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The Kindle Oasis

They have an Amazon Kindle store at the mall.  This is a dangerous place for me.  Although less dangerous than handbag row (Prada, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Ferragamo, Cartier, YSL, etc.)  They have a new Kindle.  It's small.  But it's also $359  for a freaking Kindle!  I mean, that is way too much money for a Kindle.  It's small and it has a great system where you can change things by button or a simple touch.  It's pretty fantastic and it's meant to be read in bed because it's all one-handed controls.  That's nice.  I was definitely tempted.


It's so light, and since I keep my basic Kindle in my purse, I would love this.  However, I cannot yet justify that kind of money on a Kindle.  I have two.  An older Kindle with the buttons (the one I carry) and a Kindle Fire, which I keep at home, or take on planes with me to watch movies.  I need a new one as I'm losing some of the pixels on my black and white model from use.  Hopefully, this one will get a little cheaper in the near future.  Or Prince Charming who reads will want to purchase one for me.  Stranger things have happened.

One of the top reviewers who has one said that one of the issues is if you read hands-free, it's not a great design because you have to flip the Kindle over to use the other hand.  That would get annoying, I have to say.  I subconsciously switch hands while reading.

You deserve every good thing this world has to offer!

This morning, I was in Starbucks (I know, shocking!) and there was this middle-aged couple sitting outside.  One of them was in a wheelchair -- I wasn't sure which one because they had transferred to the Starbucks' chair.  She was telling him of something fabulous that had happened to her recently and he said, "That's wonderful.  You deserve every good thing this world has to offer!"

We all need someone in our lives who believes that about us.  It's such a beautiful sentiment, and it's one you don't hear often here in Silicon Valley, where your job and your bank account define you.  (Fun place to be in the arts.  LOL)  

Do you have someone in your life that thinks that about you?  If not, clear a negative friend from your life and make room for that person.

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. James 1:17

Yesterday, to celebrate my daughter's birthday (which is apparently, a month-long celebration) her best friend "rented" my daughter's dream Aussie.  An Australian Shepherd.  There's a website, not unlike Uber, for pet lovers.  You can borrow the dog of your dreams.  It's good for the owners because their pet gets out and it's good for people who want to try on their dream breed.  Love this.  But more importantly, my daughter's best friend knows her dreams and makes them happen.  Everyone needs and deserves that.


Eating Disordered People...

Have you ever been around people with an eating disorder?  They're annoying and yes, I know they have an issue, but here's the thing, they make THEIR issue, yours.  This drives me nuts.  Listen, if I have a burrito the size of my head, I KNOW it will make me fat.  I do not need you to tell me while I'm eating it that the head-sized burrito will make me fat.  I'm running that risk.  Because I want to eat the giant burrito.  Capiche?  

Thankfully, I have unwittingly trained my daughter to be around eating-disordered people.  Because they annoy me.  Here's the thing, some of my favorite people on this planet are fat.  You know what they're not?  Obnoxious and judgmental.  

Here are just a few things my 15-year old has been told by the eating disordered people in our life:

"You should run to keep the weight off."

"You need to stay away from carbs.  You'll put weight on with potatoes and white rice."

"You might not care now, but someday, you will." 

"You're pear-shaped like your mother." 

Um, thanks.  Not only do you put my daughter down, but include me in the diss.  Nice.

Personally, I think eating disorders are a form of OCD and while I know that these people may not be able to help their issues, they are not entitled to pass them off on others -- like my daughter.  It's mental illness and they need treatment.  They don't need other people to support their warped thinking.

FYI, my daughter is not fat. The people with these issues?  Are.  So I don't know what kind of special mirror comes equipped with this disease, but it makes me a little crazy.

So after a montage of eating directions recently, my daughter, who is so very quick on her feet said, "I don't really care if I get fat.  I love myself for who I am."

"Well, you might care when you get older.  You should eat healthier."

"Here's the thing," my daughter says.  "Healthy people die too.  They just die a little unhappier than people who eat what they like." 

Does Spartacus (right) give eating instructions to Tiberius (left)?  Thankfully, he does not.  He possesses a tad more self-awareness than some of the humans in our lives.

