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#RHONY Dorinda got a little heated for my tastes -- and I'm Italian!

A #Bachelor Rant -- Chris Soules

If you haven't heard, the farmer "Farmer Bachelor" Chris Soules was arrested for basically a hit and run -- he was in a tractor, the other man (RIP) was in a vehicle. Turns out he has more DUIs in his history. This guy they were passing off as the ultimate bachelor!



Now seriously, you would hope that ABC would do a little vetting before this process. You go on this show with 25 other girls, basically not knowing if you're getting a serial killer because ABC hides their dirty backgrounds. That is CRIMINAL. Imagine if Match.com for instance, featured some hot guy at the top of their page and said, go for this one, he's a good one! And you do, and you find out he's got three DUI's, his brother buried in the basement, etc. Bait and switch on a relational level.

They're basically putting lipstick on a pig -- or in this case, abs in a shower. They're telling America, these cleaned up models are as good as new. Nick Vial is the same. And really, their names give them away. VILE and SOULLESS -- granted, spelled differently, but still, makes you think. Ladies there's a reason these guys aren't married at 35. I'm not saying people without a past should remain unforgiven, nor that people can't change. What I am saying is there needs to be a soul there and regret.

That's the different because a drinker in recovery and a drunk. In recovery, people take responsibilities for their past. On the Bachelor, you just get a makeover and sent back to try again. Not cool, ABC.