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Oh my goodness, so OVER POLITICS!! Go do some good in the world, people!

Leslie Jones is leaving Twitter thanks to haters! Vile people!

I think Leslie Jones is amazing.  I thought she was the standout star of the new "Ghostbusters" and I appreciate her ability to go where she needs to for the laugh.  Then, I heard she was receiving vile, racist comments on her Twitter account and now she's leaving the app altogether.

That breaks my heart.  People who criticize and don't DO anything positive, tick me off.  It's one thing to address someone's actions that you may not like, it's quite another to call them names for something that hits close to the heart.  It's so wrong.  Leslie Jones just wants to make you laugh, people!  And you want to hurt her, why?  Because of what's in your own dark heart!  

I'm seeing these blanket name-calling posts on Facebook with the election.  People keeps sending me crap about the election.  Honestly, I don't care how anyone else is voting, and I'm sick of hearing that I'm not a Christian unless I vote this way.  (Their way.)  Is anyone REALLY going to argue someone into voting for their candidate?  Why would you lose friends like that?  

It's like when some old friend invites you out to lunch and then, they really want to pitch you on some pyramid scheme.  You feel like, I thought you wanted to be my friend!

The Internet already tried its best to shutdown the remake of "Ghostbusters" because it had women in it and "didn't need to be remade."  Well, I don't think that "Pride and Prejudice" needed to be remade. But someone else did, and here's the thing.  That's their right to take my favorite story and put their spin on it.  I didn't have to see it.  (Well, yes, I did.  I sat through the Greer Garson version and it couldn't be worse than that one!) Why can't we disagree anymore?  I mean, I was raised in a completely different place with a personality that is different from yours.  That doesn't make it WRONG.  It makes it different from you.  

Artists' hearts are tender.  Humor usually comes from adapting to pain -- so the idea of Leslie Jones being subjected to ugly people who think they have the right to make fun of her, need a dose of Karma.  

Our world would be a nicer place if we didn't spread the hate and worried more about ourselves, and OUR actions.  I was reading an article today about these new journal Bibles, where you color while you're contemplating Scripture.  And at the bottom of the article is all these self-righteous comments talking about how evil people are for coloring in their Bible, when they should be worrying about being in the Word.

Hey, here's an idea.  Go be in the Word yourself, and stop spreading your nasty judgments on how others read the Bible.  That's an idea, right?  May I suggest Matthew 7?


  Edit:  That didn't last long.  Thank goodness.  Twitter is very addictive, but if you have an opinion, you'll get hate.  This went beyond that, so I'm glad she's back.