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The Ultimate Handbag Experience: Burberry

I got paid for three jobs this week, and I'd decided with one set of royalties, I was going to splurge and get myself a genuine designer bag without worrying about the money. (Okay, I worried a little bit!) However, working all these jobs this year, I paid for car insurance, BIG cell phone bills for our bajillion children and college tuition. Newsflash: Those aren't fun bills and I decided after my family went to Japan, I was going to splurge on a REAL handbag.

I went to Prada, but nothing jumped out at me. I thought they looked like a more expensive version of the bags I always carry. I went to Louis Vuitton and there were nice bags -- a lot of them -- but I didn't see any that were unique enough for my tastes.

The Cartier was beautiful, but it looked too classy for me. I was also too afraid to go into St. Laurent. So Burberry. I went in and I looked all around. The first thing that caught my eye is that the bags are all the perfect size. They're not too big. They're not too small. I was originally interested in the leather ones with the Burberry plaid on the sides, but when I held it, it just didn't seem like me.

Surprisingly the "Me" one wasn't leather. The leather on it is incredible, as are the finishes. It's also more casual than most high-end bags and I love that. After I bought it, they put it in a special felt bag, then a giant, heavy, gold-embossed box and tied a bow around it. Then, they put that box into a beautiful gold-embossed bag and tied it with a boy (Edit: Bow. Although, a boy would be a bonus to you youngins!) It was just the perfect experience for me, and I'm so happy I finally bit the bullet. I'm too afraid to actually take it out of its pretty box.

I did change my wallet over to match. So at some point...



VMAs 2015 -- Don't do drugs, kids!

You remember Nancy Reagan's "Just Say No" campaign? I don't think that's necessary today. Just allow your kids to watch the untreated mental illness fiesta that is, the VMA's. First off, Miley changed from one ratchet outfit into another throughout the night and I thought, way to keep it classy, Miley. She got called out by an angry, scary Nicki Minaj (who I had really hoped would have gone away by now.) Personally, I thought Miley handled this well.


Then, Kanye (and can we just give kudos to the cameraman who kept the camera on Kanye when Taylor Swift won again over Beyonce?) got up and made a speech. I don't know if he really understood the concept of the evening, but in his mind, it was to give some rambling sermon about heaven-knows-what and then announce he's running for president in 2020. Why not at this point?

Music. Video. It all took a backseat to the soup of crazy that is our music industry today. Gosh, I'm so grateful for indies. We didn't get to see "5SOS" which is why we were watching, so I suppose we'll be forwarding through tonight. That show really makes me believe in the law of attraction though. : )

Mean People SUCK!

I'm venting. You may want to avoid this blog for your own health. But I just have to say, that mean people suck and I'm so over dealing with them. You know what, mean people? Most people don't make mistakes as a personal affront to you, oh perfect one.

I took a temporary job that is not looking as temporary as I'd hoped and basically, I listen to people WHINE all day. Let's ask ourselves a question, shall we? Does Kristin listening to whining and moaning about simple problems SOUND like something I should be doing? I mean, maybe in high school. But NOW? No. Now I should be writing, only when I get home, I'm so over people talking at me, I have no creativity left in my head. So while I tried to be nice, I ended up being very cruel to myself, and I am not good at self-mutilation.

Here's the problem with me in a customer service job. I can take a lot of crap, but at some point, and we never know when that will be, I'm going to lose it. As I did this morning -- on a soul who deserved it, but nonetheless, I'm not proud of my actions.

Here's my major pet peeve. I cannot take it when people don't want to fix things. They just want to blame someone. Fine, give me the blame, I don't care. Just FIX the problem. You don't get to come in here and yell at me for ten minutes about the mistake I allegedly made -- when in truth, you hold equal burden for not telling me you called a service company I know nothing about. So yeah, I look ignorant. Could that be because you kept me in the dark? Regardless, this doesn't fix anything and if you want to just tell me it's my fault over and over again after I've already apologized, that only brings my Italian heritage bubbling up to the surface. And ask my kids, no one wants to see that.

