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@Starbucks Treat Your Employees Right -- and you owe me a shot!

Today, I went to Starbucks as usual -- but I think I'm going to start going to Coffee Society across from my office. Okay, so I order my daughter a hot chocolate and myself an iced soy latte with extra ice. Only when they call it, it's light ice. I tell the barista, it's supposed to be extra ice -- and you know what she does? She rolls her eyes, opens the cup, pours out a bunch (um, the espresso is on top!) and puts more ice in the same cup. So I effectively have paid over $5 for a really icy soy milk. Seriously!! This would have never happened when Starbucks was treating its employees right. You can see how stressed they are, and that stress runs out into the shop and makes the place not very zen.

I like my coffee shops zen.

Get with the program Starbucks!

Gold member since 2008.


Belle is my favorite princess. Naturally. She gets a library.


Forget the prince. Girl gets a library full of books!

I'm really excited about the new Beauty & the Beast coming out -- I know Disney will do a great job, but I'm not thrilled about Belle. No offense to Emma whatshername. I've never actually seen her in a movie so I can't say she's going to be terrible. She's just not Belle to me.


You know who I think would have been great? The actress in "Victoria" on Masterpiece. And how great is Victoria? Jenna Coleman.


Elle thinks Crystal Reed from "Teen Wolf" for Belle. Are you happy with the choice? I'm happy about the movie regardless. Love a bookworm heroine. I mean, who doesn't? (Elle would say, everyone!)


5 Second Rule Game --

This game sucks if you're of a certain age. I don't think that fast. The point of the game is to name three things in five seconds. There's an annoying, whining timer/hourglass thingy to time you. I'm terrible at this game, I choke on EVERY question. I'm not kidding. Here are two I missed last night:

1. Name three romance writers.

Um, I could literally name three best friends OR one of them could have been ME. Did I get it right? No, I did not.

2. Name three story heroines.

Really? No Elizabeth Bennet, no Anne Elliot -- two heroines I NAMED MY DAUGHTER after. Nothing. I got nothing. Scarlett O'Hara maybe?


There should be a ten second game for people over 50. Just sayin'

Does anyone watch "Four Weddings" and wonder who marries these chicks?

I'm cleaning the house and this show is on in the background. I'm sorry, but these women are ridiculous. I would not want their negative energy at my wedding and no would-be honeymoon would be worth it. I'd save the money on them at the wedding and get a better honeymoon.

"Oh my gaaawd, the sun was on me and it was making me sweat!"

"The Indian food was really spicy."

"People were drinking too much."

"There was absolutely no alcohol!"

"I couldn't understand a word of their traditional Jewish ceremony because it was in Hebrew."

"I'm giving her wedding a five because a plane went overhead during the ceremony."


"I'm giving her a five because she switched into a different dress and I didn't like that."

Seriously, what kind of prize is worth that kind of negativity at your wedding? Save your money and dignity, girls.

Is this show even still on? I don't actually know, but it shouldn't be. Weddings should be celebrations, not whine sessions about how a guest's expectations weren't met. Rude. I hope they got a place setting out of these awful women.


I Complained about @Starbucks mobile service early on...

Starbucks is blaming lower stock numbers on "congestion" caused by mobile ordering. Okay, seriously, I tweeted this out when it first started. You know, had they looked at my account they might have seen I buy a lot of Starbucks and perhaps, listened. But no. Here's why mobile ordering is stupid -- unless you're going to hire extra baristas. Because there is a line of "normals" who are there for a little social time and to be greeted by their favorite Starbucks' baristas. They're loyal. They're daily...

And then, some evil app brings in all those strangers who stroll in past the line, grab their coffee and the poor sap in line is waiting longer.

For full disclosure, I now use the app, but because the lines got so long, it was a matter of survival. But here's the thing. I buy less coffee than I did before the app because sometimes, I go elsewhere. Sometimes, I forego the coffee.


