Nora Ephron Fans, "Everything is Copy" on Monday, March 21st
Zootopia & Perfect Family Moments...

That show you love, but no one else you know is watching!

There are some shows that just need to be unpacked after you watch them.  That's wonderful if you're watching inane television like, "The Bachelor" that everyone watches -- because we all need mind-numbing television on Monday nights.  But then, there are those shows that you can't find anyone you know who is watching.  And when you do find that person, it's like the sun has come out!


The worse show I've ever gone through this with is "The Jinx."  So good.  So good that it got an alleged murderer to stand trial for his THIRD alleged murder.


But now, that show for me, is "The People vs. OJ Simpson"  -- How are you all not watching this brilliant series? None of my friends are watching -- or so I thought.  Saturday night.  Girls' night and I find out my BFF is watching!  We totally get into a coffee klatch, ignoring everyone else, while we unpack.  Rude, yes.  But if you were watching, you'd get it.  I lived through this trial.  I was mesmerized.  I was home with a newborn, so what else was there but Court TV and the trial.  Moment of silence for "Court TV" -- I so miss it!  I used to have it on in the background while I wrote. I really didn't know the half of it.  I love this show and all the characters and their own selfish motives for why they did what they did during the trial.  It's a fascinating look at how our justice system can go so woefully wrong.


You writers out there, don't forget that "Everything is Copy" airs tonight on HBO about the life of Nora Ephron.


So, ever had a show you wanted to unpack and no one knew what you were talking about?  I hate to resort to Twitter and strangers, but sometimes, that's how you make friends, I suppose. 

I'm watching "Elizabeth I" right now...I don't know how I missed this except to say I was knee-deep in parenting at the time. It's so fantastic, but very violent, so be warned.  Can you tell I'm working out more?  I have more time on the telly while I work out.