The Theory of Happily Ever After -- June 2018
National "Cat" Day

Andy Cohen is replacing Kathy Griffin on New Year's Eve with Anderson Cooper. Meh.

This is no Mazel for me. I've seen Anderson Cooper live with Andy Cohen before. Here's the thing. Andy is not that interesting. I mean, he's a good interviewer and his friendship with Anderson is cool, but make no mistake, Anderson is the interesting one. I loved Kathy Griffin with Anderson and I think this is a mistake on CNN's part.


I get it. You can't reward Kathy for her controversial and disgusting bloody head picture -- but why would you put two guys together on New Year's Eve? Is it to remind the rest of us watching that we're alone and have no chance at romance either? Kathy was funny and just so great with Anderson. More than this job being lost to her, I'm pretty sick about Anderson abandoning her friendship in her time of need. She made a mistake! Granted, it wasn't a small one. But real friends are there for you when you blow it. He failed the friend/loyalty test, which puts me off Anderson.


Make no mistake, I found Kathy's act of "comedy" pathetic. First off, it wasn't funny and that's the first rule of comedy. It had better be funny. Secondly, it was really threatening and there are lots of nuts out there willing to make that image happen, so it wasn't cool. I don't always find Kathy Griffin funny, but I have seen her live and I have read her books -- which I do find hysterical. She was one of the few celebrities willing to laugh at the cult of Hollywood and I enjoyed that. Andy just sucks up to it. That's why I don't think it will work. Anderson and Andy -- both play the straight men in comedy. (I know, I get the irony there.)

I haven't been watching Andy Cohen as much. His show just hasn't been that good lately.

On an up note, this is motivation for me to get my introvert self out of the house on New Year's Eve and actually DO something.