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I live on the West Coast, so my DVR taped the DNC and not the "Men Tell All" -- I happened to catch the latter live starting with Chad talking smack about the rest of the guys.  Chad is a jerk.  But Chad is entertaining.  The fact that he's got the tea on both Robby's ex and Jordan's says a lot about how he chooses to spend his time.  That being said, I don't think he's wrong.  I think we all know that JoJo probably picks Jordan and we can all see that he's just not that into her.  The fact that she sent two GOOD men home (Chase & Luke) and kept the men without jobs tells us everything we need to know about JoJo.  She is not acting smart.

So last night, because of the DVR situation was the first time I saw her dump Luke and Chase.  I know that producers probably get into the middle of this, but for her to drop Luke the way she did just hurt my soul.  He's just a quality human being and she's not worthy of him in my opinion.  He needs a woman who can handle his intensity and the difficult things he's see in life.  You know, a serious woman who can still have fun with him.  Personally, I'd like Luke to be the Bachelor, but at the same time, I feel like he's too good for that stint.

Then, I see this photo and I think, maybe he's got that shallow side.  So who knows? If he does want the Bachelor gig, I'd rather have Chase.


Now, as to Chase being dumped in the fantasy suite.  I'm SURE that was producer-motivated.  JoJo probably got some incentive, like a free trip to Hawaii for Jordan and her, IF she lured Chase to the fantasy suite and dumped him.


Chase didn't handle it well.  Who would?  But I think he got talked to, just in case they're thinking of him for the Bachelor so he came back and "made nice" 


I think we can safely assume that JoJo has a type. But she wants to work for love in my opinion. Hence, the Jordan pick that defies all logic.


I didn't see the preview for "Bachelor in Paradise" so I can't comment on that.  I'm pretty much ignorant this season, and I like it that way.