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Reason #9,873 I love my BFF:

The thing about best friends is that you don't have to explain yourself. They just GET you. Today, my best friend called me and said, "Oh my God! Kevin Spacey!"

He's our favorite. We had to talk about the allegations. No intro necessary. No need to say, "BUT WE LOOOVE HIM!" We actually saw him play Richard III in San Francisco. I mean we love his acting. But now come these allegations that he's a child predator and may have come on to a fourteen-year old kid. Instantly, his Netflix show was canceled. I can't watch that one anyway. It's too ugly. I hate knowing that humans like his "House of Cards" character share the same planet as me. I'm still going to ask God why we actually need sociopaths and psychos on this earth, but there you go.

Okay, back to Kevin. First off, I had NO clue he was gay. And I pride myself on having excellent gaydar. Here's the thing. I thought he was emotionally unavailable -- to both males and females -- so that's why I thought he was alone. But now he's gay. Granted, it still doesn't cover up the fact that he may have come onto a fourteen year old, and it's especially creepy after seeing him in "American Beauty." No?


So now, his brother has come out and said that their father was a Nazi and sexually abused them. Ew. Totally want a shower after reading that. But I do find it interesting what kind of psychopathy allows you to believe you're a pedophile, but genetically superior to a Jew. Seriously, that's some kind of sickness right there.

I will say that it's not really fair that they canceled a show without a trial or anything. Hollywood is scared of its secrets spilling out, I guess.

My BFF and I also discussed "The Menendez Brothers" and the new Scott Peterson show. Both of which I refuse to watch because I hate psychos being given a voice when their victims aren't here to speak for themselves. We also discussed my book, editing issues, her job and our evenings before capping our call at 6 minutes. See, best friends are efficient. No niceties necessary.

What's your favorite thing about your BFF?

A Clean Desk is a sign of...

I'm an office slob. When I write, I have a wooden box nearby and I literally shove everything on my desk into the box so that I can write freely. I know if I leave the bills, etc. there, I'll get sidetracked by my ADD and nothing will get done. So yeah, box. I am able to hyper-focus on what I'm working on, so I can ignore the mess for the most part, but this simply takes away the distraction. I just think it looks better to have it clean while working. I still manage so many people/things that it is easy to get bogged down in details. Writing needs to be a priority.


This morning, I was scrolling through Instagram and I saw a friend's new office -- which is gorgeous and looked something like this! And I'm very envious -- but I know that wouldn't work for me. For one thing, I don't like being IN an office. I like my office in the general house space so that I am in the middle of everything. When I had my own office, I hated it. I felt left out. So while it looks very impressive, it's not functional for me.

I'm also reminded that while my favorite contemporary author, Colleen McCollough, practically had her own island, her mind was a wondrous place. And that showed itself in the form of a desperately sad office. I have to admit, her office makes me a little farklempt. But when I think about all she created in that space, it makes me okay with my desk in the kitchen. Besides, I'm going to Starbucks to edit anyway. What's your work space like? Functional? Pretty? Both?

If you're a genius like Colleen McCollough, you can work in this kind of chaos.



Character is doing the right thing when no one is looking, Hollywood.

Hollywood is trying to backtrack and distance themselves from the Harvey Weinstein scandal, but in doing so, all they're doing is shining a spotlight on how lacking in character they are. Real men, real people with character, stand up for the abused, the victimized. They don't turn a blind eye and say something ignorant like, this behavior goes on in every industry.

No. No, it doesn't. Because REAL men stand up for victims and speak out. Isn't Clooney married to a human rights' lawyer? Isn't he always lecturing us on the environment and how to vote? Dude, man up and don't ignore what's right in front of you.


Clooney says he knew about the "affairs" but basically, not that it was harassment. Baloney. It was an open secret and newsflash, men who look like Jabba the Hut don't have "affairs" with 20-year olds in their business. I mean, really? You see this and it doesn't say, "Oh wow, look at that gorgeous couple. I wonder how she fell in love with him!"


This is Weinstein's wife -- okay, I get that. She wanted to start her fashion brand and she saw him as a ticket to ride. I get it. She traded herself for cash -- or she fell in love with his power. Who knows? However, he married her. THEN, you're going to tell me he's bragging about his affairs and as a guy, you don't have an issue with that? See, most normal people wouldn't associate with a guy like that. Their wives wouldn't allow them in the house. The company you keep is important. And it says something about your character.

Am I perfect? Absolutely not, but this world of keeping silent while evil pervades is a dangerous, slippery slope. You think, Oh she had a choice. She chose her career. And I can see that, but if you come from a background of abuse and you see a way out like many of these women do. (Hugh Hefner's legacy comes to mind.) Then, maybe you'd see it differently. If your sister had a chance to eat and prostitute herself out there -- OR someone could come and rescue her from that terrible choice and it's consequences, my guess is that you'd go for a hero.

