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Monday morning y'all? You up? Ready for the week?

Nothing harder than getting back to work after a long weekend.  That's why I came to Starbucks this morning, so I couldn't see the mountain of laundry that is wet on the floor.  (My washer died, so I need to get a new one and also find a way to dry the sopping wet clothes I have.)  That's kind of a bummer.  The last thing you want to buy at Xmas is a washing machine.  Though Elle heard the Shane Company commercial where the jeweler is blasting a man for buying his wife a vacuum and she said, "You'd love a vacuum, Mom."  I would.  I don't have much use for jewelry.

But a washing machine means laundry, not pretty straight lines in the carpet.  So I'm annoyed.  Look at this sexy, little number though.  I may be intrigued.




Elle and I spent Sunday in Nevada City.  We ate at the cafe where the Hallmark movie, "The Christmas Card" was filmed.  We had a blast!  They have some awesome consignment stores there, and Elle loves to thrift shop.  We also drove by our old lot in Nevada City where we were going to build.  It's so gorgeous, and I'm still lamenting that we sold it.  No one has built on it! 


Anyway, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. I got to talk to my Marine!  He was hiking "Verizon Hill" yesterday and I told him if he couldn't get a signal from there, I was canceling my service!  Well, he got a signal, so yay!  And all his friends were over at the house, so he got to talk to everyone.  He's leaving Tuesday for the East Coast and nine months of school.  So I may be coming to the East Coast soon.

Did anyone watch, "90 Day Fiance" last night? That show is so fun with Twitter because the people who do watch it are hardcore.  LOL  

Kardashian Drama from Nothing

I watch a lot of crap television. Not going to lie. It's usually on in the background while I write because I can't write in silence after four kids.  But I draw the line at the Kardashians.  Not judging anyone who watches it, but the commercial I saw this morning explains why.  

Kim says, "I just got tested for diabetes."

KB Here.  As does every pregnant woman in America.  You drink soda, have a sugar/glucose test.  If you have gestational diabetes, they treat it.  But with the Kardashians, Mom answers, 

"Your life could be at stake!"


I'm all for creating drama for entertainment purposes.  I sort of do that for a living, but it has to be plausible!  If Kim is at risk, it's probably for whatever she puts in that rear of hers.  Okay, that wasn't nice.  I need to go to church now.

Thankful for Great People!

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you had as wonderful a day as my family did.  We were without Jonah -- who is now a Marine and currently at Camp Pendleton.  I'm so grateful for the lovely families near the base who take in these young men and make them feel like they are at home.  I don't want to invade their privacy, so I won't show the amazing pics of this family that made my son feel like he had a real Thanksgiving.  But they, and their neighbors, live in San Clemente and took in four young Marines and treated them like part of the family.


They made my son Skype the family, so it was as if we were all together.  I know a lot of military families are much farther apart and haven't seen each other in ages, but I'm just getting used to this Marine Mom business and it is not easy.

So I am so grateful for all the volunteers who made our military feel like they got a break today.  It makes it easier to know there are kind families out there who will bring in new members.  It makes life easier as my son heads to the opposite side of the country.  

I played football today.  I'm grateful for that too.  My team is not.  They lost badly, but my son picked me to be on his team, so he's a winner.  LOL  Tomorrow is frolfing (frisbee golf) and time with friends.  Grateful.  Very grateful this year.  Incidentally, one of the moms I was playing football with, her son is off on the USS George Washington.  So next to her, I have nothing to complain about -- except this time last year, I had no idea my son was even thinking of this life!

Make the most of this weekend.  Do something kind for someone else -- I've been on the receiving end all week, and I'm overwhelmed.

Katy Perry & Taylor Swift: More bad blood?

I was just reading this article about how Katy is using the same model that Taylor Swift used in one of her videos.  So now, is there more reason for "Bad Blood?"  



Now, I know what you're thinking.  It's Thanksgiving.  They're both rich, who really cares?  Okay, I'll agree with you there, but I really wouldn't want to get into a fight with Taylor Swift.  She seems like she is the crazy ex-girlfriend or like "Single White Female."  Now, I have no idea if this is true or not, but if I were Katy, I'd find another model.  Don't fire up the mean girl crew.  And that friend group doesn't seem healthy to me, sorry.  

Mysteries at the Castle

I'm watching this show, and the story is exactly "The Count of Monte Cristo."  Lo and behold at the end, they tell you this is where Dumas got his idea.  His idea?  It's where he freaking wrote what happened.  I love that story, but who would believe someone really inherited that fortune in jail and was allowed to reinvent themselves?  Well, it happened.  While our hero was locked away here in Italy at Fort Fenestrelle.



The Fenestrelle Fort.

Castles are great settings for stories -- aren't they?  They just lend themselves to a gothic tale. But I honestly had no idea this one was true. Nor that it could be.  It inspired the author's son in a way, too, because Alexander Dumas, Jr's book, "Camille" was meant to get his father's attention for how abominably Dumas had treated his mother.  The heroine in the real tale of Fennestrelle is named "Marguerite."  The name of the heroine in "Camille."  