IMG_6901 (1)




#TheBachelorette #MenTellAll

I live on the West Coast, so my DVR taped the DNC and not the "Men Tell All" -- I happened to catch the latter live starting with Chad talking smack about the rest of the guys.  Chad is a jerk.  But Chad is entertaining.  The fact that he's got the tea on both Robby's ex and Jordan's says a lot about how he chooses to spend his time.  That being said, I don't think he's wrong.  I think we all know that JoJo probably picks Jordan and we can all see that he's just not that into her.  The fact that she sent two GOOD men home (Chase & Luke) and kept the men without jobs tells us everything we need to know about JoJo.  She is not acting smart.

So last night, because of the DVR situation was the first time I saw her dump Luke and Chase.  I know that producers probably get into the middle of this, but for her to drop Luke the way she did just hurt my soul.  He's just a quality human being and she's not worthy of him in my opinion.  He needs a woman who can handle his intensity and the difficult things he's see in life.  You know, a serious woman who can still have fun with him.  Personally, I'd like Luke to be the Bachelor, but at the same time, I feel like he's too good for that stint.

Then, I see this photo and I think, maybe he's got that shallow side.  So who knows? If he does want the Bachelor gig, I'd rather have Chase.


Now, as to Chase being dumped in the fantasy suite.  I'm SURE that was producer-motivated.  JoJo probably got some incentive, like a free trip to Hawaii for Jordan and her, IF she lured Chase to the fantasy suite and dumped him.


Chase didn't handle it well.  Who would?  But I think he got talked to, just in case they're thinking of him for the Bachelor so he came back and "made nice" 


I think we can safely assume that JoJo has a type. But she wants to work for love in my opinion. Hence, the Jordan pick that defies all logic.


I didn't see the preview for "Bachelor in Paradise" so I can't comment on that.  I'm pretty much ignorant this season, and I like it that way.

Movies in Silicon Valley...

This is a very International place.  We have some really different things happening at the movies.  (Once sat through Tarzan with Mandarin Subtitles.)  But I thought this was really cute.  Last night, my daughter and her friends were going to the 7 p.m. showing of "Ghostbusters" but they had to wait until 7:30 because the early showing kept the lights on for the little kids.  How cute is that?


I loved the new Ghostbusters' movie.  Its flaw is that it doesn't use the original song with Ray Parker, Jr.  Someone else sings it. (I think Walk the Moon) and it's terrible.

#Shahs -- is Vida for real?

I just watched the latest episode of "Shahs of Sunset" where Mike, who is not my favorite, told off Vida.  Something that is frowned upon in the Persian culture, because she is an elder. But come on, can Vida be real? She's such a cartoon-level villain, I have a hard time believing it.  And yet, seeing MJ's pain when her mother talks to her, you have to believe she's real. 


MJ has some questionable actions.  Questionable fashion.  But when you're introduced to Vida, you're like, yeah, okay.  I mean, how do you grow up finding your way and feeling good in your own skin when your mother acts like you're the devil incarnate, if you don't act like her puppet?  Watching MJ & her beau's PDA is enough to turn my stomach, but I love MJ and she deserves love.  The question is, will she be strong enough to turn off that inner Vida?

How weird was that shedding of skin ceremony in the "Hollywood Forever" Cemetery.  Now, I realize it's not a normal cemetery.  I mean, they have movies and concerts there -- it's fitting.  But still, to hire a choir, white doves and a casket for a "ceremony?" That was beyond strange, but excellent television, oh my gosh, Mike, "Is MJ's Dad coming?"  I literally laughed out loud.  The only reason women like Vida get away with their vile personalities is because nice people obey the common courtesies of life.  I don't care how old she is, she deserved it for how she treats her daughter.

Incidentally, I don't think Vida would be happy with anyone for MJ.  I think she wants her daughter to be alone and bitter with her.  But Tommy is a special case.  The fact that he can put up with Vida and blow her off is enough to make him a catch for MJ.


I loved the ring.  Loved that he had a Persian negotiate it for him.  You go, Shervin!

