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#AmWriting -- You know you have a @Starbucks addiction when...

You go in on Thursday, and they ask where your daughter is (because she usually comes with me on Thursdays.)  I think that's sad that I'm in such a rut.  I could mix it up and go to one of the bajillion Starbucks near my house, but I like mine.  Does this routine mean I'm getting old?  And I'm going to be like my grandparents soon and not be able to do ANYTHING on Monday because "I have a doctor's appointment?"  I mean, it's a real possibility, and so it's time I mixed it up.  But I'm still not going to mix it up by messing with my espresso routing.  I enjoy it, and yes, I could save LOTS of money not going to Starbucks everyday.  I know this.  I just don't care.  I enjoy my little visit for a cup of java.  At least I'm not at the bar every afternoon, right?


I've decided I'm going to the ACFW conference. It's been a few years since I was there, and I'm not a big conference person -- but I love seeing my friends and being there.  It's just forging ahead and doing it that usually stops me.  I'm a little overwhelmed when there's a lot of energy in the room, and I love a party - but this is a party that goes on for a few days. Diann Hunt and I used to hang out in the room and regroup, so ACFW always reminds me that she's not here to regroup with and a little motivation goes away with that thought. 1918781_165072601250_1917648_n

Diann Hunt & moi hanging out in our suite.


Moi, Cheryl (Hannah Alexander), Colleen Coble, Diann Hunt, Denise Hunter

Seeing this pics makes me ready to see my friends. It's been too long.  Today, I have to finish a chapter for a new client.  Thank you, Starbucks!