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#FliporFlop separation gets messy...

Christina is already dating someone. Girl, settle down. Granted, she's probably had problems in the marriage for a long time before actually separating, but with two small children, that's awfully quick to start bringing in someone else.

Allegedly, Tariq and Christina are going to continue to work together -- flipping houses into blah boxes with the latest tacky tiles and upgrades. Sorry, can you tell I'm not a fan of their style?

For me, HGTV is all about the personalities. If I can't handle the personalities, I can't handle their shows/work. "Flip or Flop" isn't for me. I find her whiny and he doesn't listen. Watching their show drove me nuts. I'm sorry they're separating though and I do hope they can work it out. The guy sounds like he had a nervous breakdown of sorts. Don't people stick those out anymore? We just toss people too quickly in my opinion. Though granted, I don't know what the issues are here. I just know there are two small kids. They say it's a shocking split. I'm not so shocked. You?


Other shows I can't watch on HGTV because of the personalities:

Anything with those annoying property brothers. Ugh. I am not the least bit charmed by them. EDIT: Okay, wait. I take that back because they're going to New Orleans -- and Scott Bakula is going to be on an episode. I LOVE Scott Bakula. I remember dating when I was single -- because that's when it's best to date, LOL -- and Wednesdays were off-limits because "Quantum Leap" was on.
I've had to forgive him for being on "Star Trek" but, that's another tale.

My favorites are Chip and Joanna Gaines from "Fixer Upper" -- oh my gosh, I would move to Waco (which I like) for a Magnolia house. My son and I have actually discussed buying a house there for when he's out of the Marines.


I also love "International House Hunters" except when we export bratty Americans who think they're going to another country and they're going to find a McMansion with granite and an American-sized fridge across the world. They live DIFFERENTLY because it's another country. Embrace it, or stay home!


My favorites on that one are the French countryside, the old Italian villages and England. What about you?