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Eating Disordered People...

Have you ever been around people with an eating disorder?  They're annoying and yes, I know they have an issue, but here's the thing, they make THEIR issue, yours.  This drives me nuts.  Listen, if I have a burrito the size of my head, I KNOW it will make me fat.  I do not need you to tell me while I'm eating it that the head-sized burrito will make me fat.  I'm running that risk.  Because I want to eat the giant burrito.  Capiche?  

Thankfully, I have unwittingly trained my daughter to be around eating-disordered people.  Because they annoy me.  Here's the thing, some of my favorite people on this planet are fat.  You know what they're not?  Obnoxious and judgmental.  

Here are just a few things my 15-year old has been told by the eating disordered people in our life:

"You should run to keep the weight off."

"You need to stay away from carbs.  You'll put weight on with potatoes and white rice."

"You might not care now, but someday, you will." 

"You're pear-shaped like your mother." 

Um, thanks.  Not only do you put my daughter down, but include me in the diss.  Nice.

Personally, I think eating disorders are a form of OCD and while I know that these people may not be able to help their issues, they are not entitled to pass them off on others -- like my daughter.  It's mental illness and they need treatment.  They don't need other people to support their warped thinking.

FYI, my daughter is not fat. The people with these issues?  Are.  So I don't know what kind of special mirror comes equipped with this disease, but it makes me a little crazy.

So after a montage of eating directions recently, my daughter, who is so very quick on her feet said, "I don't really care if I get fat.  I love myself for who I am."

"Well, you might care when you get older.  You should eat healthier."

"Here's the thing," my daughter says.  "Healthy people die too.  They just die a little unhappier than people who eat what they like." 

Does Spartacus (right) give eating instructions to Tiberius (left)?  Thankfully, he does not.  He possesses a tad more self-awareness than some of the humans in our lives.

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