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Kristin as Exercise Motivation: Or What's Wrong with this Picture?

Today, I had my trainer, and he told me that he gets a lot of excuses and he uses me as motivation for why people should show up to the gym. I have to say, I find this hysterical because I absolutely HATE going to the gym. You know how people get a runner's high and feel great after working out? I don't get that. I am just annoyed.

But he tells them, "I have a client with MS and she doesn't complain. She's here every week and works her butt off."

Okay, here's the truth. I go to the trainer because I know if I just joined a gym, I would never go. I'd be like, yeah, tomorrow. But having a trainer, I have to be there or I have to pay for it. Someone is meeting me. It's like an appointment and I knew if left up to me, I'd never go. So I pay someone to make sure I'm there. But I like that he gives me credit where it isn't due. It motivates me. How ironic is that?


ABC's Quantico

This show is getting a lot of buzz, but I have to say, I'm not watching it for a reason. And if I'm wrong, I will totally admit it. But when I saw the commercial and that ONE OF THEIR OWN was a terrorist, I thought, is there any doubt that the inside guy will be a white male? I mean, I'll be wrong. Gladly, but that's the reason I didn't watch. I figured it was just more rhetoric about how we're all evil here in America. Is anyone watching?

And we won't even address the fact that all the stars look like A & F models. America needs some realistic people on television.


Anna Dugger's Siblings Intervening to Break her Free of Josh

I love this story because as a Christian woman, I know the pressure to stay married regardless of the circumstances. And if you do get a divorce, you will feel the repercussions in the church. It will be your fault in an unspoken, judgmental way. That's been my experience with friends. So watching Anna Duggar has been hard for me. I know what her brain is telling her. She must forgive. She must make it work. She can love Josh enough. She can make him better.

She can't fix him. It's not her job to fix him.

While I don't see anyone as a lost cause, I believe this marriage is a lost cause because Josh doesn't care. At least not yet. He's not some guy who wasn't getting his needs met and fell for the charms of another woman. He was a complete dirtbag, who sought out hookers. That's not a simple "affair" to me that happens because of the problems between two people. That is an extreme character flaw of someone pretending to be someone they're not. Normal people can't live a life like that, then go to work at their ministry without being disgusted with themselves. Josh is only sorry he got caught.

So I hope Anna's family is able to talk her into leaving. If Josh wants his family back, he has a LOT Of work to do. I'd say it's not possible, but that's not up to me.
What do you think about Anna leaving?

Monday Recovery

Great weekends are hard to recover from, no? I got my Starbucks this morning, but I really feel no more prepared to go to work than I did before my coffee. That's not a good sign. I can return to full-time writing on November 1st. While I'm very excited about that, I'm most excited about setting my own schedule again. I am not good at being told what to do. Surprise, surprise.

So my fabulous weekend included watching my oldest son get his new car. (How cute is he?) He and his college roommates drove up to San Francisco and saw the sites. He also introduced them to Jesus Chicken. (Chick-fil-A)


Elle and I went antique shopping and found this:

FullSizeRender (12)

They actually had three Underwoods, but I just fell in love with this one. Incidentally, I've been in this antique store a dozen times before and they've never had one. I hit the jackpot! My great aunt told me on Facebook that she learned on one like this. I told her that was it, there was family history. I NEEDED it.

Finally, I went to CathedralFest, which was a celebration of 50 years of Cathedral of Faith (A local megachurch.) Now, I've not been to the church before, but it was held in the stadium by San Jose State and I went with my own college roommate. (I hope Trey is still friends with his when he's approaching 50!) I went to see David Pack from Ambrosia. He was incredible, but so was John Elefante from Kansas -- he sa-ng "Carry on My Wayward Son" and it was SOO good. Jamie Jones from "All-4-One" was there too. He was amazing. We ran into DeAndre Brakensick from "American Idol" on our way out. What a cute kid. The whole energy at the church celebration was so godly and fun. Good day.

Then, I was out with all my neighbors for the blood moon. Which I never did see, but I enjoyed my neighbors.

And now it's back to work. Such a letdown. But I imagine this allows me to have good weekends. Next weekend, I'm helping a friend paint her family room. That will be fun. We will giggle. : ) How's your Monday?

I'm sorry I haven't been regular about the blog. I've been writing to my son in boot camp and it's kind of overwhelming. I'm sure normal mothers don't worry so much, but this is my JoGee. I will say I was much more pro-military before my kid joined up. : )

Who's your guilty pleasure on Instagram?

Mine is Ivanka Trump. I love her sense of style, and she always looks impeccable. Her little family is darling and this is her pregnant after she's announced she's having a third. I should look so good on my best day. She just seems so effortless.


My other one, which makes me covet for days on end is Joanna Gaines from "Fixer Upper." I love her style and would even consider moving to Texas for one of their homes. They did a house recently that was giant and on the lake (more money than their usual turn) and while I'm sure they make a lot more money on the job, it was not exciting to watch. I like how they really take a home that needs to be saved and bring it back to life.



So, who do you love on Instagram? Anyone? My feed is not exciting, but neither is my life. That's why I write fiction. Instagram: ChickLitKristin

(My daughter's friend calls me that, "I love that ChickLitKristin.") That always makes me laugh.

