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Woot! Tights are back in style!

I love me some tights.  As the owner of the world's skinniest legs in my youth, I LOVED tights.  They hid how scrawny my legs were and they were my friends.  There was this whole "no hose" phase in fashion that I absolutely abhorred.  No one wants to see your nasty white legs.  Why was this a thing?  




I'm so happy to see opaque tights back, you have no idea!  Someone sent me this photo on FB this week.  I won't out my friends (we all still know each other) but I will tell you this is a rare moment when I was wearing knee socks instead of tights.  In fact, when I sent my father the picture he goes, "Where's your tights?  I'd sue those legs for non-support."

So I'm the one in the dress.  I never got into the whole belle bottom thing.  My daughter looks great in them, but I did not. The 70's were a dark time.  We never looked like Donna on "That 70's Show" -- like not ever!  So, do tights make you happy? 

FullSizeRender (15)

Also, please check out those ugly, clunky shoes my parents made me wear.  Is it any wonder I never put my kids in ugly shoes?  It's abuse, I tell you.