -- One Tough Lady, One Great Writer

Ann Rule passed away on Sunday and my heart is so sad. We have lost so many great writers in the last few years -- most of my favorites. Maeve Binchy, Colleen McCollough, and now, Ann Rule.


I'm not a "true crime" kind of reader. I can't stand reading about evil and knowing how it exists among us. It makes me sad. I'm an INFP, we try to bury our heads from such awful truths. But Ann Rule's books weren't about blood and gore -- though I can still see that one scene in my head where the two toddler twins left footprints from their mother's blood after her ex-husband killed her. (Terrible scene!) Ann Rule's books were about people and injustice and what happens when evil creeps in among innocent, unsuspecting people that could be anyone.

Ann was a former cop who had an amazing ability to capture the humanity of victims and bring them to life -- so that you the reader felt the loss with their families. That is a gift. It's giving a voice to victims. She let us know that evil comes in pretty packages and that it can be right near you. (She actually worked beside Ted Bundy and had no idea -- and she was a police officer!)


Anyway, she got me to read every book she wrote in a genre I wasn't interested in, so I will miss her talents greatly. May she rest in peace.

#TheBachelorette -- Pet Peeve #1

Okay, I really despise when Bachelors/Bachelorettes say, "It was always him/her."

This time, it is far more difficult to buy this line -- as we know Kaitlyn did not act like a woman in love with one man. Yet, there she is, saying it on the cover of "People" magazine.


This girl just annoys me. I hope they're happy. I hope they make it and prove us all wrong, but wow, she's a piece of work. It's like she has this fantasy of how things really are in her head, and we're all supposed to believe it.

Being a "Real Housewife!" #RHONY

If anything will make you happy about a boring life as a "regular" card-carrying housewife, it would have to be any of the Bravo shows featuring "real housewives." Though most of them in New York City don't even have husbands, and if they have any housewife duties, I think the cook/cleaner/nanny does it, but is the biggest reason to be grateful for your "boring" life.


1. You will not lose a tooth today, trying to rip off a young guy's shirt.
2. Your top half will not fall out of your skintight dress because you are laughing so hard.
3. You will not offend a bartender because he is "just a bartender" and not 55+, makes his own BIG money and is willing to put up with your crazy shenanigans for the pleasure of what exactly? We're not sure, but Ramona seems to think she's quite the catch. Poor blokes need not apply.


Here's what I did instead:
1. I worked on a new series proposal for books. Yes, books. I need to start writing again so I don't turn into Ramona.

2. I received the phone call stating my son arrived safely at boot camp. They read a script -- very businesslike, but I could hear the smile in his voice, he was like, "Let's DO THIS!" It fired me up to hear him. He is ready.

(He's the tall one who looks just like me.)

3. I picked up my daughter, fed the cat and entertained myself with ladies who are far more interesting than me. And perhaps less mentally healthy.

The Bachelorette Finale: I only wasted ten minutes of my life!

I fast-forwarded through everything because I really didn't care who Kaitlyn picked. I think Shawn is either not very bright, or extremely forgiving. But I wish them every happiness, I think it's awesome that he knows her skeletons and loves her anyway.


I'm not a Nick fan. I think he's extremely manipulative and SOMEHOW gets women to sleep with him, then acts like victim. I mean, dude, she slept with you too and it was a lot harder on her from a bullying standpoint, so let's get over the whole "you took something from me" crap, shall we?


I actually felt sorry for him until he started with the same ol' garbage, "So when you told me you loved me all those times." I mean, that's just to knife Shawn in the heart. Who knows if Kaitlyn ever really said those things?

The way Nick turns on you the minute he doesn't get his way scares me. I get that he had every right to be upset, but he sure backed down quick enough with Shawn, while throwing some heated barbs still at Kaitlyn. I no longer feel sorry for him. I think he's alone for a reason. Which brings me to a new favorite quote I have posted everywhere.


Also, does it creep anyone else out how he doesn't close his eyes when he kisses?

The point is, I feel like less of a person for having watched this season. It did not better me in any way, shape or form -- other than women of the world, you have been warned. You can date Nick Viall, but breaking up with him will not be easy.

The Demographic -- Ricki and the Flash

If I'm not the demographic for this movie, I don't know who is. And it looks TERRIBLE to me. First off, the idea of Rick Springfield kissing Meryl Streep turns my stomach a little. I'm not sure why, but -- oh wait. Dr. Noah Drake. This is why. It reminds me I'm old, and I need that like a hole in the head.


This movie has everything I love: Music, family dynamics, drama, comedy.

I should love it, but from the moment I saw the trailer in the movie, "Love & Mercy" I was just like, ick. I'm sure it will do fine. Meryl is in it, of course. But can someone please tell that woman she can't sing and she needs to have a voice double? Did we not learn anything from "Mama Mia?"


Trey and I are going to see "Mr. Holmes" this weekend. Thanks to "Lord of the Rings" Trey is a huge Ian McKellan fan -- and he's really getting into "Masterpiece" with his Mama. There is hope.


