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Vulnerability and why some people just don't get it...#BridgetJonesDiary

This morning, I was reading a review of the book, "Bridget Jones's Diary" -- I don't know why I would torture myself reading something like a bad review of Bridget, my favorite character, but I did, so it's done now. The whole point of Bridget for those who don't get it, is that she is painfully self-aware. Life happens to her in a way it doesn't happen to "normals" because she feels it too dang deeply! Naturally, "Normals" won't get it, so why should I be offended about a recent book review for a book that is well over a decade old?


Because of Brene Brown. Because of Glennon Doyle Melton. Because of shame and vulnerability and the fact that whenever someone is truthful or vulnerable, there will be someone out there waiting in the wings to shame them. To tell them they're doing it wrong. If you happen to view the world from an alternative perspective, and you don't don't think in a straight line, like certain critics, then you're somehow wrong, not simply differently. The critics no one wants to be around -- because they're NOT FUN PEOPLE!



Okay, I digress. In this "review" the critic claims that Bridget is overly-dramatic. Do you think so? Girl, have you ever been around a drama queen? They are fun people and I'm sorry for you if you can't appreciate them.

Then, she complains that Bridget is in her 120 lbs., regarding weight and she's complaining! Yes, see previous point. She's a drama queen! This woman says that she doesn't whine about her weight like Bridget does -- well, no and that's why you're not a bestselling author and Helen Fielding is. Because she found a way to connect with people of all weights by showing her vulnerability through humor.

As a person who has always been told how I SHOULD be in the world, I find this woman's review of a clearly comical take on "Pride and Prejudice" hysterical. Jane Austen might have skewered her for not getting it. That's the thing about people who don't get it, they think everyone else is the problem!

You might ask why a review of Bridget Jones's Diary has me so fired up. Here's why: In Glennon Doyle Melton's memoir, she talks about finally being able to tell the truth when she went to Alcoholics Anonymous. That these were her people because they told the truth about themselves. I've heard that sentiment before and the truth is, THAT should be the church. The reason people don't want to go to church has nothing to do with God. It has to do with the callous judgment that can be found in many houses of worship across the country. And that's just plain wrong!

I understand that someone didn't like Bridget Jones's character, that spending time with her was overwhelming and difficult for this person. She's entitled to that opinion. What she's not entitled to is to judge everyone else's opinion on Bridget as wrong -- because that, quite frankly, is what's wrong with the world. Take the time to understand someone who is different from you. I bet you'll find out the reason they act a certain way. Like, I'm sure this reviewer grew up in a cold, heartless home where she was the golden child. Okay, that's just a snarky opinion. Maybe a judgment call on my part.

But who doesn't like Bridget? The only thing we need to know about Bridget is that Mr. Darcy likes her. 'Nuff said. LOL


"The Crown" on Netflix

I know so many of you are like me and love a period drama. This one is coming up in November on Netflix and it's about Queen Elizabeth. It will fill that Downton sized hole many of you have in your hearts. If Poldark hasn't already done that. And if you're not watching Poldark, well why not? You need to be. I watched the first season with my history savant son, and I do miss his commentary in Season 2. Okay, back to "The Crown." This looks so good. I love that all these indie movies are getting made thanks to all the different avenues for viewing!

Not everything has to be blown up or fought by a Superhero!


While I'm here, I may as well complain about a series that I did NOT think worthy of Masterpiece. What was that mess about Indian Summers? Ghastly. Did anyone watch it? I tried.

@Adamaofficial #ADAMANT just announced first American tour since 2012!

Seriously, I saw this trending on Facebook. I had no clue. This could not be more exciting to me. Got my tickets and I'm ecstatic!! I was just listening to the 80's station yesterday and they had no word on this. He hasn't been here since 2012. I'm so excited. I do wish he'd come to Saratoga instead of San Francisco, but what do I care?


Justice failed #ChericaAdams -- her mother Saundra Adams did not...

This morning, I watched the most horrific story of domestic violence I can remember. Cherica Adams was in love with Rae Carruth, a young, entitled, sociopathic football player for the Caroline Panthers. Cherica got pregnant and Rae took a hit out on her. He took her to his house, "made love to her" and then, got in his car and had Cherica "follow him to her place." She never got there. She never got there because he stopped his car in front of her, so the hit man could pull up next to her and box her in while she was shot.


Cherica called 911. She told operators exactly what was happening. How her "boyfriend" was stopped in front of her. How she'd been shot. In the hospital she wrote down who was responsible and exactly how the murder happened. The triggerman was sentenced to 40 years in prison. Rae Carruth, who orchestrated the killing because Cherica dared to get pregnant, was sentenced to 18 years. He's scheduled to get out in 2018. Even though two ex-girlfriends testified that Rae had threatened them with the same fate if they got pregnant.

