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The "Reasons" Live on...

"There's single for a season and single for a reason."  That's a line from my book, "What a Girl Wants" and I named the singles group, "The Reasons."  Listen, I was one of them.  Not casting any shade here, but the Reasons in Silicon Valley are in a league all their own.

Last night, my daughter went with her friends to see "Captain America."  I should mention that she didn't want to see this movie at all, but it's her BFF's favorite, and it was the BFF's birthday.  As she said, "The sacrifices I make for that girl." LOL

My daughter comes home last night, "What the heck is wrong with people?  I have never seen so many grown men in costumes!"  

"They were just having fun."

"Mom, there was a grown man with a SHIELD!"

Of course, there was.


I'm happy to see people showing their zeal for a fictional character.  Maybe I should get together my bunny suit for the new Bridget Jones.



I'm curious though if this is a Silicon Valley nerd thing, or people are actually dressing up. I don't know why, but I get it for Star Wars.  Not so much for the superheroes.