Washington State Man Finds Woman Living in his Attic @DavisWahlman
#TheBachelorette 2-Night "Event"

Our Dinner Conversation:

Me: Look there, that's the Mini I want. Do you think it's too small for me?

Other:  That's a kid's car.


Me:  Okay, well, the other one I want is a BMW 640i, so you might want to steer me toward the Mini.

Other:  That's an adult car.


Me:  So then, what do you suggest because I'm ready to lose the Mom mobile.  I've had 20 years of Mom mobiles and I'm over it.  (I traded in my Mustang Convertible when I became a Mom.)

Other: You need a midlife crisis car.

Me:  Okay, then I'll get the Audi R8

Other: Audis aren't reliable.

Me:  That's okay, neither am I.