This is what life is all about: Love & Family Adoption/Special Needs Edition


If you can watch this video without crying, check yourself for a pulse. I just love people who see a family where there isn't one. Who adopt because they feel a special calling that someone is missing from their family. As the sister of a special needs' brother, I know how much extra effort it takes. (My brother is still at home at 53 years' old.) So it is more than your standard 18-year commitment. It it saying you will love for a lifetime regardless of the cost. I love that the family knows they're not doing anyone any favors -- that they will be blessed. This is a beautiful story of what life is all about.

The Bachelorette Finale

I didn't watch "The Men Tell All." I tried, but I didn't care. Now, there's a "news" article, and yes, I use that word loosely, that Kaitlyn waits until the runner-up is on one knee before dumping him. That should surprise no one.

I must say, I love Kaitlyn's dress for the finale.


The runner-up then proclaims, "What the -- " and bolts. Which leads me to believe it's Nick. Because I think Shawn would be surprised, but I don't think he'd act that way. (Badly) In Nick's defense, getting dumped twice on national television can't be fun. Let's be honest, this relationship probably isn't going to go the distance either way, so does it really matter?

On a happier note, Bill Hader was on "Watch What Happens Live" last night, and I so love him. I just don't get Amy Schumer's comedy and I'm not a fan of them together. But if it brings us more Bill Hader, I guess that is the price we must pay. He was also on with Judd Apatow. I think Amy and Judd's humor is just not for me.


Do you care who Kaitlyn picks? Who do you think it will be?

Mohammed Haddid should take note: Karma catches up with you.

This story seems like it's about a terrible bully with no morals. And I suppose it is, but ultimately, it's about a person who believes themselves free of consequences and the bigger issue is that the government lets these monsters get away with it.

Mohommed Haddid is building another tacky monstrosity in LA to sell to some rich oil man from another country -- no doubt. It is 67 feet high. That's 31 feet over the building codes. (This is a pic from the house below him.)

Tell me, why isn't construction being stopped? The poor neighbor below him will tell you they haven't stopped building. I'm no structural engineer, but this house clearly doesn't have enough stable ground as foundation underneath it, and when it falls in the next mere 5.0 earthquake, will the government hold its city planners accountable?

I'm not worried about Haddid himself. He'll get his in the end. No one lives a life completely void of human emotions for others and gets away with it.

We had this same issue with a faulty developer and the corrupt Nevada County Building Department did absolutely NOTHING about it. I'm sure LA is the same way. They get paid off somehow and these monster houses get built without holding developers accountable for rules the rest of us have to follow.

I hold the city responsible or this, not Haddid. Haddid is a snake. That's how I expect him to act. But the city planners are getting paid to look out for the future of a community and clearly, that is not happening. Corruption at its worst.

And Tommy Dorsey was the bomb. Check out Haddid's neighbor when she was young and beautiful. You know, like his daughter now. I hope someone doesn't come along and treat her like that in the future.


It sounds like Haddid keeps transferring ownership of the property to confuse the government and hide illegal activity. Time to take away his building license.

The Future is so Bright...

I'm nearly done in Silicon Valley -- and I can hardly wait. Elle hates it here, and I've begun to, so we're planning to move when my son graduates. The great thing about writing is that you can do it from anywhere. But it's best to be inspired.

So we started listing what we want. Elle wants nature, rain (she loves it, go figure) and to not be in a world where everyone strives to be an engineer. I just have to say I was watching a video my high school put together and it still looks like a complete blast. I had so much fun in high school. I don't know if that's possible here where everyone is only thinking of the future.


You actually have to have fun and be present too. Why is that so hard to understand? Anyway, we started looking at Washington. Lots of rain. Starbucks was founded there, so it is not a dry state. And Nordstrom as well, so my feet will be warm and well-dressed. It's close to the airport so I can still travel as needed. So it's a distinct possibility. (I also have many writing friends up there, so that would be nice.) But doesn't this look like something out of "Murder She Wrote?" We also found the perfect little house we can afford.

And it has a volcano. Bonus! I'm a little worried about the storms. Generally, if it rains in California, we don't leave the house. And if we do, the roads are a mess because we're basically weather idiots.


But here's the main draw for me to a rain state. Unlimited baths.


It's nice to be able to define a different future. What would yours include?

Mom's Yearbook: Horrifying Discoveries

My kids were staying at my mother's house. I guess they came across my high school yearbooks while there. What did they do with this information?

First off, my Jonah was horrified at how much he looks like me. I'm basically him in a cheerleading skirt. That did not sit well with him. He has seen his future.

Then, they looked up "hot guys" with my daughter, then looked them up on Facebook to see if they aged well. I'll let you decide how "hot" eighteen-year old translates to someone that age when they are now nearing 50.

Let this be a lesson to you. Stay away from your parents' yearbook. No good can come from this.