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With lawn ornaments, one should go all out...

My dad has a gorgeous yard.  It's really lovely, but he wants to finish it off by adding an ornamental deer.  I am against this idea.  I think you need to go big, or go home.  A deer?  I mean, there are a bajillion deer in his front yard, why does he need a fake one?  But a gorilla!  Or Big Foot!  I mean, no one is expecting that, am I right?




I'm especially fond of the Yeti.  I mean, no one is coming around the corner and seeing that beautiful yard is going to be expecting Big Foot.  I even told him I'd buy it for him.  But alas, I think he's going with the stupid deer.  So basic.


You might think I'm joking about the gorilla, but I am not.  I think if you're going to have a statue in your yard, it should make a statement.  A deer just says, yeah, we needed something to put here.  Big Foot?  To me, that says, you've been warned.

EDIT: He just texted me.  He has purchased the dang deer.  And he says it's beautiful with the lights on it.  But totally not as beautiful as that Yeti would be with the light on its scowling face.