Here's the good part of this day. I am never. Ever. Never. taking a job where I have to work with people. I don't particularly LIKE people. I'm an introvert and I'd rather work with the imaginary people in my head. The rest of you, can go jump in a lake! Okay, I'm done. Now I am bailing on the rest of this crap day and getting a pedicure.

Anyone care to question that decision? Go ahead...make my day. LOL

For now, I'm going to plan my writing retreat. Which probably needs to come sooner rather than later...


Yes, I'm Wearing my Adam Ant Jacket!

My daughter hates my "Adam Ant" jacket. It's black with silver embellishments and buttons. It's a little obnoxious, I'll give her that. But I LOOOVE it. And it makes me happy. Isn't that what matters in life?

Our conversation:

"You're not wearing that out, are you?" Distinct teenage eye roll follows.
"Totally. I'm totally wearing it out."
"Aren't you worried the people at Starbucks will think you're crazy?"
"Not at all. You say that like it's a bad thing if they think I'm crazy."
"It is a bad thing, Mom."
"I love this jacket!"
"It needs to go."
"Will you take my picture in it?"
"Never. You look like a crazy person."

Perhaps, I do, but does she not get how much MORE joy it brings me that my jacket annoys her? She apparently has not caught onto this fact. You know, I could buy a real one with gold embellishments. I think she should count herself lucky. And I don't really dance in the grocery store anymore, so that's a marked improvement.


Kim Zolziak-Biermann on Dancing with the Stars #DWTS

Okay, I know that I shouldn't probably love Kim Zolziak. She hasn't exactly lived the Christian life, but I love her. I love how genuine she is, and yet how unbelievably vain/shallow she is with all her plastic surgery. I love her kids and their brutal honesty. She's just all kinds of messed-up and I think that we all are as human beings. She's just more straightforward about it.

In other words, I'll be watching this season to watch Kim.

My personal trainer is the same way. He's like 6'4" and an up-and-coming UFC fighter -- so he'll have a black eye once in a while, or a pulled calf muscle, etc. But then, he writes this beautiful, heartfelt poetry. Those things don't go together.

Kim being a full-on, loving, co-dependent mother and yet vain as he**, plus talking like a sailor don't get together. Yet that is who she is. I also see her as a success story of sorts -- overcoming being someone's mistress to quickly becoming the wife of a husband who truly loves her and four kids in quick succession.

What can I say? I'd rather see someone honest about their flaws than a fake Christian like Josh Duggar putting on a show. To me, she's like the woman at the well in modern times.


Comet: The Movie

My SIL recommended a movie to me and I watched it yesterday on Netflix. It's called "Comet" and it's not an easy movie to understand. It jumps all over time, and you only get hints as to who the male lead truly is, but I thought it was well-done. Subtle. It's rated "R" and I'm not sure I'd recommend it -- especially if you don't have narcissists in your life, but if you do, this is a good one to let you know that your universe actually does exist.


The Cost of Parenting a Fangirl

Elle has been a HUGE Austin Mahone fan from the beginning. Then, she got into 5 Seconds of Summer. Finally, after reading a fanfiction, she started up on One Direction. Here's the thing. They are ALL playing together here and I am currently Mom of the year because I just secured presale tickets. I am late for work in doing so, but I mean, this is the SuperBowl of teen girl concerts. You can't miss out on that, am I right?

I mean, for me, it's like Adam Ant, Howard Jones, the Psychedelic Furs and Queen all playing together.

They are not my usual greatest seats. Stupid One Direction announcing their breakup before the event did not help that. Boys, I'm here to tell you. This is your shot. Sure, you can go on and do other things, but to break up now...I don't know. Look at history, would you? I guess when you're rich enough to do what you want, you do what you want.

Okay, I just had to let off some steam. That was stressful. LOL

Let's talk about something happy: What's your favorite burger?

We have a recurring argument in our house. It's about where to go for burgers. We have lots of options around here and sometimes, I'm grateful. Other times not so much because it causes great strife.

Elle is all about "In 'n Out" all the time. She would eat there morning, noon and night if we'd let her. The noise of this restaurant gets me, and I can't stand to eat there. It's too noisy. I'm like a dog. Don't disturb me during my meal. We usually eat outside if we go there. The burgers are great, but I like a spicier burger.


