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Newsflash Haters: We know #TheBachelor is killing brain cells, we just don't care!

I'm always astounded by how angry people get that "The Bachelor" is a thing.  Every week, Twitter and Facebook are filled with rants about how only ignorant people watch, "The Bachelor."  Some take on, "Who watches this crap?" About 8.5 million people actually.  You don't have to like it.  I, for one, cannot understand why "Star Trek" is a thing, but I don't care if you watch it.  Haters must ask themselves these questions: "Why do I care what random strangers watch?" And, "Am I a better person for judging someone's choices?"

I know the argument.  We as viewers are contributing to the downfall of society, much like throwing Christians to the lions during the Roman Empire.  As viewers of "The Bachelor" -- we are quite aware what outsiders think of us.  (I hear it weekly, in fact.)  But I know some very intellectual people who sit down at the end of the day, for some good reality-blurring, mind-numbing television.  That's okay.  It's okay to relax.  To go away from your troubles, and watch women in bikinis feed sea pigs.  This is NEVER going to happen in your lifetime.  Why shouldn't you be able to escape for a night to the Bahamas?

The truth is, none of us care what haters think.  We watch because we want to.  End of.  

Now, onto the "Women Tell All" episode.

 I thought this episode was boring, quite frankly.  To me, it's jus show-sanctioned bullying, and I'm not a fan of the "hot seat" concept, when those poor girls have already been read on national TV to the point that their careers could be affected.  There were no new revelations, except that maybe Leah might have had a real bone to pick with Lauren B, and we just didn't see it.  I think that could be true -- but Leah still wasn't likable.  That is the worst thing about this show.  You can be right, but still come off as a major villain thanks to ugly edits.

Although, I'm not sure if it's editing or not, but I cannot stand Amber.  She annoyed me all season, but picking on Jubilee for the "all-black" thing annoyed the heck out of me.  The fact is, we all knew what Jubilee meant, and you can try and deny it, but she has a point and the African-American community gets it.  Plus, Jubilee lost her whole family and is a war hero. Maybe she has a REASON for thinking like she does.  What's your excuse, Amber?


With regards to Jubilee, I still love her, and would love to see her as "The Bachelorette."  I'd love to see the guys man-enough to take her on!  Oh my gosh, Caila wasn't announced as Bachelorette from what I saw, and I sure hope she's not going to be.  She would be SO boring. Apparently, "Us Magazine" is announcing that she will be.  Oh my gosh, that's going to be worse than Kaitlyn, and she was terrible.  Let me get things straight though.  I love Caila.  I think she's a sweet girl and watching her have to see Ben tell the relative "rest of the world" he loved them while she was still nursing her broken heart, was cruel.  I felt for her.  But give her "Dancing with the Stars" huh? 

I think the saddest part was just how highly she still thinks of Ben and her loss of him.  Heartbreaking. Because really, he's getting engaged and telling TWO girls he loves them?  That's kind of cruel actually.

Onto the season's "Crazies" Olivia and Lace. Both were invited to "Bachelor Nation" -- and if that shouldn't be a straight ticket to therapy, I don't know what should be. Olivia tried to apologize -- I think she meant it, but it wasn't accepted.  Lace was actually very eloquent and admitted that the show's structure was basically not for her and that she and Ben didn't have a great connection from the start.  Then, they bring up some weird guy from the audience who has gotten a Lace tattoo on his torso.  Um, okay.

So that leave us to the finale with Lauren B and JoJo.  I think JoJo is more interesting as a person, but Lauren B seemed to capture Ben from the start, so I guess we will have to see.  There are rumors that he pulls a "Mesnick" but I don't think that's true.  I think they've just produced ads to make it look true. Although he did tell two women he loved them, so who knows? Who's your pick?  I can honestly say I don't know who he picks this time, and that's new. I think JoJo would make a more interesting life, so I'm going to guess he goes with Lauren B to live up to his "Bland Man" status.




Do you have a favorite?  Who do you think Ben will pick?  And if Caila is any indication, I am not looking forward to seeing the runner-up's emotional breakdown.