Hollywood has no heroes, it seems.

Writers: Research Collection is my Favorite!

As a writer, I spend a lot of time in front of a computer. I really try to narrow that down so that most of my job is doing the actual data collection of living life and interacting with interesting people. I'm fortunate that I live in a place where that can happen on a daily basis -- I just have to make the effort. This weekend I was in Tahoe. I kayaked, saw a recreational marijuana store, toured an amazing lakeside condo, and attended a locally-acted historical/ghost tour. Most of all, I met amazing people who all had a story to tell.

I have to be reminded to plan to get out more. I have a whale tour coming up for a birthday party. That sounds like it could be full of great tales, no? I once visited a lighthouse where a whaling boat had crashed onto the rocky shore. Maybe I'll get the end of that one.


My new idea opens with a Victorian widow approaching my heroine -- as I was approached this weekend. I thought to myself, what if she said, THIS. And that is the best part about writing. You can tell people what to say. This is why Hollywood is currently baffled over the Weinstein issue. No one is writing their dang lines. They're not all that brilliant when a writer hasn't researched their words for them.


Sometimes, research takes us to places we don't want to go. And we learn things like Gary Cooper was one of the biggest womanizer's in Hollywood history. Plugging my ears now. Covering my eyes. This is why sometimes, fiction is better than the truth.


National "Cat" Day

Last week was National Cat Day. I know this because my blog provider encouraged me to celebrate! This is not easy for me as I have the cat from the dark side. First off, I'm a dog person and not really a cat fan to begin with, but my daughter convinced me that a cat would be the perfect companion for her. I relented when I saw this shy little kitten in my daughter's arms.

When I first adopted a kitten for my daughter, I had dreams of warm nights curled up in a blanket watching movies and drinking cocoa by the fire. But this is my life and that was not to be my story.


Look how cute and sweet he was. My son named him "Spartacus." This was probably a bad choice. Spartacus was violent and my cat? My cat is out for blood. First off, I should have learned about breeds. Mine turned out to be some kind of Turkish Van. They are active cats. They are hunters. This cat has the loudest MEOW known to man. But we'll come back to that.

I should start with the good stuff. Spartacus is gorgeous! I mean, he's like the young Mel Gibson of cats. He feels like a mink coat. So luxurious and rich. And he holds himself well. Like he's 100x better than you and you'll never be worthy.

B1520EBF-E555-4C03-AD4D-D130B90ACCD4 copy

But he was mischievous from the start and could not sit still to save his life. I thought cats were supposed to sleep?


But this cute, little kitten kept growing. When my son Skyped me from the Marines, he said, "What the heck are you feeding that cat? It's like a mountain lion?"

IMG_1833 copy

Okay, for those people out there who think you can make ALL cats indoor cats, you have not met Spartacus. He's a demon cat who will attack to get outside and hunt. This cat wants to hunt 24/7 -- and the hunts have resulted in my nightmares. This is a barn cat. He was never meant to be in the city. But here is our story. Spartacus is loud. Like wake-up-the-neighbors loud, so if you don't let him out, your neighbors are going to knock on your door and force you to do so. Same goes for when he wants inside. Let's start with our first "cute" story.

At 5:30 a.m., he meowed like the devil and my daughter was having a sleepover in the living room, so she opens the door. To Spartacus with a live mouse in his mouth. Mouse promptly gets free and goes under the fridge. Where it hides out until the next day, it is IN my daughter's bed LOOKING at her. Honestly, I about died. My daughter, an animal lover, was not amused, but we got the mouse out and life moved on.

Fast forward to the RAT phase. Spartacus brought a ROOF rat upstairs (not inside this time, praise the Lord!) Of course, my daughter being the animal lover could not kill it, so she went and got gloves to try and rescue the rat. Rats are rats for a reason. This resulted in a trip to the ER and a promise that my daughter would never try to "rescue" a rat again.

This cat, though white as a ghost can catch anything. Birds, hummingbirds, rats, rodents and on a happy note, we have cherries and grapes now because a bird won't get within feet of that backyard. But I'm not sure this "rescue" cat has been good for the ecosystem overall. I know it hasn't been good for my well-being. Or our dog's -- who he traumatizes. But I love this monster. He's an amazing cat -- just not the cuddly, sweet knitting partner I was expecting.

FullSizeRender (13)

On a happy note, I found out Turkish Vans live about 18 years, so the fun is just starting with this one.

Andy Cohen is replacing Kathy Griffin on New Year's Eve with Anderson Cooper. Meh.