Truth is definitely stranger than fiction.





Madame Bovary -- Movie Versions

Madame Bovary is a hard character to love.  I mean, she's nuts.  She's driven to madness by her own selfish desires and never being fulfilled.  When love is right before her, she misses it, and keeps going after the wrong gentleman.  Marriage doesn't really get in the way of her pursuing "true love."  So she is a difficult character to put on the screen.  While moviegoers love a good rogue gentlemen (James Bond anyone) it's very hard to identify with the same in a female character.  The book allows you to understand Madame Bovary (no easy task) and so to get a movie that does it well speaks to the filmmaker's abilities.  


The last version that came out with Mia Wasikowska -- and if someone can explain the appeal to me of this actress, I'm more than willing to hear it.  I don't get it.  To me, she has, as the Bible puts it, "Dull eyes."  She is Leah.  I want Rachel in my film stars.  I digress.

So my theory is that a good author can make you understand the worst people's motives.  That is an amazing gift.  And Flaubert has it.  But if you want to see this movie so that you might understand Emmy Bovary and her descent into self-destruction, you have to see the 2000 version.  It stars Frances O'Connor -- who you might recognize as Mrs. Selfridge.  Her husband in the movie is Hugh Bonneville (Mr. Crawley) from Downton Abbey.  And her tempter is Greg Wise (Willoughby) from "Sense and Sensibility."  So the cast is magnificent.  There are a two pretty wild love scenes for a BBC production, but if you're going to watch Madame Bovary, I have to recommend you go backwards.  

I saw an ad for the bad version yesterday and I needed to reiterate not to waste your time.



See? Greg as Rodolphe is tempting. This...not so much...



J Lo -- American Music Awards #AMAs

The show just started here on the West Coast, and I'm guessing Jim Bob would not approve.  J. Lo is shaking it to -- currently to "B*** Beta Have My Money" but it's a mashup of all the current songs.  I know she started as a Fly Girl, but dang, that girl can STILL MOVE.  


Not a big fan of the outfit, but I would totally rock it if I could!  She's amazing and while I'm not a big fan, she deserves her accolades.  

Prince is still as strange as ever.  Gosh, I love him.  I love that the Weeknd gave him praise.  Way to honor those who came before you.  Now we wait.  The reason we are here:  5SOS.  Michael's hair is red again y'all.  That is news worthy of tears around here.  


I love how being a teenager makes everything so epic.  I LOVE J. Lo's first dress.  She is 46.  Pay attention Ariana Grande.  This is how it's done. 



Daughter says we're done.  "I hate award shows.  You can't skip and if someone you don't like, wins, you're totally angry. It's like football for men."  Okay then.

Lauren Bush -- Baby/House Love

Lauren Bush is married to David Lauren -- which makes her Lauren Lauren. Love that.  David is Ralph Lauren's son, so clearly this family has some bank.  They've just had a baby boy, James.  And he is beautiful.  Since I have three boys, I'm more jealous of their New York townhouse that they bought from photographer Annie Leibowitz.  This is like in "Beauty and the Beast" where Belle gets what a girl really wants.  (Not the handsome prince, but that library!!)


Article-2244691-16663C01000005DC-376_634x421 Article-2244691-16663C09000005DC-554_634x403

Here's the baby, and he's cute and all...but books!


In all seriousness, I have always been jealous of Lauren Bush.  She had the wedding to end all wedding. I love their old souls. Envy is not a good thing.  I need to get ready for Sunday.  :) 



Who wants advice from Jim Bob Duggar?

Well, he has some.  He suggests that you remove all sensual content from your home.

Jim Bob Duggar Advice

Okay, I truly believe porn destroys lives, but I also know many men I've known had their hidden "Playboy" as teens and did not become pedophiles.  I think Josh Duggar is a creep who faked Mr. Nice Guy to get a job, a family and a life that worked for him.  But I don't believe sensual material in his house (was there any?) was the problem.  I think he's just a dirtbag of a person, who sought out more of what made him creepy.


Extreme living and extreme parenting make people go underground.  The sneakiest kids I knew had the strictest parents as children. They weren't allowed to fail or not be perfect.  That's a sick way to live.  To me, it's more important to love your kids unconditionally and not give the false pretense that they CAN be perfect.  If Josh had been allowed to say that he liked looking at naked women, would this have happened? Who knows?  I just know that it would not have been okay to express normal teen guy emotions most likely.

I'm not going to blame the Duggars for Josh because I do think he's wired wrong.  HOWEVER, I do blame them for giving advice at this point.  Just BE QUIET and heal.  Unless you want to tell us where you went wrong, we don't really need to hear it.  

If I have failed at something and offer advice for how you may want to do things differently...that is different from putting on these phony pious airs and saying, here's how to do it. Please, let their fifteen minutes be up!  Christians can't make perfect Christians.  There is NO. SUCH. THING.  People are inherently flawed.  The Bible tells us so.  The only thing in this lifetime you can control is you.