Please tell me #SouthernCharm is scripted! My thoughts on the show...
Who is your favorite villain in a book?

I'm destined to be a #CatLady!

I'm minding my own business, waiting for Elle to finish with her horse.  (I met the owner of my mule -- let's just say the mule has a much better personality.)  Anyway, I'm minding my own business, reading -- and this CAT gets in my lap.  When I try to shoo it away, it goes for my arm to get pet.  I had no choice. It's a sweet cat, but every time I see it, it has a lizard in its mouth, so it's a little scruffy.  I mean, it's a barn cat, so that's its job.


My cat's job is clearly to keep me awake at night.  He's the LOUDEST meower.  And cannot sit still or sleep like a normal cat.  Why did I have to get the ADD kitty?  Okay, but isn't he cute?


I don't remember why the cat was in the car, but we decided to go through the car wash.  Let me give you a piece of advice:  Wait to wash the car until the cat is NOT in it.  

Here's my hike from today:


Lest you think I'm going totally country on you all of a sudden, look at these cute summer cups at Starbucks.


Plus, I talked to my agent, my editor and my bestie in writing, so all-in-all a good day!