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My faith story:

I need these shoes. #ToryBurch

FullSizeRender (4)They're available at Nordstrom.

I really don't.  I need to keep my bum in the chair and work.  I have a lot to do before next month.  Considering I'm spending my time hiking the trails and at Elle's horse coral, I don't have much need of dainty, sweet little espadrilles -- which is why I want them.  These shoes are who I am.  I wish y'all could see me at the horse stables.  I am SO out of my element.  I'm there with my Kindle and my Burberry would be comical if it weren't my life.

Elle bought me this as part of my Mother's Day gift. It's a makeup bag with my mantra on it, "I love not camping."  On the price tag, it reads, "she made yet another wise shopping decision." (Spartacus obviously thinks so, too.)

FullSizeRender (5)

Whenever we're in nature, Elle says, "This is my aesthetic."  So I'm going to try that.  These espadrilles are my aesthetic.  And we need to be somewhere that I can wear them. Maybe an outdoor restaurant with a Dungeness crab salad?  It's an idea.

Okay, I ordered the shoes.  There was a link on Facebook, and it was just so easy to follow.  After I ordered them, I noticed that I really do have a thing for crabs.  Wonder what is up with that? They make me happy.  Maybe it's from playing with them on the beach when I was a child.  Let's go with that.