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Character is doing the right thing when no one is looking, Hollywood.

Hollywood is trying to backtrack and distance themselves from the Harvey Weinstein scandal, but in doing so, all they're doing is shining a spotlight on how lacking in character they are. Real men, real people with character, stand up for the abused, the victimized. They don't turn a blind eye and say something ignorant like, this behavior goes on in every industry.

No. No, it doesn't. Because REAL men stand up for victims and speak out. Isn't Clooney married to a human rights' lawyer? Isn't he always lecturing us on the environment and how to vote? Dude, man up and don't ignore what's right in front of you.


Clooney says he knew about the "affairs" but basically, not that it was harassment. Baloney. It was an open secret and newsflash, men who look like Jabba the Hut don't have "affairs" with 20-year olds in their business. I mean, really? You see this and it doesn't say, "Oh wow, look at that gorgeous couple. I wonder how she fell in love with him!"



This is Weinstein's wife -- okay, I get that. She wanted to start her fashion brand and she saw him as a ticket to ride. I get it. She traded herself for cash -- or she fell in love with his power. Who knows? However, he married her. THEN, you're going to tell me he's bragging about his affairs and as a guy, you don't have an issue with that? See, most normal people wouldn't associate with a guy like that. Their wives wouldn't allow them in the house. The company you keep is important. And it says something about your character.

Am I perfect? Absolutely not, but this world of keeping silent while evil pervades is a dangerous, slippery slope. You think, Oh she had a choice. She chose her career. And I can see that, but if you come from a background of abuse and you see a way out like many of these women do. (Hugh Hefner's legacy comes to mind.) Then, maybe you'd see it differently. If your sister had a chance to eat and prostitute herself out there -- OR someone could come and rescue her from that terrible choice and it's consequences, my guess is that you'd go for a hero.

Hollywood has no heroes, it seems.