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This Season's #TheBachelorette

I haven't been enjoying this season as much as I thought I would. And last night, they did my dream date.  They drove to Swing Dancing in a '57 T-Bird.  It doesn't get any better than that.  James is sweet as pie, but he is not a dancer sadly.  He made up for it in zeal.  


I'm really not into the whole Chadageddon storyline.  Chad is just nuts.  Probably having 'roid rage, but I think it's worse than that.  He has a horrible personality and me be void of actual feelings (empathy.)  Even for ratings, I'd let this monster go. I can't understand why women think this guy is misunderstood.  Girl, if you think he's misunderstood, you go ahead and "fix" him, but don't blame someone else if his fist misses the wall and hits you instead.  He is straight-up scary.  I will say, I did enjoy him biting into a raw sweet potato.  Have you ever tried to cut one of those?  Need a Cutco knife! Normally, you have to microwave them twice on the potato setting.  Who does that?



Which is not to say, I have sympathy for Evan.  Because here's the thing, dude.  If you weigh 150 pounds, it's probably not smart to taunt the juicehead sociopath of the group.  His tattletaling was such a loser move.  When he said to the camera that his kids would be so excited about daddy getting a rose, I wanted a vomit.  Really?  Your three kids are going to be glad daddy is on "The Bachelorette?"  I'm going to say no -- if they're old enough, they're cringing.  If they're not, your ex-wife is slapping herself on the back for escaping. 



So so far, not my favorite season.  Let's get into some romance already.  They're talking this thing to death.