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Let's Talk about #SouthernCharm!

I love this show. Far too much and I have since the beginning. I don't get the thrill of "Vanderpump Rules" which I can't watch because it makes me fear for the future of our existence. (Are people really that shallow and still functioning in society?) It scares me that "Instagram Star" is a thing. Shows like VPR is why.


Sorry, lost my train of thought. Okay, "Southern Charm" -- first I have to be forthright. I think Thomas Ravenel is absolutely toxic. The idea of him retaining full custody after he destroyed the mother of his children makes me want to vomit. I think everything this guy touches turns to dirt, so I want to see Kathryn get back up and fight. But I totally get why she hasn't. He has money, means and he used this entire first episode to disparage and destroy the mother of his children. The whole show only used people willing to say how "toxic" she was. He manipulates everyone to help him destroy the mother of his kids rather than take any responsibility for his own actions.

Listen, Kathryn is young and by my best guess probably bipolar and medicating with drugs/alcohol. I'm not a doctor, I just play one behind my keyboard. To mess with her head is probably easy to do.

Thomas played so many games with this girl's head. And I'll give you that maybe she did plan to nail him down by getting pregnant. But he's a 50-year old man sleeping with a young girl and I think she made the mistake of falling in love with him. He's old enough to know about options, no? Thomas currently has "custody" of his kids. And by custody, I mean, he's kenneled them out in the guest house with a series of nannies. He comes in for photo ops in between attending pool parties where he looks like the attendees' daddy.


By the way, those polo stables seem nicer than the guest house. Just sayin' Then, he and Whitney show up at this afternoon pool party like it's absolutely reasonable to be hanging out with people half your age.

I'm Thomas' age and Thomas, I'm going to tell you why people that age want you at their parties. They want you to buy the booze and make sure there's food there. That's it. Otherwise, you're not invited.

Shep is looking a little worse for the wear this season, and not just because he's got a young "protege" but because it's not attractive to be purposeless at his age. Still, I love Shep and find him most entertaining. But if he was my son, I'm smack some sense into him and cut him off financially.

Landon. Why is she back? Her boyfriend is good looking and I really hope she's only playing desperate for Thomas/Shep for the show. Landon, look at Kathryn. If you think there isn't a life graveyard of women just like her after Thomas, you're a moron. Thomas pits these young girls against each other for his own ego. But I do love Thomas. He's like the Erica Kane of Charleston.

I do have to love that Landon thinks Shep owes her an apology for not being into her when she blurted out she might be in love with him. That takes guts.

So, are you watching? And if so, what did you think? If you're not, what have I told you?