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The Trainwreck that is #90DayFiance

If you're not watching "90 Day Fiancé" you're missing out on the trainwreck of the century and how the K1 Visa is SUPPOSED to be for love, but on this show, it seems to be about thirsty Americans who need to go outside the country to find a spouse. Oh, they'll use the excuse that there's something wrong with all the Americans -- but then you'll see one of them being up her "90 Day Fiance" in Morocco, and you'll remember the truth. Americans. Thirsty. As I said in my Spa Girls novel, "Desperation has a scent."

There are good couples on the show. Couples that really did fall in love and have made it. Kyle and Noon being my favorite.


I really loved the Israeli couple Loren and Alexei as well.


But then, there are the individuals with ISSUES. That should probably think about individual therapy rather than marriage to solve their issues. Danielle brought Mohomed here from Tunisia. Mo is a self-entitled jerk who cheated on his wife, then tells the lawyer that he didn't commit fraud. He didn't like his wife once he got here, so he should be allowed to stay here in America and find himself a new and "improved" Sugar Mama. Though seriously, anyone who would date this guy has major issues. He would be a liability in ANY country. Here's an exchange between Mo and his new girlfriend Luisa when he tossed her off the hotel bed (Because they can't be seen sleeping together as he's still married:

Mohamed: "I don't see your name on the bed"
Luisa: "My name is on the bill."

Snap. Send this guy back to Tunisia. (Annulment is in process.) Do we need any more narcissists in this country? We do not. FYI, this season's trainwreck couple is Nicole and Azan. Again, Azan from Morocco should stay in his country and do better for himself.


This season, Jorge has brought Anfisa from Russia. Jorge is living in a hotel because he can't get an apartment being a felon. (He grew marijuana.) This girl is not my favorite. To the point where I feel sorry for the drug dealer. He wants to start his life over -- that's cool. But she wants money and a modeling career and throws a tantrum every time she doesn't get her way. She needs to try again. Jorge deserves better.


Matt and Alla are from Kentucky and the Ukraine respectively. Alla deserves better than Matt, but she's made no bones about the fact that she wants to get out of her country. That wouldn't bother me -- she's willing to be married to Matt and seems to handle him well. This would be his FOURTH marriage so it's not like he's a catch. Alla knows this and is willing to take her chances. I can admire that. She has a son named Max and he's a doll and Matt seems good with him, so I'm rooting for this couple. Matt needs to chill with the jealousy, but I don't think Alla is going to be fazed by it regardless.


Okay, back to work. I cannot think of a series title and I'm avoiding sending changes back to my agent. Grr.