This is no Mazel for me. I've seen Anderson Cooper live with Andy Cohen before. Here's the thing. Andy is not that interesting. I mean, he's a good interviewer and his friendship with Anderson is cool, but make no mistake, Anderson is the interesting one. I loved Kathy Griffin with Anderson and I think this is a mistake on CNN's part.


I get it. You can't reward Kathy for her controversial and disgusting bloody head picture -- but why would you put two guys together on New Year's Eve? Is it to remind the rest of us watching that we're alone and have no chance at romance either? Kathy was funny and just so great with Anderson. More than this job being lost to her, I'm pretty sick about Anderson abandoning her friendship in her time of need. She made a mistake! Granted, it wasn't a small one. But real friends are there for you when you blow it. He failed the friend/loyalty test, which puts me off Anderson.


Make no mistake, I found Kathy's act of "comedy" pathetic. First off, it wasn't funny and that's the first rule of comedy. It had better be funny. Secondly, it was really threatening and there are lots of nuts out there willing to make that image happen, so it wasn't cool. I don't always find Kathy Griffin funny, but I have seen her live and I have read her books -- which I do find hysterical. She was one of the few celebrities willing to laugh at the cult of Hollywood and I enjoyed that. Andy just sucks up to it. That's why I don't think it will work. Anderson and Andy -- both play the straight men in comedy. (I know, I get the irony there.)

I haven't been watching Andy Cohen as much. His show just hasn't been that good lately.

On an up note, this is motivation for me to get my introvert self out of the house on New Year's Eve and actually DO something.

The Theory of Happily Ever After -- June 2018

I can finally show my new cover for "The Theory of Happily Ever After." After a four year hiatus, this book will be out in the Summer of 2018.


Maggie Maguire wrote the book on happiness, so why is she the most miserable person on the planet?

DR. MAGGIE MAGUIRE is a leading expert on the science of happiness, but when her fiancé drops her for an “aerial trapeze artist” half his age, her career along with her buoyant spirit, sinks like a stone. Instead of relying on her litany of blissful statistics, she wallows in ice cream and Hallmark movies until her best friends kidnap her to speak on a “New Year, New You” cruise. Maggie’s theories are put to the test when she meets two men who make her wonder if happily-ever-after might be a part of her journey after all.

2017 Sucks. Let's move on, shall we?

I abhor this year. Not a lot of great things have happened this year, and it's totally making me lose my sunny disposition. I'm not a fan of the world right now. People are angry and rather than do something about it, we are subjected to countless ugly posts and whiny complaints on Facebook. Be part of the solution, people!

So I'm here to share a happy note. Which isn't easy because right next to me at the moment, there is a person being interviewed by his roommate's parole officer maybe? Asking questions like, "Do you know if she had any problem with drugs or alcohol?" Yikes. I thought I left the ID Channel at home. Ohhh and the last question, "Does she have any foreign contacts?" Considering the interviewee can barely speak English, I'm going to go with YES, she has foreign contacts!

Okay, onto the happy news. My son is engaged to a beautiful young woman. They will be getting married soon and living in Okinawa. Luckily, my friend from Shanghai has never been there and she has offered to go with me.


Got any happy news to share?

Passion 101

It's hard to keep the passion for life when there is so much bad news -- so many people suffering. Life isn't fair and as an author AND a Christian, this disturbs me. Life should be fair. Good people should win over evil. Sociopaths should be put down before they hurt others. But that's not how the fallen world works and it makes it tough. As a sensitive person who can't even watch the news, I get truly affected by the world's ways. So I do what I do best: I go in my imaginary world where I can make people laugh.

I'm working on a book about five sisters right now. "The Wentworth Heiresses" -- No publisher seems to want it. And that's okay because I want to write it. And it's a brave new world. (Oh my gosh, love that book!!) This book is where my passion is at the moment. And while it would be so much better if my passion were say, AMISH or Romantic Suspense, it's not. I can never do things the easy way. Ask my mom. I can just hear her saying, "Just write what the publisher wants!"

Um, no.

I think as a writer, you have to follow your passion. The books will be better that way. Sometimes, you have to listen to that inner voice and ignore the chatter.

Speaking of passion though. Check out this picture I took of Adam Ant from the fourth row. I saw the BLUE Of his eyes, people! I waited 35 years for these seats. And he was fantastic. He sang most all of my favorites. He sang his passion for his passionate fans. Sure, most people know "Goody Two Shoes" or "Stand and Deliver" but he sang "Car Trouble" and "Puss & Boots" for the zealous fans. That isn't a bad deal. The guy turns 63 this year and he's still doing what he's passionate about. That's about all we can ask for when it comes to work.