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Dating old, rich dudes. You can't make this stuff up.

Here's a question for you.  Why do the older, wealthy men of the world keep recycling the same women.  Is there a club you belong to that makes you the right kind of woman for an old, wealthy dude?  

To be fair, Jerry Hall didn't start out with an old dude. He just became that way while she stayed far too long.  Until Mick Jagger had a baby with someone else, and that was her cue to go. Mick Jagger must be really toxic though.  


So Mick didn't stay with the spider who had his baby.  He moved onto designer, L'wren Scott, who sadly killed herself. Now he's old and dating some 27-year old.  But he won't marry her. But this is Mick now:


There's nothing wrong with getting old, but dating a 27-year old?  What can that girl's mother be thinking?  Besides, honey, he's too old for ME!

Anyway, Jerry Hall moved on and got into a whirlwind romance with Rupert Murdoch and they got married.  When you're 84, you have to have a whirlwind romance.  It's all you may have time for.


They do seem sweet together, but if you'll remember, Rupert has an ex too.  And she was a little crazy.  She went after some protester who tried to throw a pie in Rupert's face.  But she has more of a history than that and she seems to have nine lives.  Her romantic history would make most of us blush, but now, she's dating....wait for it...I mean, how do you get more powerful than Rupert Murdoch, right?

Um, you date Vladimir Putin:


Isn't it strange how the same names all come up time and time again?  Like there's only a certain pool of dating options out there? It's like the popular kids in high school on a grander scale. The strangest caste system...


Hillary's $600 haircut and traffic woes...

If  you don't live near a big city, where traffic is horrendous, then you won't get why it's so bothersome to wait in a jam while someone gets a haircut.  I live near Moffett Field, which is often where Air Force One lands when the presidents come to the Bay Area. Clinton used to come all the time because Chelsea was at Stanford.  Obama comes to fundraise from the high tech scions.  I get it.  We're the little people.  We can eat cake. Why they have to go back to their airplane at commute time, I always wondered.  Can't they just wait?  Or go early?  The rest of us are just trying to get dinner on the table.  

Bergdorf Goodman on Wednesday morning waiting as the presidential hopeful got her $600 haircut.


So when I heard that Hillary tied up NYC traffic to get a $600 haircut, I felt for the people of that city.  She got a $600 haircut!!  Seriously, how do any of these politicians know what the little guy is fighting for when they can afford a $600 haircut and to tie up traffic for their constituents.  Have a heart!  I don't know if this floppy mullet the haircut, but girl, you got ripped off. If you really want to be one of the real people, go to Great Clips and show us your hair in foils.  That's REAL.


Granted, it's her money to spend.  If she wants a $600 haircut, who am I to judge?  I'd probably spend it on a handbag, which isn't much better in the way of value (other than mine will last more than 6 weeks) But you know, do it without holding up traffic, that's all.  If you have an entourage and lots of vehicles to park in NYC, bring the hairstylist to you.  Oh wait, her husband did that already.  Remember that?  On the runway at LAX?

Okay, have the hairstylist come to you in the hotel.  I mean, come on, learn how to work it, Clintons!  You're acting so "new money!"  Look at Real Housewife of Beverly Hills: Erika Girardi!  She brought her glam squad WITH her to Dubai. No one was held up and she looked on fire!  All of them did and you know the magic of it?  No one had to know how much effort it took.  That's part of a beauty regimen.  Never let them see you primp!


(Erika's the blonde in the middle.)



The Billion Dollar Wedding...Who's Coming to Yours?

The son of an oil and media tycoon married a dentistry student.  Reportedly, in a billion dollar ceremony.  Imagine the flowers alone!


That's a lot of pressure.  As an introvert, this is my worst nightmare. My wedding was a nightmare for me.  (340 People) when I HATE to be on display.  But when you're from an Italian family, that's life.  I'm sure it's the same for the Russians.  I did love her dress.  Elie Saab. 


That's about as 80's as you can go in this decade and for that, I say BRAVO!


It's couture, which means that gown took a LOT of handwork.  It's gorgeous and she looks lovely in it.  

The wedding had special guests: Sting, J.Lo and Enrique Inglesias.  Seriously, you had a billion and that's the entertainment you chose?

I'm not a billionaire, but I'd go Matt Nathanson, David Crowder and a special appearance by Adam Ant, dressed in full pirate gear.  Yeah, baby!


But since I'm more likely to be planning my daughter's wedding, she'd pick Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line and a special appearance by 5SOS.


What about you?  Who is coming to your $$Billion$$ wedding?

Planning a Vacation!

So my family (sans half of us) is going on a road trip.  Can I tell you how much I abhor a road trip?  What is fun about being stuck in a small space with MY family and all of their opinions?  Nothing, that's what.  But to make it worse, SOMEONE always feels the needs to take us on backroads where you might be swept up by a UFO.  And you know the worst of it?  When we drove by the ALE-INN, he would not stop.  I'm sorry, but that's just cruel.  That's Clark Griswold not stopping for the world's biggest ball of twine.


