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My Version of Romance Vs. My Daughter's...

I grew up on a steady diet of Jane Austen.  I'll admit it.  I'm a "sapiosexual" -- love me a smart man. Mr. Darcy was my downfall.  My daughter, however, loves a cowboy.  A much more marketable hero.  If only I'd gone that route...


Last night, we watched, "When Harry Met Sally" -- one of my favorite movies.  Elle could not understand Mike Wizowski as a hero. She's like, "Every time he talks in the car and I can't see him,  I'm just seeing Mike Wizowski and I want Sully." 

(I just watched "Monsters, Inc." for the first time last week.  How cute is that movie?) 


Back to romance.  So Elle says, "They're driving me nuts.  All this talking.  Why can't they just get together already?"

I said, "This dialog is gold.  Nora Ephron wrote it!"

She said, "Here's how a romance should go:  They meet.  They fall in love.  Someone they love, dies.  The end."

That's right.  The girl is a Nicholas Sparks' fan.  


It's a different world out there.  I feel old.