It doesn't help that the prices have gone up to ridiculous. Does it really cost them 60 cents more to give a person soy or almond milk? My coffee is like $5.25 a day. That's too much -- so I generally buy less. I might have gotten a pastry once in a while. Not anymore. I'm not spending $8 -- I could literally go out to breakfast for that price. So yeah, I'm not feeling sorry for Starbucks' CEO at this point. And I get it. I'm basic. I do Starbucks. Whatever. I'm here to tell you why they're stock is down. They can choose to ignore me, but here it is:

1. Price -- too much of an increase.
2. Long lines for your customers who are THERE in your shop -- terrible way to treat people. Not to mention, sometimes, the mobile isn't ready either because they're just too busy.

Listen, you're saving manpower by customers using the app and paying online, now hire some dang cashiers! Rude.

Mary Tyler Moore -- and one of my favorite scenes ever...

I'm a giggler. When I get nervous, I giggle, and it's not usually pretty. But the more you tell me to stop, the worse it gets. I just had this happen this weekend. "Kristin," a stern voice says. "This isn't funny!"

Cue the giggles.

Mary Tyler Moore, may you rest in peace.

James Scott Bell informed me that this scene was written by one of the great comedy writers, David Lloyd. Mary played it to perfection.

Author Photos...

There are few things I despise more than having my picture taken. I never think they look like me, but if they do, that's a little horrific, too. Anyway, I've set up an author photo because mine is old. And there's nothing worse than being asked at a booksigning if that's supposed to be you in the picture.

Last time, I had my children dancing in front of me so I could laugh naturally, but the truth is, if I don't feel it, I'm not showing it. Hence, it makes for a cold author photo -- and I'm a naturally happy person!

For those selfie-queens out there, or even other authors who abhor it as much as me, any photo-taking advice? FYI, I took two high school grad photos -- both bad -- and I wanted to do it again and my mom said, "At what point do you decide it's not the photographer?"

I know, right?

It was totally the photographer. LOL


#HiddenFigures -- Go see this movie!

Admittedly, this did not sound like a movie I wanted to see. "La La Land" -- I was there the first week, and yes, I'm one of the few people who cannot see what the fuss is about with that movie. Y'all need to go watch a Fred Astaire movie. Okay, I digress.


This is the movie I wanted La La Land to be. It's an uplifting, triumphant story of spirit and strength of character. Watching it I had to wonder why struggles with one's talent have to be so difficult. Why does God give someone a brilliant math mind and then make them fight to use it? This annoys me, yet I know it's what makes us strive for more on this journey we call life.

It was kind of cool that I was directly across from NASA while I watched the movie. Fun fact: My friend and I always hit up this theater because it has the comfy seats and it's between us. I'm sorry, but whoever invented those recliners in the movie theaters was a freaking genius.

FullSizeRender (18)

Back to the movie. I loved every aspect of this movie. The acting is incredible. The history (even if it's fudged a little for story -- it doesn't sound like it was too much) is incredible. I loved living through the battle for space in the 1960's. It's a triumphant movie, and since my friend had to leave early. Her uncle kept texting that his plane got in early. Dude, get an Uber. (I'm kidding, he's really old.) So we have to go back so she can see the ending. I could have sat through it right after seeing it the first time. I really loved this movie and even if you think you wouldn't be interested in it? I think you might.

Is anybody out there?

I'm sitting here, listening to the Psychedelic Furs and realizing how long it's been since I've actually been home. Racing around in life is not for me. I'm more of a leisurely-paced type girl. Unless I'm in my new car -- and how great it is to be able to actually accelerate and make it mean something. Curse you, Rav 4 -- you sucked the life out of me!

I'm sitting in front of my computer today and it's a beautiful thing. I'm writing with Jenny Jones and Christa Allen. We actually post our word count at the end of the week. Let's just say mine has been anemic because I'm not sitting at my computer. Priorities, right?

I did scan-watch "The Bachelor" this week and how great is Vanessa for saying, enough of this nonsense. If you want to frolic with Corinne, I'm out. This woman seems WAY too good for the likes of the Bachelor. But I knew that from the start. There's something about people who work with special needs' people -- they're a special breed of human. Let's hope Nick is man enough to realize it.

Okay, back to my book, "Confessions of a Hallmark Movie Addict."