So as I've mentioned, part of my family is going on a road trip that I am not invited on.  Which is fine by me.   They're going to the Grand Canyon.  The last time I was there, I had my oldest on a leash.  No really, I did.  Kid was ADD, I wasn't losing him to the Canyon.  He's always bragging about his intellect, but I told him, he'd be dead 100 times over if my wee little journalism/mass communications brain hadn't saved his life from his lack of forethought.

In case you're feeling sorry for my son, let me tell the joke he told me this weekend.  "Mom, why do engineers always call themselves engineers before they have a degree?  Biology students don't call themselves doctors.  English students don't call themselves baristas." 

Anyway, my cousins are going to Hawaii for their 25th anniversary.  Then, both sets of cousin families are going on a cruise.  You know, NORMAL freaking vacations.  This got me to thinking, why is that so out of the ordinary?  So ALIEN for my family to imagine.  A normal vacation with hotels, beaches and moonlit walks without threat of alien abduction?  I mean, I said this weekend, "Look, if I was going along to go on a ghost hunt, or research aliens for a book, this would be a perfect vacation, but I only like watching that stuff on television.  I don't actually want to DO it.  I want to go to England and walk in the footsteps of Thomas Hardy. 


Max Gate (Thomas Hardy's home)

I want to go to Ireland and stay in a castle. (Beth and I are supposed to do this, this year!)


I'm not all about foreign travel.  I really need to get to Charleston at some point.


Basically, I want to live history.  Immerse myself in it to find writing inspiration, and I'm not interested in reliving "Tombstone" or "Lonesome Dove."  That's guy history.  You can have it. A road trip is great fun.  Once.  Okay, I'm done ranting now.  Jonah, Derick (my adopted son AKA Kimmy Gibbler) and I will be doing a road trip to SoCal, but we'll have fun.  We will not camp.  We will eat in restaurants and we will probably end at Disneyland.  Or San Diego.  I'm not picky.

"Love" on Netflix

No, I didn't watch it.  I'm far too immature for that kind of "Love" -- I just saw a clip on "The People's Couch" and I love that they used Ambrosia's "Biggest Part of Me" at the end.  That's one of my favorite all-time songs.  I just LOVE David Pack's voice.  He was in San Jose last year for a church event.  He's still got that voice!  I've listened to it so often, my kids know the words.  Not that they'd ever admit to it.  : ) 



Mean Girls -- Christian Style (Book Reviews, Etc.)

This morning, I was reading an excerpt from Jen Lancaster's latest book -- actually, I think it's her latest.  If I'm wrong, so be it.  It's called, "The Best of Enemies."


Now, I love Jen, but I didn't get through her last fiction project and this is a new one.  She writes Chick Lit like a master.  Her humor is spot-on, but -- and forgive me Jen, because YOU are the NYT bestselling author, so what do I know?  But I found it a little "mean girls"  for my tastes.  As in, a little too judgy for my liking.  That being said, it recommends another author to me -- one who I personally know.  It's a Christian book.  It's done well in sales, so I read the reviews because I want to see my friend praised in print.  DANG, CHRISTIAN READERS!!! Y'all make Jen Lancaster sound like a lightweight in those reviews!!!

Did you ever think maybe there's a nice Christian woman on the other end of those reviews and you just made her feel like garbage?  She's writing a little romance.  She's not curing cancer, give the girl a break!  Seriously, as a Christian, I would never write a review that basically made me sound like I was in the Taliban and authors who don't write exactly what I believe, should be shot on sight.  Or maybe stoned?  Is that more Christian? 

Either way, I wonder if people behind their keyboards ever think about what they're putting out into the world.  This author sat down to write a sweet book that entertained and didn't make you feel like you needed a bath afterwards.  Isn't that good enough?  It's good enough for Jesus.  He blessed it and made the sales explode.  But not for some people.  No, some people SHOULD have spent their few dollars on some alcohol because maybe then, their standards wouldn't be so ridiculous.

Writers are human.  Look, I get that we don't all like the same books.  I love Jen, but I thought this particular book would bring out the snarky in me, and that dark snarky really needs to stay in lurk mode. It's not a good look, but see, I get that it's about ME.  It's not about Jen Lancaster.  It's about me having a dark side that I don't want to come to the surface, so I'll pass.  I think some of these Christian reviewers need to take responsibility for the baggage that THEY bring to the table.  Maybe they didn't like the book about a wedding because they got dumped at the altar?  Or maybe their husband hates them and weddings bring that up, but just say you didn't like the book.  You don't have to be "right" about it and go after the author.  That's mean.

Okay, and let's say these review writers aren't Christian and they're ticked that they got "duped" into reading a Christian book.  Oh my gosh, what will happen? You lost your $3 and now you can't buy half a latte?  I read everything, about all kinds of religions and beliefs.  If you're truly "open-minded" you CAN read a Christian book and it won't damage you. I promise.  Or, you can put the book down and decide it's not for you.  

BUT, if you're going to leave a review, make it about the book.  Don't act like the author shouldn't have breath because YOU didn't like a book.  Get over yourself!

