#RHONY Dorinda got a little heated for my tastes -- and I'm Italian!
My Reality TV Update #Bachelorette #SouthernCharm #RHONY

What's happening in your world?

Not much going on in mine. I've quit my day job and decided I'm a writer and really not good at anything else. So it's terribly sad that writing is such a hard gig to make a buck on -- what's up with that?

Anyway, you'd think I'd be Hemingway by now, but that is not the case. Still writing Chick Lit, still enjoying it. Although my next book is going to be bigger. More of a saga, so I'm excited about that. Also, about the "Confessions of a Hallmark Movie Addict" book -- which I'm doing the final edits on for my publisher. It will be turned in by the end of the month.

My son came home and surprised me from Okinawa. If you haven't seen the video, I blubbered. It's on my Facebook author page. https://www.facebook.com/KristinBillerbeckBooks/


I've lost 15 pounds, but I don't feel any thinner. What's up with that? I cannot do the depression diet again now that Jonah is across the world again. Your kids are supposed to have their own lives. Granted, it would be heaven if they could have them down the street, but it doesn't always work out that way.

We met my boys at a half-way point, so I got to see all my children at once. First time in a year. That was the best Mother's Day gift of all.

Oh, we saw "Guardians of the Galaxy 2" which I loved even better than the first one. Groot is adorable, and he dances to my son Trey's favorite song, "Mr. Blue Sky" by ELO. I think it may be the cutest scene in a movie ever. Jonah always wondered why that song hadn't been used in a film yet. Because they were saving it, Jonah. For this greatness.



Keep in mind, I still haven't made it through "Star Wars" or "Top Gun" but I love the Guardians series. Go see it, it's a fun movie for everyone. There may be language. I have a Marine and grew up Italian, so I don't really hear it. So what's up out there?