@ColleenCoble Starred Review for Twilight at Blueberry Barrens

I have to brag on my friend Colleen Coble.  She's been writing consistently for years.  She's a bestselling author many times over.  She's the CEO of American Christian Fiction Writers, but I've never been prouder of her because the greater publishing world is finally recognizing her greatness.  She got a starred review in "Publisher's Weekly" on her latest book.  It's well-deserved and long overdue. You can preorder the novel -- or read the first two and then, you'll be ready for it! Without further ado:

"Love and murder pair up effectively in the second Sunset Cove page-turner (following Mermaid Moon). Kate Mason’s blueberry barrens have withered, so offering the cottage on her coastal Maine property to the intriguing Drake Newham and his two nieces offers an attractive alternative source of income for the summer. Playing nanny to the girls helps distract Kate from the trauma of having come across the bodies of Drake’s brother and sister-in-law, the girls’ parents, after an apparent murder-suicide. But Drake’s investigation into those suspicious deaths, along with the puzzling break-ins on her property—is it her escaped convict uncle or an unknown stalker?—keep Kate, and the reader, on edge. The mutual attraction between Kate and Drake is frustrated time and again by the dangers that keep cropping up. The tension, both suspenseful and romantic, is gripping, reflecting Coble’s prowess with the genre. Adding depth and contour to the drama are subtler subplots, most notably Kate’s long struggle with self-worth, complicated by her recent health issues. Her sister, Claire, proves instrumental to Kate’s emotional and spiritual healing. Fans of the series will love seeing Claire and her fiancé, Luke, play strong supporting roles in this installment. (Sept.)" 

Reviewed on 07/22/2016 | Release date: 09/01/2016 | Publisher's Weekly 


Preorder Twilight at Blueberry Barrens

#TheBachelorette 2-Night "Event"

Do you think they're speeding this season up because it's so insanely boring? 


I think it's boring for three reasons.  

  1.  JoJo's so obviously into the guy from Chico (Jordan) that the others are just extras. 
  2. No one watching believes this romance will last, or that they're doing more than having random Tinder dates on TV.
  3. Boring locales. Let's face it, Europe is cliche, but it's romantic.  

Granted, it wasn't fun watching Kaitlyn defile Ireland's Catholic roots by frolicking naked on a golf course, but why not prove our redneck ugly American reputation in full frontal fashion? It was still more entertaining. Anyway, I have yet to make it through a full episode this season, so that's why I haven't been blogging on the show. I like Luke the best, but he's intense, and obviously into deep conversations.  JoJo is not the girl for him.  She's the girl you pop a beer with at the lake.  Nothing wrong with that, she's just not for him.

Chase is a good guy, but again, far too mature for JoJo.  I feel like they're the men of the show (Luke and Chase) and she's into the boys. (Jordan & Robby)

This always happens when ABC selects a lead who isn't ready for marriage.  Hopefully, the "Men Tell All" episode tomorrow will be good.  


Our Dinner Conversation:

Me: Look there, that's the Mini I want. Do you think it's too small for me?

Other:  That's a kid's car.


Me:  Okay, well, the other one I want is a BMW 640i, so you might want to steer me toward the Mini.

Other:  That's an adult car.


Me:  So then, what do you suggest because I'm ready to lose the Mom mobile.  I've had 20 years of Mom mobiles and I'm over it.  (I traded in my Mustang Convertible when I became a Mom.)

Other: You need a midlife crisis car.

Me:  Okay, then I'll get the Audi R8

Other: Audis aren't reliable.

Me:  That's okay, neither am I.



Washington State Man Finds Woman Living in his Attic @DavisWahlman

I swear that Washington is getting as weird as Florida lately.  What's going on up there in the great Northwest?  Y'all need to settle down. 

This man, Brad Wahlman started hearing strange noises around his house.  Now, after the recent "Lights Out" trailer being shown on TV, my mind would have gone straight to demon or dark entity.  Luckily, Brad is a more rational man.  He knocked on the locked door. I love how polite he is to an unwanted house guest.

She called for Jimmy.  She says Jimmy is the man who let her live there.  I'm going to take a stab at this and suggest Jimmy might be an imaginary friend.  

Man Finds Woman Living in Attic

When I was too young, my Nana showed me some awful movie of the week where a kid killed a neighborhood girl and his parents locked him up in the house where he spies on the new family.  This is why this story haunts me.  The whole secret room thing is terrifying.  This woman was lucky that she didn't arrive at a gun-toting, stand-your-ground man's house. How she managed to be there is so random!

My commentary is that mental illness is a plague in this country.  Take away HIPPA laws for family members!  Let them help their mentally ill relatives!!  Here's the thing, mentally ill adults aren't actually the best people to treat themselves.