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I love Carrie Fisher!

Carrie Fisher is one of those people who is brutally honest -- much to other people's discomfort.  I love that about her.   Her Rolling Stone pics from 1983 have resurfaced.  How cute was she?


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Adam Ant & Various Ramblings

My daughter just got a record player.  Gosh, records sound so great -- I forgot what a big part of my childhood that was.  I love music, and it may be just me, but I think music sounds better on vinyl.  There is something more intimate about it.

Anyway, we were in a record shop and they had ALL of Adam Ant's albums.  ALL OF THEM. Including Adam and the Ants.  But Elle told me I couldn't use her record player to play Adam.  (She was looking for Def Leppard and Elvis -- who is this kid?)

But today, she offered me this.  She's in a diner and she spotted Adam Ant on the ceiling.  This makes me happy.  It's progress. She has a good eye. Now, if only her ear would catch up. 


I see Barbra Steisand and Barry Gibb, too.  I started all sorts of drama on a loop because I ABHORRED the movie, "The Mirror Has Two Faces."  (It stars Barbra Streisand, she directs it and all other reasons to put her name in the credits 400 times.) I posted this review of it on a writers' loop because it just cracked me up.  Well, apparently, it's a lot of people's favorite movie - - I was not appreciative of the fact that others might like it.

I hate bad reviews.  They sting.  But this one really did make me laugh out loud and it depicted my thoughts exactly on the movie.  But just so you know, others violently disagree. And I love Barbra -- but not in this one.  Lauren Bacall on the other hand, is still magnificent.

I've been reading a lot this weekend.  I bought a copy of "The Queen of the Big Time" by Adriana Trigiani.  I think I've read one other by her, but I'm definitely reading more.  Her style just relaxes me == and I love the Italian-American characters.  They remind me of my childhood.



My Favorite Person is in Heaven...

I lost my grandfather this Sunday. It was a blessing -- he was 100 and ready to go be with all of his other loved ones.  We had him for so long, it felt selfish to keep him.  But in all seriousness, he was my favorite person on this planet.  He spoiled me from the time I was born.  Never put me down as a baby, bought me my first purse (my first memory of money) -- it was an Indian medicine bag from Arizona.  I wish I still had it.  


He got into my first fashion argument.  He wanted me to buy the green dress. I wanted the purple one.  I won this one (I'm in it in my kindergarten picture.)  He took me fishing, undid all the knots I created in the fishing lines.  He taught me how to use all the tools in his shed (even though he thought girls belonged in the kitchen -- so did my grandma, I just never took to the domestic arts.)

He spoiled each one of my children as if they were me.  He was a second father to my cousins and me and so many others.  He had a profound impact on the world just by being kind.  He was the kindest man you ever met and never had an enemy.  I will miss him profoundly, but how could I be so selfish as to keep him any longer?

I know he is with Jesus and hearing, "Well done, my good and faithful servant."  

This is how he started life.  The first born in Ekalaka, Montana at the family homestead. That's the actual picture.  He was one of twelve children.


He lived on 19th Street in San Francisco before there was a Golden Gate Bridge.  He was drafted at 29, with two children, for WWII.  He helped rebuild Japan.  He set up a good life in Menlo Park, California where he built his own house.  I love the mortgage.  It is literally the size of a postcard and says, he owes this much money.  Think of that and your own mortgage statement after the lawyers got through with California and men of honor started to disappear.




Truly, anyone who knew him was blessed.  To be a favorite, beyond compare.  He and I had a bond that will never go away. I am so grateful.  He waited for my mom to come that day and while we were on the way home, they called us and let us know he had passed.  I love that about him.  He wasn't leaving until we came and said goodbye that day.  He was an amazing man.  We were blessed. 

#RHONJ Did Teresa Learn a Thing?

I've been pretty defensive of Teresa Guidice.  I think she went to jail because her husband is a bum.  I say this because I sign the taxes, the mortgage without looking at them.  If your old-school Italian, that is just what you do.  Trust your husband.  Before I sign the taxes every day, I say, "I'm not going to the pokey, right?"  I doubt that will stop me from going to the pokey if my husband were doing something illegal.  (He's an engineer, so that isn't likely.)

However, now that Teresa is home and they bought her a $90k Lexus, I'm disgusted.  When you rip people off and go to jail for ripping people off, you have no right to live in a mansion and drive a $90k car. And did they pay cash?  Because who would give these people a loan? Wasn't that the problem in the first place?  

I know that Teresa has worked really hard for her money trying to overcome Joe's stupid fiascos, but when her lawyer said, "She needs a car, end of story." No, it's not the end of the story because you want it to be.  (And how shifty is her lawyer when he's been on the show?  Shady, shady!)  Justice hasn't been served in my opinion.  I'd rather she never went to jail and was allowed to work and pay back the money they owed.

Seriously, we have good jobs.  We could buy a Lexus if we wanted one. So I'm not jealous, I really am disgusted.  You know why I drive a Rav 4?  Because I'm putting kids through college and I made a responsible choice, and it bothers me that after JAIL, Teresa and Joe still make stupid choices! It seems some people won't be held accountable.

"Friends" the show...