Incidentally, when I first wrote Ashley Stockingdale (What a Girl Wants) she could be a little mean and "truthful" --  but the worst/meanest reviews I received were always on Christian sites BY Christians.   I find that abhorrent.  You know what my non-Christian family members thought of those reviews?  They thought that they were right about Christians being hypocrites -- and that's sad.  Write your reviews.  It's perfectly fine that you don't like a book, but remember, Jesus is watching -- so don't attack an author because by that same ruler, you also will be judged.

Thomas Hardy stopped writing after "Jude the Obscure" was published due to the backlash and took to poetry.  I HATE poetry and I blame you, mean reviewers!  You took away my favorite author before he wrote more books.  Writers are sensitive creatures and for the most part, we can take it, but I will never understand why someone wants to be cruel to a perfect stranger.  


Have a Blessed Good Friday!


Easter is my favorite Holiday!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend and count all your blessings! Spring feels like a new beginning for me as I embark on my career again.  Sabbatical is officially over on Monday and it's time to get busy and get some books out.  God bless all of you who have stuck around! 

In honor, David Crowder released a new live video.  Dang, his voice gets me every time.


This country needs to move out of Junior High...where is our empathy?

Childish behavior is everywhere, and you know what it's getting us?  Whiny kids without an ounce of ability to handle the world.  You can just Tweet out something nasty and make your problems go away.  You have to actually deal with them in the real world.  This Trump/Cruz battle is just embarrassing on all levels. First off, I found it disgusting that the Superpac would use a picture of Melania to basically slut-shame her to Mormons.  If you fall for that, Mormons, as if you're a better cut of human, shame on you.  If I looked like Melania and lived in a crap country, perhaps, I may have used my looks to change my life.  Don't act like you wouldn't.  Someone actually said to me yesterday, "I have a daughter and I can't have her looking up to THAT as a First Lady." 

Why?  Because she fought for a better life the only way she knew how?  How about you explain to your daughter why here are lots of prostitutes in the Bible -- even one in Jesus' birth line?  Melania didn't get off for free, she's married to Trump for crying out loud.

When we start thinking we're better than others, we're doomed.  People do things for a reason.  This one, I haven't figured out: 

Obama dancing the tango while Belgium has its 9/11 is vile.  At least ACT like a leader and pretend you care.  Is that too much to ask? 


Meanwhile...our allies:


When did we stop caring about others and being willing to stand up and do battle?  Not battle in the media, where we send some veiled barb, but actually standing up for those who have less?  Those who are hurting? Trump's behavior with the attacks back, scares me.  He needs to grow the heck up.  Someone get him a copy of "Frozen" so he can hear, "Let It Go!"

I woke up to this headline: Emory University president says students are scared and 'in pain' after someone wrote 'Trump 2016' in chalk on campus
Read more: 

Seriously, what university president would go on record as saying its students are in pain over graffiti.  Here, let me make it better of you, you special snowflakes.  Let me get out my weapon of choice.  A HOSE!  What a bunch of losers. 


Incidentally, Mr. University President, you need to learn the First Amendment.  I'll print it here for you in case your ignorant university lost its copy. 

Amendment I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Granted, this was graffiti.  Albeit the washable sort.  But afraid of it?  Do you know what kids in other countries are afraid of? Real issues.  Violence.  Having enough to eat. Lack of healthcare.  Maybe you need to get off of campus and go out and see the world.  Scared.  Just embarrassing. 

We've lost some sense of humanity in this country and we're all losing because of it.  Do we really believe the candidate who gets the best of a Twitter contest is fit to be president?

I blame myself.  I watch "The Real Housewives of..."  Everywhere and I'm part of the problem.  These women act like spoiled brats who have no idea what's going on in the world.  Why do I encourage them by giving them ratings? This week's episode consisted of one former housewife accusing another of wearing a wig.  THE SHAME!!!

While the rest of them discuss if Yolanda REALLY has an invisible disease (Lyme's)  I can't tell you how many times I've been accused of faking my own illness.  (MS)  I look healthy.  I must be faking it.  But the lack of empathy for Yolanda's illness -- Lisa Rinna accusing her of having Munchausen's Syndrome -- really got to me.  Here's the thing, if you're not going to help her, Lisa, no biggie, but don't make things worse.  It's NONE of your business.  Why do people think it's their business to decide if another person is sick?  I'm lucky in that MS shows lesions on the brain that cause the symptoms.  At least I have MRIs as PROOF.  But why should a person who is sick need proof?  Just be there for them, or don't, but why judge? 

Anyway, I'm writing this morning.  I want to get lost in fake characters who actually CARE about each other.



JoJo's ex speaks out...#TheBachelor #TheBachelorette

So JoJo's ex says her feelings for Ben the Bachelor weren't legit.  He also claims that they got back together after her season with Ben ended (rebound) and then, she dumped him again to be "The Bachelorette."  Okay, well if that's true, dude, you need to move on. At the very least, you're not good for each other.  Up and down relationships are not healthy.  Plus, some might say you dodged a bullet getting away from her brothers.  People seem to have a hard time moving on these days.  When I got dumped, I left. Like a normal person. Isn't that what you're supposed to do?  

I didn't create a web of story and try to lure my ex back.  Why are people having such a hard time with rejection these days?