The Counter is good, but really expensive. I LOVE their fries -- and you can drink there, so it's usually packed. People love a burger with their beer. Not me, but people. At least they offer the hot stuff.

Sr 28

Jonah's favorite is Chili's and Armadillo Willy's. He and I have similar tastes, so we like AW especially because of the Cajun Fries.


Cajun Fries, which brings us to 5 Guys. I'm a huge fan of 5 guys. They always have 80's classic rock playing, so that's another bonus.


Which brings me to another favorite: Smashburger

The great thing about Smashburger is that you can get fried pickles. I don't know if you've ever had a fried pickle, but they are near to heaven. My kids won't eat them. But they will go for the free burger and a milkshake. Their milkshakes are amazing according to Seth, ice cream connoisseur. They also have a really great spicy chicken salad that is incredible.


Which brings us to Islands -- my least favorite, but Trey likes the place. He gets a teriyaki burger. Anyway, our family is clearly a bunch of carnivores. Do you have a favorite burger spot?

RHONY: Kristen Taekman

I'm almost afraid to open the news these days. It's really terrible all the way around, but today I'm going to focus on Kristen Taekman. She is so beautiful and sweet. I could not BEAR when her husband came on the screen. He treated her with such contempt that I just wanted to smack him from the other side of the screen. Hearing that he was on Ashley Madison is not a surprise to many, but I am so sad for her. I cannot imagine what it's like to learn that the audience was right all along. You didn't actually see some special side of your husband that other's didn't. THEY saw the truth. (They called him a D***bag after every episode and Kristen defended him on social media.)

I think that's the biggest betrayal. Learning that your defense of someone you loved was a lie, that he wasn't who he said he was. When she would nudge him about the fact that he was never home, he'd always turn it on her -- it was because she didn't make dinner. It was always her fault, and I find that a huge character flaw.


She was way out of his league to begin with and now, what a mess. This is Josh's quote after the story broke:

'I signed up for the site foolishly and ignorantly with a group of friends and I deeply apologize for any embarrassment or pain I have brought to my wife and family. We both look forward to moving past this and getting on with our lives.'

I'm sure he does want to just move on with their lives. Does anyone else hear that veiled, 'Let me tell you how it's going to be' attitude. I hope they can move forward, but not unless he really gets it. Kristen, you can't fix someone who thinks there is nothing wrong with him. Ask any wife of any type of addict. It's a lesson in futility.

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I think I love this woman...

First off, you should know that my mom is the antithesis of me. She is calm, straightforward, a fantastic cook and so, so very neat and clean. Order follows her like her unforgiving shadow. Let's just say we don't exactly know where I hailed from. So she has this friend -- someone I've never heard of before, but as my mom is relaying this story, she is giggling. My mother is giggling! I decide I must know this woman because she makes my mom giggle.

First off, the woman is a lawyer -- so she's obviously educated and smart, but like Ashley Stockingdale, she is missing something in the practicality arena. I'm going to call her Amy. So Amy is hosting a party for the girls, and when my mom arrives, Amy gasps excitedly, "Oh I'm so glad you're here! I thought I might have had the wrong night and I made my bed! I never make my bed unless I'm having company."

I love her already. But that's not the end. My mom and I bought "The Wahl's Protocol" which is a book about a multiple sclerosis diet that cured Dr. Terry Wahl of primary progressive MS (the worst kind.) My mom and I both get the book, but I don't get to it right away. My mom called me and said, "Oh Kris, don't read it. We'd rather be dead than do this diet. Organ meats three times a week!"

She's right. But Amy thinks it's worth a try and she wants to host a club doing the "Wahl Protocol." She says they can get together and share recipes. My mom tries to relay why this is funny, but she cannot get it out, she is giggling so much.

"Kris, she can't really cook."

But she's a lawyer. She can do what she sets her mind to, right?"

"One time, she tried to bake bread for her husband, and she didn't know to let the dough rise, so it rose his stomach. He had to go to the hospital!"

I may not be the best cook, but I haven't sent anyone I loved to the hospital just yet. The nice thing about the Wahl's protocol is that it's gluten-free, so her husband would be safe from homemade bread.

That is something you're never going to live down. I think I've found my soulmate. Stuff happens to her and I have to know her.