Passion 101
The Theory of Happily Ever After -- June 2018

2017 Sucks. Let's move on, shall we?

I abhor this year. Not a lot of great things have happened this year, and it's totally making me lose my sunny disposition. I'm not a fan of the world right now. People are angry and rather than do something about it, we are subjected to countless ugly posts and whiny complaints on Facebook. Be part of the solution, people!

So I'm here to share a happy note. Which isn't easy because right next to me at the moment, there is a person being interviewed by his roommate's parole officer maybe? Asking questions like, "Do you know if she had any problem with drugs or alcohol?" Yikes. I thought I left the ID Channel at home. Ohhh and the last question, "Does she have any foreign contacts?" Considering the interviewee can barely speak English, I'm going to go with YES, she has foreign contacts!

Okay, onto the happy news. My son is engaged to a beautiful young woman. They will be getting married soon and living in Okinawa. Luckily, my friend from Shanghai has never been there and she has offered to go with me.


Got any happy news to share?