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Friends in Heaven...

Farewell Sandra Bricker -- See you on the other side...

I've been in the writing business for over twenty years, so I've seen some really good people pass into the loving arms of Jesus. But never one so shocking for me. On Saturday morning, a few weeks after brain surgery, Sandie succumbed to complications from a blood clot.


Sandra Bricker was an amazing, comically-gifted writer and an even better person. She's the one seated in this photo. She worked very diligently to lose a lot of weight recently. She had overcome ovarian cancer (which sadly, my other great friend Diann Hunt, standing in the black, lost her battle to.) Together, with Trish Perry and Debby Mayne, we wrote the devotional "Delight Yourselves in the Lord...Even on Bad Hair Days" to raise money for ovarian cancer. Sandie was all about doing good in the world and she was a woman of accomplishment. I loved her because she really lit a fire under me. Even recently, when I'd lost my will to write, she pushed me until I spoke with my agent about an idea -- that recently sold to Revell Publishers. I hold her partly responsible because she really did lift me up when I had nothing left to give.


Honestly, that's the best thing about the sisterhood of writers. Colleen Coble, Denise Hunter, Jenny B. Jones, Sibella Giorello and others are there to remind me that when you don't want to write, write anyway. Sandie was that kind of writer to SO many different women. Everyone felt like her best friend because that is who she was. I'll miss her greatly and if you haven't read her, pick up a book. I guarantee it will lift your spirits.