Yesterday, my daughter was watching an old episode of "Friends."  I really never got into this show or watched it.  I don't know why, but it just never appealed to me.  I bought my best friend the whole series one Christmas, so she loved it.  In last night's episode, Jennifer Aniston's character has a baby, and I go, "Whose baby is that supposed to be?"

Elle says, "It's David Schwimmer's character."  

The father is David Schwimmer's character?  Okay, now I know why I didn't watch.  I don't want to live in a world where you look like Jennifer Aniston and the father of your baby is David Schwimmer and still won't marry you.  That is not a place I want to visit.

Now, my BFF will let me have it.



So glad to hear David Foster has come out in support of Yolanda #RHOBH

I love this article.  I know I've been tough on David Foster, but I was glad to hear he's come out in support of Yolanda and saying that she is truly ill.


Personally, if I were Yolanda, I'd worry about getting well not what other people thought, but her battle is everyone's battle who has an invisible disease.  I've been cursed out a few times for using my handicapped spot.  People don't get invisible diseases like MS, Lyme, Fibromyalgia.  No big deal, but shut the heck up if you don't know the deal.  Who are they to judge?  

It's like my ghost shows that I love to watch.  The husbands never believe anything the wives say about paranormal activity until something happens to them.  I think half of life is being okay with YOUR REALITY regardless of what others think.  Forget them.  Anyway, I'm glad to hear that David is supporting his wife.  Maybe he's realizing she was actually a good spouse, even ill.

Bridget Jones's Baby!

I'm so excited about this flick.  It's like my "Star Wars" -- Entertainment Weekly has ten new exclusive shots, so I will be heading out to get a copy.

Forget the fact that they all look a little long in the tooth to have a baby.  Colin Firth is back as Mark Darcy.  No thanks to the third book!  Yay.  I can't wait.  I'll be there on opening day.


Miss Universe a Publicity Stunt?

Steve Harvey (not my favorite as I think he's been quite abusive towards the women in his life, but is suddenly some kind of relationship expert) "accidentally" announced the wrong winner for the Miss Universe contest.  Seriously?  How does that happen?  Doesn't that seem suspicious to you?  Like no one is watching this thing, so let's get it to go viral?



The truth is, it will probably be good for Miss Colombia's career.  After all, can you name any Miss America besides Vanessa Williams?  The scandal was good for her.  Probably not in the moment.  As I'm sure it wasn't good for Miss Colombia to have that crown ripped from her head.  I feel sorry for Miss Philippines who didn't get her glory-filled moment either.  It's like those poor racers who actually WON their running competition in the Olympics, but didn't get their shining moment of glory because the fake "winners" were on steroids.  So sad.

I don't know what they judge these competitions on, but Miss Colombia looks more regal and Miss Universey.  Still, Steve Harvey was out of his league here.  How hard is it to read a name off of a card? How does that guy keep getting work?  I miss the attraction of him. He's not funny and he's no gift to women as he seems to claim.  This is just the latest.



Does anyone watch "Top Chef?"  I know that I shouldn't because I really couldn't care less about the kind of food they make.  Give me a Pioneer Woman or Paula Deen recipe any day.  Comfort food that people will eat.  I don't care for my food covered in "Lobster foam" which just looks like snail snot.  That is not appetizing.  Baths were made to be foamy, not food.


Whenever I watch, I wonder why Padma Lakshmi is so beloved.  She really is an awful person on that show.  So snotty and full of herself.  And when I saw her on "Watch What Happens Live" the other night, she claimed to be a former supermodel.  Now, I'm not saying for a moment that she isn't beautiful, but supermodel?  I just feel like her negative presence is why people get annoyed with "Foodies" -- they are so full of themselves.  I don't know.  I like that show, but she's hard for me to take. I'm sure I'm not her typical audience -- as I'd rather eat homemade Mac & Cheese than food I can't pronounce.  I just don't know why she has to be so mean to some of the contestants.  Is that good for ratings? Is it supposed to be Real Housewives for the foodie set? 


No One At My House Has Seen #StarWarsTheForceAwakens

And quite frankly, I'm annoyed by this. I have spent a lifetime buying Star Wars Legos, video games, T-shirts.  Watching my boys buy a fancy TV set so they could watch the series on Blu Ray.  Going to LA for Star Wars Celebration and the first look at "Star Wars Battlefront" and not one of them donned an outfit and went to the movie last night.  This is not right.  I feel a little betrayed.



They didn't want to deal with the crowds.  WAHH!! What kind of self-respecting Star Wars geek didn't don a costume and go?  Just wrong on so many levels.  I feel let down by their lack of zeal.  One of them is a Marine and can't leave base, so I'll give him a free pass.  He's going on Saturday, but the other two? There's just no excuse. Admittedly, I have only sat through "The Empire Strikes Back" so I'm not a superfan.  But they know all the expanded universe speak -- the stuff that makes me crazy.  One of them told me he's worried they're going to ruin it, so he's afraid to see it.  He said, "What if Bridget Jones's came out with a new movie and she messed with the franchise."

"She did!!  She killed off Darcy in book three and so the movie is going to remedy that!!" But that doesn't keep you from participating.  It can't.  Not if you're as superfan as I know these kids are. Now someone will screw it up for them and they'll know what happens. That's just not right.