A Publishing Dinosaur

My first novel, "Strong as the Redwood" is being repackaged by Barbour in a collection. As I signed the addendum and sent it off by snail mail, I was overcome by the nostalgia of how it USED to be in the publishing world.

13566047131896087004old typewriter2

There was no business done on email. You sent a package of your proposal and your first three chapters and you waited. And waited. And waited. You checked the mailbox everyday and nothing ever came -- until you got another rejection letter to add to your office wall.


Then, it happened. I was discovered in the "slush pile" by the great Authoress Tracie Peterson. She told the fantastic editor, Rebecca Germany, that I had potential, but I was doing it all wrong. (I read a lot of classics, so I had POV issues that went on for days!)

Because the field of Christian authors was not as large as today. And there was no ACFW to help new authors, the editor sent my full manuscript back in my "self-addressed" envelope (that usually only brought pain with it) and showed me with her beautiful red pencil how to fix it. I did and the book got published.

Today, you can get dissed by email. How convenient! But at least you know, right? Anyway, there are telltale signs that I'm still a dinosaur. I still leave two spaces after a period. My editor just corrected a whole manuscript on me this morning. But I sort of miss how slow the world moved back then. There are advantages. There are disadvantages, but the world moves so fast these days. It's nice to spend some time remembering how "it used to be."

Ryan Reynolds: "It was like a death."

This "news" story talks about how Ryan Reynolds' friend of 25 years betrayed him and tried to sell him out by selling pictures of his baby. Okay, I get it. It's a betrayal. You think you can trust someone. But a death? Nope. Did you ask your friend why he did it? Did he need money? Were you aware of what was going on in his life? Maybe it was Ryan who was the crappy friend.

I've been betrayed by friends, but they had their reason. Most stuff isn't worth breaking it off for in my opinion. People are too quick to cast off relationships in my opinion. The friend's motive would matter to me. But I find most stars having a baby utterly ridiculous. As if they are the only ones on the planet who have ever given birth. Get over yourselves. It's a baby. I'm going to guess, a Caucasian baby. It's not like her baby pictures are going to shock us.

I'll admit, this would stink, but I don't get the thrill of selling a baby picture anyway. I personally couldn't care less what baby James looks like. I would, however, like to spare the kid (a girl) that name. Just because you're cool doesn't mean your kid will be. What if she's not able to pull that name off?


Friends pull each other up when they're down. When I stopped writing, did my writing friends abandon me? They didn't. They pulled me up and walked with me through that time. I feel like he owes this friend the question, 'Why?' before he compares it to a death. And unless he's experienced the death of a close friend, he needs to shut up because THAT is what's devastating.

RIP Jackie Collins

Admittedly, I have never read a Jackie Collins' book. It's not really my thing, but hearing her on a radio show shortly before her death, I just loved how she approached life. She was out there plugging her book and sharing in the joy of her characters right until the end. What a perfect way for an author to live.


She did not dwell on the nasty reviews or people calling her a "Bonkbuster" author. She joined with her fans and enthusiastically raved about what they loved in her books. I think that is awesome. Doing what she loved until the very end. Not a bad way to go...or to live.


Oversharing 101

Yesterday, we bought a car for our son. (His grandfather was most generous and we got a great deal.) Anyway, the salesman was like every bad Facebook oversharing Facebook post rolled into one person. You know the type. They share their toenail ripped off in a big picture when you open your feed. Or, they let you know the doctor had told them their sperm count is up so that they can finally start trying for that baby! Sadly, I'm not kidding on that last one and that wasn't even the worst of what he shared. Though it was certainly the most disconcerting.


I was literally praying for him to shut up. Apparently, God did not see fit to answer this prayer. (Was I too negative?) So for three hours, I listened to him ramble on about how women were gold diggers because he drove a Mercedes. Dude, you sell cars for a living, there are no gold diggers after you. This is Silicon Valley, we can marry a nerdy millionaire in a second if we want money. (Trust me, we can make our own -- no one wants Sheldon Cooper for his cash!)


The good news is that we did get a car. The bad news is that I might never recover. As an author, I'm all for oversharing, but please, save some of that stuff for your ob/gyn. Or whatever the male equivalent is.

Another Passion: David Pack

As you probably know by now, I don't love things lightly. When I love something, I tend to go a little overboard. Please see references to Adam Ant, Colin Firth, David Crowder and Pride & Prejudice for references. Well, one of my first obsessions was David Pack from Ambrosia. I just LOVE, LOVE his voice and he's actually coming to a Christian event here locally. Life is good. Anyway, I have recruited friends to go relive my glory days. Is there anything better than the glory days and still enjoying them now? I think not. I leave you with one of my first loves. What are you doing for yourself this weekend to find your passion?


If you're still with me, I had an excellent teacher this week on personal boundaries. I realized that without writing, I'm sort of wilting like a sorry daisy. So I told my boss today that I need an end date for the full-time work. If J.K. Rowling can write her first novel on welfare (as a single mother) in a coffee shop, I can certainly start again. Hopefully, without welfare.