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Romantic Times Announces my Book...

I've had a pretty rotten week. Anyone else? I hope not. On a happy note, someone forwarded this to me on Facebook. What a nice thing to hear when it feels like the world is hating on you.

Inspirational — We love Kristin Billerbeck so we were pumped to see this announcement: she’ll be writing Confessions of a Hallmark Movie Addict, where a famous author on the Science of Happiness is actually miserable until she meets a widower on a cruise. Summer of 2018 from Revell.

I lost a day of writing yesterday in a rude way, so I'm glad to be back to it today. I've been meaning to blog about "Dancing with the Stars" -- I finally made it through an entire show and I actually enjoyed it. I think Mr. T dancing to Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" is one of the reasons America is the best country ever. I loved the rodeo star Bonner Bolton dancing to the country song, too. Great chemistry. I have no idea who he is, but I loved that dance.