Rae and Cherica's son Chanchellor was born with Cerebral Palsy after being denied oxygen in the wound. His grandmother, Cherica's mother, Saundra takes care of him and has forgiven Rae for her own good. She doesn't believe she can offer Chancellor unconditional love without forgivness for Rae.

She is a better person than me. Probably you, too.

Saundra says that she will be there when Rae gets out of jail WITH Chancellor. She says you can focus on what you've lost or what you have left. She chooses love and Chancellor.


I hope that Rae has turned a corner and can see the blessing in his son. But the hitman's words haunt me as he said that Rae didn't have any remorse and had a criminal mind. I don't know if it's because I live on the west coast or don't follow football, but I've never heard this story. I believe Cherica's story should be shouted from the rooftops. Sadly, she is a poster child for how easily a sociopath casts off a person trying to love them. I know she can rest in peace because her mother has got this. What a remarkable woman.

Have you heard this story before? Am I on another planet?

"The Rosie Project" should definitely be a movie!

Speaking of books that SHOULD be made into movies -- "The Rosie Project" is at the top of my list. I LOVED this book. Adored it. And not just because I'm surrounded by Aspergers' sorts all day everyday. But because it's a great story with great characters. Last night, my friend in Oz, Nicki, got to see the author Graeme Simsion in Australia. (I'm so jealous!) She sent me a small clip of him reading from his new book, and I'm so anxious for it. Sadly, it's not here in America, but what should my beautiful friend do? She is going to the post office for me and mailing me a copy!! I will be one of the first to read it here in America -- how's that for bragging?


This movie is having trouble getting made because Jennifer Lawrence dropped out because of a financial dispute, then the director bailed. And Ryan Reynolds, who I think is all wrong for the part, left as well. So they'll recast it. I think that the director of "Silver Linings Playbook" should direct. David O' Russell gets the dramedy! Once he signs on, maybe J. Law will come back. She'd be the perfect Rosie, but that part will be easier to fill (in my estimation) over Don Tillman. Don needs to have the right mix of left-brained cluelessness along with an infectious charm. Ideas?

If he was younger, maybe Robert Downey, Jr. I could see Chris Hemsworth in the role.


So I wait with anticipation for my book to get here. Also, another lovely reader who knows my love for David Crowder is sending me his new CD from the Passion concert. Y'all are just too good to me!

Bango Hair Trimmer

I have a ton of hair. So much that I can stand under a cold shower and not get my head wet until the water warms. That is annoying as heck. Yesterday, I found this product at Ulta -- called Bango. It's to help you cut bangs, but I used it (with thinning sheers) to cut my crazy mane and it worked. I would totally recommend it for bangs or split ends. Anyone can use it.


I'm not buying "Brad the Abuser" storyline...

Brad probably disciplined his kids. But Angelina is going for the jugular to take him down. She has to win. I'm familiar with this from dealing with bipolar people -- which I'm going to assume she is at this point. The paranoia that Brad is having affairs, the need to destroy him and surprise him with the divorce business. It's all a cry for help in my armchair opinion. I don't think it's what she wants at all. I think it's a reaction.


This is a chaotic life. They NEED each other to parent this brood. Seriously, I think she needs help. I know that anyone can be an abuser. I just think this is all too timely. She's going for broke to destroy -- and that is not normal behavior. My four cents.

Books that don't work as movies for me...

Books, allow you to be sad at the end. To sit with the ending and think about its meaning. But people seem to like a happy ending and it's rare that a sad ending works for the movie format. Here are some exceptions for me:

Tess of D'urbervilles -- on my bucket list to pretend to die at Stonehenge

Tess and Angel Clare Stonehenge 2

Madame Bovary, obviously Anna Karenina...they work.

But lately, there have been books that don't work as movies because they are marketed as romances and no one wants their romance to end unhappily. "The Light Between Oceans" was one of my favorite reads the year it came out, but I can't bring myself to go see the movie. Have you seen it? It looks well-cast, but somehow, that makes it worse.


Another one coming out that looks terrible (and it was also a favorite recent read) is "The Girl on the Train." Loved that book, but the trailer for the movie looks awful. I think because it was first-person in the mind of the girl on the train, it works better than seeing it as a pure psychological thriller. I don't really want to see that one. Luckily, people probably don't read the book before they go, so there are no expectations.


The best examples for the worst movies from books by the way they were marketed has to be:
"Me Before You"


I mean, I loved it. But I read the book. My daughter, an avid lover of Nicholas Sparks' movies was livid.

The other one, was "One Day"


On another note, "Bridget Jones's Baby" the movie was one MILLION times better than the crappy third book where Helen Fielding killed off Darcy. What was she thinking??